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Good Morning Monday 11th September 2023

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Michael12 Mon 11-Sep-23 05:39:37

Good Morning Everyone,
Still dark but dry outside with some breeze here in brackley at the moment.
Today , having stayed in for quite a few days due to heat and health will get the bus to Bicester , I want to try and get some essential things plus some groceries .
Take Care,

monk08 Mon 11-Sep-23 07:57:43

Good morning all from a sunny Black country, we had a little rain yesterday but non of the predicted storms.
DH cracked his denture yesterday evening so need to sort that out lucky for him our Dil is a dental technician so will need to drop them to her for repair, meanwhile he has an old set he can use.
Lovely photos on here once again.
Best wishes anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed. Enjoy your Monday everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️

Foxygloves Mon 11-Sep-23 07:57:49

Good morning from ☀️ ☀️ ☀️y Foxyland again. There are some clouds and it is slightly less warm but still very humid. Yesterdays rain was horizontal at times and we had hail too (I loved it, not least because we were safely indoors and my urge to power wash the patio had safely passed!)
Art History starts again today and it will be nice to see friends I have missed over the summer. I have such mixed feelings about Summer- the better weather can be lovely, but it can also be a lonely time as regular activities stop, the family all disappear in different directions for holidays and I have not got the hang of solo travel. Plus it is virtually if not literally impossible to get kennelling for Rosie without booking 6+ months in advance! Two local kennels have shut in the last three years and with so many “lockdown puppies” the pressure on spaces is ridiculous. But I have chosen to have my hound and she is lovely so that is my responsibility!
I hope all poorlies or those with worries find some respite and wish you all a pleasant day.

Beechnut Mon 11-Sep-23 07:58:34

Good morning everyone from Severnside. It has gone quite cloudy since I sat down for my breakfast. I woke up with tummy ache…too many mushrooms yesterday.

Lots of photos of that cloud on my Facebook page this morning Roses. I didn’t see it. Tipped down with rain at one point yesterday and washed last weeks dust off the car.

As I spent most of the day indoors yesterday I’ll probably go into town and do some errands.

Enjoy the last hot day if you can 🌞🌺

harrigran Mon 11-Sep-23 08:05:01

Good morning from the NE where it is still mild but air feels fresher.
We had the mother of all storms yesterday afternoon as mentioned by Alygran, I am just a few miles from where the GNR was.
SIL and I unplugged the computers and sorted paperwork until it was time to cook dinner.
A day to myself, I might finish my novel.
Have a good day.

Georgesgran Mon 11-Sep-23 08:06:04

Good morning from Durham.?
We too had a drive past by dozens of Harleys on Saturday Mizuna - they spread right across the dual carriage way - quite a sight.
Yesterday morning, the DDs, little ones and I were sitting outside DD1’s local cafe, when the Red Arrows went over on the way to GNR - they put the red, white and blue on, then returned to do a couple of moves right over our heads - amazing!
Yes, we had spectacular rain later - despite having had the gutters cleared, they couldn’t cope with the deluge. The road was almost a river and I’m pleased my house is the highest on the small development.
DF and her DH have been robbed in Barcelona which has put a real downer on their break. I’d warned her a few times, as she’s very naive, so can’t fathom why she was carrying over €1000 out in the streets.
Coffee this morning with friend, then I must restock some cupboards.
Best wishes to all. X

Gingster Mon 11-Sep-23 08:06:15

Good morning all and another hot night 🥵. I’m long for the cool and some rain, please.

Yesterday I went swimming with ds1 and dgd2. It was lovely to plunge into that inviting pool. He invited us round for tea. Gammon, egg and chips. Very welcome. I had cooked a chicken so we’ll have that today.

Chimes group this morning and I must pop into the surgery as I have now been diagnosed with glaucoma and need eye drops.

I’ll finish my book club book today - meeting on Friday.

What a gorgeous garden Ash very peaceful.
Rest up Marydoll hopefully the cooler weather ‘up there’ will help.
Look after that knee Whitewave.

Hoping you all have a ‘good’ day 🌻

Mizuna Mon 11-Sep-23 08:15:50

Georgesgran Harleys and Red Arrows? Wow!! I found my backpack had been completely unzipped last time I was in Barcelona - had no idea when it happened. Nothing of value in there though. It's a hard lesson learnt when you are robbed.

ginny Mon 11-Sep-23 08:24:41

Good morning. A real downpour of rain yesterday afternoon sent us scurrying indoors. Much cooler this morning. I’m sad to see the sunny days disappearing.
Youngest DGS for an hour or so this morning. Watercolour class this afternoon. Also some food prep for tomorrow.
A good day wished for all.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 11-Sep-23 08:27:48

Morning all from a hot overcast S E Essex.

We had a lovely weekend at the spa, including being covered in various restorative muds, massage and facials. ( Pittcity it was up near you )

This might I am off to the gym, then sorting out food for BBQ with DD and GC after school as they want to come here for a swim after school.

Still getting used to having short hair, forgot how time consuming washing and styling it is.

Rest up MaryDoll , beautiful garden Ashcombe how can you ever leave it?

(((Hugs))) to Urmstongran and all who are struggling.

Have a great day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Sar53 Mon 11-Sep-23 08:39:25

Good morning from the Essex coast where the sun has just appeared. Last night was so hot and humid, the worst we have had.
DH is off to work on his boat (mainly to drink tea and chat with all the other men). I am waiting in for a parcel that was meant to be delivered on Saturday but hasn't arrived yet.
Love your French garden Ash how beautiful.
Enjoy Monday everyone xxx

Jaxjacky Mon 11-Sep-23 08:47:36

Morning from a cooler S Hants, up late as geese flying over woke me at 4’ish. Started off cloudy, now the sun is out, forecast 24 today, much better, we had a couple of hours of soft rain yesterday, most welcome.
Yesterday was picking the garden produce (14 mini cucumbers!) and sharing it in the pub where we won a meat draw prize.
Today is volunteer phone day.
Enjoy your trips out today. 🦩🦩

aggie Mon 11-Sep-23 08:54:25

Pleasantly cool good morning from Co Armagh
Bit of rain in the night but hardly enough to wet the grass
I managed to sleep last night after kicking off the very light duvet
My lovely Sunday friend has done her magic so the house is clean , I must dig out my crochet , it’s the tidiest of my crafts 🤣
I don’t like to mess the place !
A friend of my Daughter called yesterday to see if I needed anything fetched , but we sat and had a lovely chat as I had no wants !
Earlier my co2 alarm started chirping in a very annoying manner ! Luckily middle son called in and diagnosed the problem , he more or less dismantled it to get it off the ceiling , it’s wired into the main electrical circuit , but needs the backup battery replaced , said battery is impossible to remove , so the whole caboodle is out in the garage still chirping away !
Nice to see you back Marydoll , but sorry you are so poorly x

GrannySomerset Mon 11-Sep-23 08:55:50

Slightly cooler at last but think the return of energy may take a while. Domestic pottering and gentle gardening on the radar, I think. Another week beckons so will see what it brings.

hollysteers Mon 11-Sep-23 09:03:38

Good morning Mick and all from Cloudy Chambers northwest coast. It’s very dark here this morning and a bit cooler.
I will just carry on my packing for my week away and the gardener/handyman is coming. He will put some putty in a deteriorating wooden window frame.

So nice to see two red squirrels in the large Scots pine tree outside my kitchen window yesterday. There is a red squirrel reserve not too far away, but depleted and grey squirrels are taking over.

Thoughts to all with worries as always 🌹

Blossoming Mon 11-Sep-23 09:41:39

Good morning Mick and all from cloudy Lancashire where it is currently 18°C . Hope your day goes well Mick.

Yesterday’s forecast rain finally arrived at 11pm, a real downpour but no thunder or lightning.

Beautiful pics Ashcombe hope your DH is doing well after his surgery.

Hope DH’s review goes well Cornergran.

Good luck for the scan Stillearning and for your DH’s MRI Pittcity.

You sound better LadyLFL, enjoy the crafting.

I’m currently growing my hair GG13 though I haven’t decided what I want to do with it yet. It’s so easy to just brush it then tie it up of a morning!

Aggie we had a rogue smoke alarm that woke us in the middle of the night after we had returned from a long journey. It ended up up at the bottom of the garden covered in an old towel!

We see the occasional red squirrel in one of our birdwatching spots a bit further down the coast Holly, a lovely sight.

Thinking of our ‘poorlies’ and those with troubles.

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

Kalu Mon 11-Sep-23 09:44:36

Good morning all, we too have cooler and damp weather here in Glasgow Thunderstorm yesterday with a heavy grey oppressive sky, I switched on a lamp and settled down for a lazy day catching up on the latest TV series I am enjoying.
No need to water pots last night was a bonus.

Good luck with your scan Stilllearning. I will be thinking of you.

My thoughts also to those going through difficult times.

Have the best day possible.

hulahoop Mon 11-Sep-23 10:04:07

We had thunder and lightening both Sat and Sun evenings a small amount of rain has well. Ash your French garden looks beautiful.GG your spa weekend sounds very relaxing ,oh out with his walking pal this morning so an empty for me .Have a good day .

Bella23 Mon 11-Sep-23 10:19:37

Good morning from a cooler damp Eden. We had a downpour and thunder and lightning show all afternoon yesterday which stopped us from doing anything.No motor bikes flying up and down the dangerous bends and hills on the A6.
GD is hoping school is open today ,I'll hear later on.
Wash day but it will be the tumbler as all the plants are looking lovely but wet after yesterdays rain.
Lets hope it stays cooler for everyone.

Litterpicker Mon 11-Sep-23 10:43:41

Good morning from a brightening East Lothian. We are back in our northern home after a few days meeting up with friends at a campsite on the south side of Edinburgh. The weather was perfect. I did feel for all those further south, suffering in the very high temperatures and humidity.

I still have a Covid cough but otherwise feel back to normal. Sorry to hear MrBaubles is still not recovered from his chest infection - hope the steroids will do the trick.

We rashly offered to help with some painting around windows at DD2’s house, before new blinds are fitted in various rooms on Thursday. SiL is very perfectionist about painting so I may just do the clearing and prep and leave the skilled bit to him 🙂

We have some jobs to do at the flat - we finally have the wood for a new stair rail. And I will go in search of blackberries for bramble jelly. The chanterelles were a lovely find, Grammaretto.

Thoughts with all poorlies and those having scans etc.

Marydoll Mon 11-Sep-23 10:44:34

Wishing you all the best Stilllearning. You will get the best of treatment there. The staff are lovely.

Taichinan Mon 11-Sep-23 11:04:00

Good morning all. Enjoy your day out Mick. A dreadful night's sleep so went back to sleep again after waking up at 7am. Glad I woke then though - it was a beautiful golden morning with blue sky and a rainbow. Anyway, a late start for me, but it doesn't really matter thank goodness.
No thunder here that I'm aware of - that's a spectacular photo Rose - but some very heavy rain. I thought something had gone wrong with either my hearing aids or the sound on the TV!
Saw something I'd never seen before yesterday. A gorgeous little yellowhammer had unfortunately met its end trying to fly through the closed patio doors and before I could do anything about it a seagull swooped down and made off with it. I know (to my cost) that they like ice cream, and scavenging around the streets in the town for the leftovers from the schoolchildren's lunches, but I didn't know they took carrion. I have always rejoiced that we rarely see a seagull up here, whereas the town is plagued with them, so it was a doubly unexpected occurrence. As far as that little yellowhammer went - it's the first one I'd seen for years and I was thinking they must have died out from here. So glad they're still around, but sad that my house was the unwitting cause if that little one's demise.
Today is DGD3's first day at uni - or at any rate it's the start of Fresher's Week. She's studying Health, Fitness and Nutrition so lots of varied possibilities for her ahead.
Wow Ash! What a beautiful place Olddudders has in France! A lovely place in which to recover after his op.
Enjoy the little ones grandmattie.
Hope the scan is fine stilllearning.
How wonderful to see the Red Arrows like that Georgesgran! They are the one thing certain to give me lump-in-the-throat nostalgia for all those years spent as an RAF aircrew wife! (At the party at which I met my late DH 58 years ago I was also introduced to someone who had just completed a tour on the Red Arrows - but DH was tall, dark and very handsome ...... 😉)
Sorry, I'm having a wittering morning so time to stop. Enjoy some relative coolth everyone and may all medical appointments and grandchildren duties go well x

Auntieflo Mon 11-Sep-23 11:21:07

Ah well, start again. Somehow I lost my post.
Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
I have been having a coffee, and started reading the posts from the bottom up.
Marydoll, nice to see you, but do take care. We need the novellas!
What a beautiful garden Ash. Does your cleaner really do the garden as well? Clever her!(him?)
We had a tiny bit of rain yesterday, but not enough to make any difference. Still, the plants that we have appear to be coping in the ground. Not so the baskets. I really shouldn't bother with those, as I am too lazy to keep them watered.
DH has had a painful hip recently, and this morning, fell onto the bed whilst getting dressed. He is going out to lunch with friends later, and getting a lift, so that will do him good.
The car went in for her service and MOT this morning, so I hope she behaves herself.
Off to hang out the first load of washing. It should dry quickly.
Have a good day one and all.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 11-Sep-23 12:37:06


wwm2 have you tried the “Hypercal” cream from good health foods stores? It is miraculous.

Oh thanks - I was hoping someone might have a wheeze. I’ll look for that.