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The Police, what's the point of them?

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Nicenanny3 Mon 11-Sep-23 15:40:31

Cyclist forced to spend £6,000 on drones, private investigators and drive to POLAND to get stolen bikes back after police said there wasn't enough evidence - despite him giving them the crooks' Names (Daily Mail today)

What do you think? I think it's frightening that a crime is committed you phone 999 and the police don't want to know, they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Sara1954 Wed 13-Sep-23 09:44:12

That’s my thinking too.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 13-Sep-23 11:34:27

I read that Braverman’s comment that the police are too woke had been sharply criticised by the Police Association.

She really is pretty hopeless.

Nicenanny3 Wed 13-Sep-23 12:46:17

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Irismarle Wed 13-Sep-23 16:26:25


Incidentally the value of the bikes isn’t exactly comparable to that of Tamara Ecclestone’s jewels.

But that is really my point. In my luckily quite limited personal experience of seeking police help - all of it to do with various instances of car crime - the police give you a number to make an insurance claim and give no indication they intend to look for the culprit. They only seem to do that for wealthy individuals who have lost something of high monetary value. These people are probably more able to absorb the loss than less well-off people who have to cope with much increased insurance premiums after a claim. I don’t want to run down the police who I know have a tough job, but I do sympathise with the man who had to investigate the stolen bikes on his own.

M0nica Wed 13-Sep-23 16:47:45

We have had 3 break-ins and one attempted break-in. The last 26 years ago, and on each occasion the police attended. In all but the last time. several times.

Very little was stolen on either occasion because as I have very little jewellry and we do not keep money in the house nor have expensive tvs or electronic equipment, there were very few portable items of value in the house, nor are we rich and famous.

This did not stop the police attending domestic burglaries in the 1970s/80s. I see no reason why it should stop them doing it now.

A blitz on shoplifting and burglary and street crime could see a a very public and satisfactory drop in that type of crime and would go a long way in increasing public trust and support for the police.

Nanniejude Wed 13-Sep-23 18:20:26

I’m sure the police have to prioritise crimes, they’ve under staffed and funded. Violent crimes sadly must take precedence over stolen goods. The minority of bad police officers give the hard working majority such bad press!

Primrose53 Wed 13-Sep-23 19:14:56

I think police have to deal with too much these days. Drunks, people with mental health issues, kids in foster care coming home late, lost animals, trapped animals, car crashes, speeding etc.

Police should be dealing with murders, rapes, burglaries and other serious stuff and maybe have another arm or section dealing with minor stuff.

The Police round here wouldn’t come out when our workshop was broken into. They didn’t want to come out when our 4 x 4 was left on bricks with all the wheels stolen. Yet last week there were 3 police vehicles and 6 police officers at a house where a pushbike had been stolen. Madness!

Iam64 Wed 13-Sep-23 19:48:53

The news this evening covered the approach Humberside police is introducing. After lengthy discussions including police, health m.h., social care the police will continue to respond where life is at risk, for people in crisis the caller will be re-directed to the appropriate service
That’s what always happened until austerity devastated all our key services. The police became the only emergency service that responded to 999 calls

I find the word Gollywog racist.

payens1 Fri 15-Sep-23 11:27:16

Are these the same police who dived into a freezing lake to save children, or the policeman who lost his life saving a man from the railway track.

Iam64 Fri 15-Sep-23 11:33:12

Yes payees1, they are indeed.
They’re the ones running into danger when we are running away.

M0nica Fri 15-Sep-23 19:05:23

Individual heroic acts do not mean that the general state of the police in this country is not pretty poor with most minor criminals knowing that they can continue to shoplift and steal with impunity

Iam64 Fri 15-Sep-23 19:15:18

MOnica yes - 12 years of devastation of public services and those services losing ‘expensive’ experienced staff, replaced by new recruits, no wonder we have a problem Houston