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Making the most of Happy Days when you have forgotten all your worries and all is good in the world 😊

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Nicenanny3 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:01:06

Having a Happy Day all good in my world today. Had a walk on the beach, sun's shining, family all OK, having a couple of drinks. Not always so, so making the most of feeling happy.

How about you? They do say you are only as happy as your happiest child.

HowVeryDareYou2 Tue 05-Sep-23 16:05:24

It's beautiful weather, had all 3 granddaughters all day yesterday, and the 2 eldest today. Nice couple of days out. Both sons and their girlfriends are happy, and everyone is healthy at the moment.

Ashcombe Tue 05-Sep-23 16:11:00

My DH had thyroid surgery yesterday and we were told today that the nodules are not cancerous! Walking on air!

dustyangel Tue 05-Sep-23 16:13:15

I’m so glad Ashcombe.

tanith Tue 05-Sep-23 16:18:01

I’ve just made plans to go visit my sister in Wales who I’ve not seen for 6/7 yrs. Sat in the garden enjoying the lovely day. Feeling good.

monk08 Tue 05-Sep-23 16:35:45

That's great news Ashcombe now enjoy he rest of your stay.

sodapop Tue 05-Sep-23 16:45:42

Really good news Ashcombe

I went to my book club this morning and my husband is cooking my favourite meal tonight. A good day.

Jaxjacky Tue 05-Sep-23 16:52:19

The best news Ashcombe I’m so pleased for you both 👏👏.

Nicenanny3 Tue 05-Sep-23 17:36:41


My DH had thyroid surgery yesterday and we were told today that the nodules are not cancerous! Walking on air!,

Wonderful news I bet you are walking on air

AreWeThereYet Tue 05-Sep-23 18:36:38

So nice to hear people are having happy days - hope you all have lots more of them.

LauraNorderr Tue 05-Sep-23 18:43:10

Sun shining, family all well and happy, favourite rose bush heavy with beautiful roses, house almost sold, found a lovely flat in a nice village and Orlin making my favourite dinner. I know and appreciate that I’m very lucky.
Good news Ashcombe, my best to Olddudders.

Kim19 Tue 05-Sep-23 18:45:38

I've had a most successful/enjoyable day in the garden rounded off with a very overdue visit to my hairdresser. Now we're both looking trim and tidy which is a great feeling.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 05-Sep-23 18:46:55

That’s great news Ashcombe you must feel like a huge weight off your shoulders.

bluebird243 Tue 05-Sep-23 18:52:35

After a good night's sleep, tea and a biscuit in bed, read a good book for an hour. No health niggles today. Food shop and have lots of fresh good food in the house.

Pottered around in the garden, dead heading, pruning in a T shirt and shorts. Watched a bit of TV, did some knitting, went online - had a message from a friend.

No appointments, no irritating e mails, texts or phone calls. Family all ok. Delicious evening meal. Will go for a walk when it's cool. More of my book and a good tv prog later.

Yes, a very, very ordinary day. But I take nothing for granted and appreciate every day like this. Peace and good health is precious. I hope many others had a happy day too.

merlotgran Tue 05-Sep-23 18:57:54

Great news, Ashcombe.

Cooking supper using vegetables grown on the allotment always puts a smile on my face.

Harris27 Tue 05-Sep-23 19:06:03

Good news ashcombe. All good in the world. X

Harris27 Tue 05-Sep-23 19:07:01

Like your style bluebird243 that’s my kind of day.

Urmstongran Tue 05-Sep-23 19:23:42

I can imagine your delight Ashcombe and I’m delighted for you both. Relief all round after fearing the worst.

dragonfly46 Tue 05-Sep-23 19:29:39

Wonderful news Ashcombe.

Blossoming Tue 05-Sep-23 19:33:51

Marvellous news Ashcombe, has he been discharged yet?

cornergran Tue 05-Sep-23 20:54:03

Excellent news ash

Good, happy, day here too. We ventured out to the sea front late afternoon . Mr C’s first proper outing since he collapsed with severe atrial fibrillation on Friday. I swallowed my anxiety, Mr C loved it, we enjoyed a (very) short walk then we both sat in the sunshine with a cuppa, so pleased and happy with our little outing.

Allsorts Tue 05-Sep-23 20:59:17

Wonderful news Ash, so pleased for you both. Cornerstone, wonderful day for you too. My day was made a good one by a lift in my mood and seeing friends.

Mizuna Tue 05-Sep-23 21:11:56

Great news Ash.

My granddaughter asked to come to my place ('She'd come every day if she had the chance,' said her mum) and we played indoor tennis with balls of wool and pieces of cardboard instead of bats. We giggled and giggled. I had managed to mend my leg brace so I was in much less pain than usual. It was an unplanned, glorious, lovely day, like a holiday.

CanadianGran Tue 05-Sep-23 21:19:21

How nice to hear of everyone's good day.

We have a drizzly day, but I'm happy to have rain when the forests needed it. Had a slice of plum cake at lunchtime, made yesterday, and DH has packaged up slices for me to bring around to the kids and families.

Gchildren will have had their first day at school, so I will hear how it all went. I enjoy the excitement of back to school.

grandMattie Tue 05-Sep-23 21:28:37

Wonderful news*Ash*. Love to*oldd*.