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soop Sun 30-Jul-23 17:20:03

Greetings to all our marvellous Kitcheners.

Here we are again
Caring as can be
All good pals and
Jolly good company.

Buffet is ready and Champagne is nicely chilled.

THANK YOU for the comfort you have brought into my life. You are all extra special people.

cupcake wine flowers sunshine smile

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Sep-23 21:38:21

Pleased your holiday went so well corner.
Good news on your UTI SueD.
Safe journey to France tomorrow llfl.

brook2704 Thu 28-Sep-23 22:00:29

Safe travels llfl pleased you’re feeling much better today
And you too SueD good to hear you’re on the mend. We also belonged to the frazzled grandparents group today, not at a soft play but trying to keep the peace again between two squabbling children. They’re so lovely when on their own but constantly bicker and annoy each other when together 🤦‍♀️Anyhow we delivered them home mid afternoon and I got on with some gardening later
Hope you’re relaxing Blossoming and your arm isn’t sore
Take care all and sleep well

Nannytopsy Thu 28-Sep-23 22:01:11

Evening! DH is watching another game of rugby. I enjoy it really. 😊

I took two baskets of ironing yesterday to a lady in the village as I am going under in many ways here. She charged me £75!!! If I didn’t have so much to do I would wash it all again as I can smell her house. I will not go there again - lesson learned.
I am WI president and PCC secretary but I do most of the WI secretary job and most of the church warden’s role as nearly everyone else has retired. I realised today that this cannot continue, when I feel guilty for taking time to walk round my garden and am paying gardeners and ironers a fortune. There are meetings for both committees next week ( here so I must tidy up and bake!) so I am preparing my demands for help! We shall see how effective they are. Sorry to moan.
I’m glad it wasn’t too bad in the storm soop. We have had some good weather this week.
urms sending you love. I keep thinking of your grandchildren. Our littlest has been properly poorly this week with a horrible cold which is now a temperature, cough and loss of appetite. He has got antibiotics today, so I hope he perks up soon.
Hope everyone has a good night 😴

Grannmarie Thu 28-Sep-23 22:56:00

Good evening, Soop and lovely Kitchen people. 🥰
Brook and MrBrook, ⭐ ⭐ awards for surviving a day with GS, GD, I remember well how tricky it was to keep the peace with my grandson 1 and granddaughter, not easy!
Lots of lovely photos, thank you Soop, Cornergran and anyone I've missed.
Cornergran, I'm so glad that you and MrC have had a wonderful time down south. I remember Tony Blackburn, Radio 1 60s and 70s, talking about his home county' Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas', beautiful views. Great that MrC is doing so well, look after yourself too. 💕
SueD, glad you're feeling better now, enjoy the childcare. We are meeting up with The Wee Boy and his minders on Sunday, looking forward to it...
Ladyleftfieldlover, thank goodness you could see your GP promptly. Take care, safe journey to France, have a lovely time.
Nannytopsy, 👋 hello! Forgive me, but you are doing too much! Sleep on it, then see where you can make adjustments. You and your family come first, I hope your wee one feels better soon.
Jaxjacky, hope all goes well.🤞
We are enjoying our break in Aviemore, weather is not great but we are getting out and about. We'd hoped to go on a Loch Ness cruise today but it's been cancelled cos of high winds, we've booked for Saturday.
Yesterday we went to picturesque Loch An Eilein, watched kayaker and paddleboarders including a couple with their wee dog! Today we drove to Grantown on Spey, enjoying the autumn colours on the way.
Tomorrow we're hoping to have a wee visit to Inverness 👋Brook!
Thinking of everyone, take care, night night God bless.💕🙏

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 28-Sep-23 23:12:55

Nannytopsy, yes you are doing too much! I learnt many years how to say ‘no’. A friend of mine used to run a village activity. She realised she had taken on too much with her other roles so gave them TWO years notice. Two years were up and they hadn’t found a replacement. So she left anyway and the group couldn’t continue. The thing was she had made herself unwell and actually suffered a stroke. She has more or less recovered but is doing much less than previously. I gave up volunteering at Kelmscott after a few years as I realised that with all my other activities, I wasn’t seeing my family or even having free time. Time for yourself is so important.

Grannmarie Thu 28-Sep-23 23:19:44

Thinking of Grandmabatty, and all with worries about loved ones. 💕

Catterygirl Thu 28-Sep-23 23:42:23

Keep going ladies, but in a gentle way.

brook2704 Fri 29-Sep-23 17:25:08

Good afternoon kitchen pals, it’s been a day of sunshine and showers but with a really cold wind.
I enjoyed the gym this morning, hard work with the circuits class but good fun in the Aqua aerobics class. My gym buddies are such a friendly group of ladies, we always encourage one another and have a bit of fun so I enjoy going as much for the social aspect as anything else. My trip to Tesco took a bit longer than planned as they had an offer of 25% off all clothing so I spent ages looking round the new autumn stock. Lots of warm fluffy pyjamas tempted me but I’ve got loads already so resisted.
I felt a bit sorry for DGS when he was at his football practice last night and there were two groups. The leader of each group took it in turns to pick their team and he was last to be picked 🥲 I don’t know why they do it like that really, it’s seems a bit unkind. Despite being quite a challenge sometimes to look after, he’s quite a sensitive boy so I hope he wasn’t too bothered. He’ll get an extra cuddle from me next time I see him although I’m sure he’d just prefer a biscuit 🤣
We came home this afternoon to find very low water pressure so I quickly filled up a few containers and now the waters off completely. Hope it’s not too long, Scottish Water website says under investigation … will see!
Hoping grandmabatty is doing ok, sending 💕💕

Jaxjacky Fri 29-Sep-23 18:58:50

Hi all, my review with the consultant ended up being with a nurse five hours late, however, blood thinners will be a maintenance dose now, for life.
A good day today, washing dried, which it didn’t yesterday, I dropped Imogen to school as they were going in later, farm shop, walk and Tesco delivery. Pub for a couple and a catch up, getting busy as we left, karaoke later, good job we left!
Have a pleasant evening all.

SueDonim Fri 29-Sep-23 20:13:51

I am pleased to hear you feel so much better, LLFL. Hope your trip goes smoothly.
Brook, I’m upset for your GS, I can’t believe selecting a team is still done by that awful method. There must be an alternative - straws, names in a hat kind of thing.

We looked after little GS today. He was so thoroughly jolly and happy, laughing and smiling at everything. It melts your heart! He’s like a little old man at the moment. He’s wearing a cardigan I knitted for his sister, but it’s dark blue so unisex. He will not be parted from it and he wears it buttoned up from top to bottom. He just needs leather elbow patches and the look will be complete! grin

It was sunny but breezy today and I washed two lots of bed linen, hung it out then folded it once dry, in about four hours. I shall look forward to clambering into my fresh air bed tonight.


Scapa1 Fri 29-Sep-23 20:36:22

Good evening kitcheners. Had a busy day today as we are off to Puglia in Italy tomorrow. I really like Italy but haven’t been to this part before. Looking forward to it. We were extremely lucky with the weather today as it was dry but windy so all the washing was done and managed to get dry outside. Also managed to get the grass cut although it was damp underfoot. Housework done and cases packed ready to close in the morning.
Hope Gradmabatty and all others with worries are bearing up.

brook2704 Fri 29-Sep-23 21:59:43

Hope you have a lovely trip Scapa it sounds really good

Yiayia4 Sat 30-Sep-23 13:26:36

Hello everyone from sunny Corfu.We moved today to San Stefanos.We have been coming here for over thirty years and used to moor our boat in the bay,it’s not changed a bit.

Hope Soop and Grandmabatty are O.K🌻
Urms My heart goes out to you life is so unfair,please take care of yourself.
Have a good Saturday Kitcheners.

Jaxjacky Sat 30-Sep-23 13:33:36

Safe journey Scapal and enjoy Puglia.
That is utterly beautiful Yia I am a weeny bit jealous.
Had my flu jab earlier, deep into the muscle to avoid bleeding, it’s sore, ears micro suctioned too, so a quiet day for me.


soop Sat 30-Sep-23 17:09:43

Yia Soak up that glorious sunshine. The view is heavenly.

All good wishes to Scapal. Enjoy your treat.

It has been a busy day. Tomorrow will be our 35th wedding anniversary. Such good supportive years. Tomorrow we celebrate with good friends. I shall raise a glass of cheer to you all. Please take the best possible care of yourselves. smile moon

Wedding day photo to share with you..

Grandmabatty Sat 30-Sep-23 17:32:21

Soop that is a beautiful photo of you both. Happy anniversary tomorrow. Yiayia I'm very jealous of your Corfu trip. Scapa have a lovely time in Puglia.
Thank you all for the lovely messages. Mum is still much the same- no better, no worse. Although she could suddenly decide she's eating again, she could equally deteriorate. I'm getting on with life and liaising with the hospital and the family so everyone is up to date. It's been a busy week so I'm having a quiet night in. Have a good evening Kitcheners.

cornergran Sat 30-Sep-23 17:56:03

All good wishes for tomorrow to you both soop. Celebrate well.

Rest this evening grandmab. You’re under a lot of strain one way and another.

Enjoy your holidays scapa and yiayia. I’d love some sunshine, not a lot of chance here so I’ll enjoy your photos instead.

Your poor grandson brook. I’ve been in similar situations in school and can still feel the distress.

Pleased you’re on the mend ladylfl. Time to opt out of something nannyt. You need space back.

Love and hugs to urms who is never far from my thoughts.

Time for tea here. We had a cooked meal at lunch time so an easy snack it will be - when I work out what it will be grin.

Have a peaceful evening everyone.

brook2704 Sat 30-Sep-23 18:16:23

What a gorgeous photo Soop thanks for sharing. Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary fot tomorrow! 💐🥂❤️
Good to see you here grandmabatty sending ❤️
What a gorgeous view Yia enjoy every minute
I’ve been busy all day in the garden and got lots done, salmon to cook soon and then settling down to watch Strictly
Thank you for your kind words about DGS, always nice to share feelings on here amongst friends
Have a lovely evening all x

mrshat Sat 30-Sep-23 19:36:02

Fab picture soop - Happiest of anniversary tomorrow to you both flowers

Urmstongran Sat 30-Sep-23 20:12:46

‘Evening All’

It’s raining here and we had the heating on earlier for a couple of hours. Mug of Horlicks on my bedside table now and listening to Boom Radio. We don’t have late nights any more. x

Grannmarie Sat 30-Sep-23 22:09:50

Good evening, Soop and lovely Kitchen people. 🥰 We're not long home from Aviemore, a long day and a long drive, first load of washing in the machine cos tomorrow we have a big day out with The Wee Boy and his Mummy and Daddy - tractor rides are involved- and on Thursday I'm off to Nice with my sisters. I'm very thankful, I know life can turn on a sixpence, thinking of all with worries, illness or sorrow. 💕
Happy anniversary, Mr and Mrs Soop, the joy just jumps out of that beautiful wedding photo!🥂
YiaYia, what a beautiful outlook, how glorious to wake up to that view, enjoy every minute of your well deserved holiday.
Happy days to Ladyleftfieldlover , Scapa and all on their travels.
Cornergran I'm so glad that you and MrC had a nice break in Poole, you had super views too.
Jaxjacky, I hope you're feeling ok after all your treatments. When we were in Inverness shopping yesterday, we saw people queuing up for Covid jags in the Eastgate centre.
Brook, I waved to you when we passed Inverness. 👋 I'm so sad for your wee DGS, poor boy, that should not happen nowadays. I hope he's OK.
Grandmabatty, thinking of you and your family. 💐
Urms, I'm sorry to hear about your dear step father, you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. 💐🙏

We left Aviemore at 10 am, for the 12 noon sail on Loch Ness, we enjoyed it very much, it finished off our week nicely. We sailed from Dochgarroch Lock on the Caledonian Canal, up into the Loch as far as Urquhart Castle and back, no sign of Nessie though!🤣

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 01-Oct-23 07:25:19

I’ve just spotted that photo Soop! Amazing!

Jaxjacky Sun 01-Oct-23 08:25:26

Happy Anniversary Mr&Mrssoop 🥂🎉have a lovely day.

Grandmachrisy47 Sun 01-Oct-23 14:38:07

Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Soop

Scapa1 Sun 01-Oct-23 15:02:30

Happy anniversary Soop hope you are treated. We arrived at Bari airport in Puglia late last night due to being held up in Edinburgh. We were almost ready to take off when a very aggressive Italian man and his wife kicked off to a member of cabin crew about where they thought their cabin luggage (Ryanair 🤣) should be. He actually took a swipe at her hurting her ear and hand. Five police came eventually and they were offloaded still arguing!
In Lecce today no not what us Scottish people use as a power supply but a lovely city in Puglia. A very acceptable 26 degrees.

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