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Weatherspoons discount of ten per cent

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infoman Wed 13-Sep-23 03:50:27

on Thursday 14 September, for one day only on food and drink,please drink and eat responsible.

henetha Wed 13-Sep-23 10:18:34

Yes, I miss the Sunday roasts too....

Jaxjacky Wed 13-Sep-23 10:30:41

We love the one in Bridport and have stayed there in one of the cleanest, most comfortable hotel rooms we’ve been in. The pub itself was very clean and tidy too.

Kate1949 Wed 13-Sep-23 10:35:21

Like all chains you can be unlucky. We went to one in a different town once. I ordered a chicken panini and had to play spot the chicken. I didn't want to complain as the staff were rushed off their feet. I emailed them when I got home, sending them a photo of my food. They apologised and refunded my money.

Georgesgran Wed 13-Sep-23 10:37:37

DDs local ‘Spoons’ is the converted Post Office, just off Gosforth High Street. I’ve been in very infrequently, but it seems very clean and the finer parts of the building preserved. There were a few solitary drinkers, but well dressed chaps, just reading their newspapers over a drink.
I’ve been in the Durham branch once and wasn’t impressed by an almost cold curry. Coffee was ok though.

Kate1949 Wed 13-Sep-23 10:38:01

We've stayed in their hotels too Jax,
as has my sister on our recommendation. The rooms are lovely.

SusieB50 Wed 13-Sep-23 10:46:34

My DiL had to do some work whilst we were on holiday and went into Weatherspoons at 8am (!) to get a reliable internet connection. She had some breakfast and a bottomless cup of coffee, both good and was quite happy for a couple of hours in very pleasant surroundings.We do have a Weatherspoons in our town , a very old pub building. It’s always busy friendly and cheap! Not keen on the owner’s politics and opinions though ..

Fleurpepper Wed 13-Sep-23 10:50:21


No thanks!
We make a point of not using Weatherspoons, for a number of reasons. One being how its workers were treated during the pandemic.

Plus one! I knew several young people who worked there, and described how the food was prepared- on top of conditions and his ult Brexit stupidity.

BigBertha1 Wed 13-Sep-23 10:52:53

We often use a Wetherspoons. Yes its cheap but its cheerful, the prices are good and the hygiene ratings are usually top rate. Its lovely and warm in winter and many folk find it a pleasant affordable refuge.

Kate1949 Wed 13-Sep-23 11:28:29

We were speaking to a lady last year who said she sits in Wetherspoons with her refillable hot drinks to save on heating her home. She sits there for as long as she pleases and the staff leave her to it. She even takes her own sandwiches on occasion. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to avoid cheap places due to the political views of the owner. Everyone is free to choose where they want to go obviously.

Witzend Wed 13-Sep-23 11:35:21

A lot of the anti ‘spoons’ stuff is just snobbery IMO. On the odd occasion we’ve used them we’ve found them fine. A bit like Premier Inn - not the five star choice, but you know exactly what you’re going to get, and it’s reliable.

Marydoll Wed 13-Sep-23 11:42:22

No snobbery on my part, I can assure you!
I have eaten in them in the past and won't be doing so again! Our last two meals were awful.

Greenfinch Wed 13-Sep-23 11:46:10

I am sad that our local one closed. We go to another one sometimes with the grandchildren as their menu is fairly extensive and all the fussy ones can find something they like.

Fleurpepper Wed 13-Sep-23 12:02:49


No snobbery on my part, I can assure you!
I have eaten in them in the past and won't be doing so again! Our last two meals were awful.

No snobbery here either!

srn63 Wed 13-Sep-23 12:12:20

We love weatherspoons, the prices mean we can go out more often for drinks, we don't eat out as my husband and myself are excellent cooks, rarely have we eaten a better meal out than we can cook, so eating out seems a bit of a waste of money to us if you can't buy better than you can do at home. Love the music ban in weatherspoons at least you can hear each other talk and love the old building conversions they do. Can't stand rip off trendy pubs.

Ailidh Wed 13-Sep-23 12:23:30

Big fan of Wetherspoons, not that I eat out anywhere much these days.

I used to have their breakfast when I was on holiday in London. Well cooked, non greasy, bottomless coffee.

I love that they take on redundant banks and other buildings and retain a lot of their architectural features. I don't venind the yomp to the loos!

ParlorGames Wed 13-Sep-23 12:36:46



No snobbery on my part, I can assure you!
I have eaten in them in the past and won't be doing so again! Our last two meals were awful.

No snobbery here either!

No snobbery here either. On the few occasions that I've been into a Wetherspoons I have found them grubby, depressingly gloomy, stick tables, dirty cutlery, lipstick marks on glasses, and the food was nothing to write home about!

I would far sooner pay a bit more at an independent establishment for quality food thanks very much.

Margiknot Wed 13-Sep-23 12:38:38

I think they can vary. WS took over an historic building in our local town and its a quiet oasis for coffee or breakfast which is much used by small groups of older friends. It is used by younger adults in the evenings.

NoraBone Wed 13-Sep-23 12:48:05

Had tickets for a show in Southend last summer and my friend and I decided to stay rather than drive there and back. Could only find the Weatherspoons hotel available at a good price - staff were welcoming and the room was good, but oh my word! It was a hot weekend and the place was heaving; we decided to have a quick drink at the bar after the show and it was truly horrid, lots of very young people, bouncers on the door, noise and a distinctly volatile atmosphere, felt really quite unsafe, and this from someone who has broken up fights before. Breakfast the next morning - tables were simply filthy, doubt they'd been cleaned from the night before, sticky carpet etc. We wiped down the tables with napkins and had a very good value breakfast - but I wished we'd gone elsewhere.

I too dislike the owner and his attitude and would have - and will in future - take my business elsewhere.

Nicenanny3 Wed 13-Sep-23 12:58:10

I've been in lots of different Wetherpoons all over the country it all depends on the area some are nice some not so good. There is a nice one in Keswick it's the old court house and also a nice one in Henley on Thames (hotel) and one in Whitby on the seafront absolutely packed out. Also they sell local beers helping local breweries and provide lots of job opportunities. I think there is an element of snobbiness on here re Wetherpoons.

JenniferEccles Wed 13-Sep-23 13:23:19

I have looked up the owner and can’t find anything objectionable about him.

Marydoll Wed 13-Sep-23 13:23:32

I'm trying to work out what is snobbish, about commenting about bad meals, dirty carpets and disliking the owner.
Obviously, going by the comments here, there is no consistency in service, cleanliness and quality of food. Some experiences have been good, others not so positive.
Whether it is a Weatherspoons establishment or not, I won't go back if the service and food are of poor quality.

NonnaW Wed 13-Sep-23 13:28:08

Just interested to know if people investigate the politics of the owners of every establishment they visit?

Primrose53 Wed 13-Sep-23 14:17:21


Just interested to know if people investigate the politics of the owners of every establishment they visit?

Good point NonnaW 🤣

Primrose53 Wed 13-Sep-23 14:24:15


No snobbery on my part, I can assure you!
I have eaten in them in the past and won't be doing so again! Our last two meals were awful.

More fool you then for not complaining!

I don’t care what a meal or even a coffee costs if it’s cold, poorly cooked, whatever, I complain and always get a replacement or a refund. Most establishments prefer you to do that rather than moan about it afterwards. I have never had to complain in any Wetherspoons pub though.

We had lunch in a Southend Wetherspoons recently and it was great. We were in Bury St Edmunds one winter not long ago and the weather was vile, we found this beautiful old building and dashed in out of the rain and it wasn’t until we went to order we realised it was a Wetherspoons. The interior was stunning. I think it used to be a Corn Exchange.

JenniferEccles Wed 13-Sep-23 14:25:43

Well certain banks most definitely do as Nigel Farage can confirm.