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Holidays, what do you bring home from yours.

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Sago Wed 13-Sep-23 11:19:26

For the first time this year we drove to Spain, in the past it has always been France and Italy.

We usually buy loads of mustard, wine, Parmesan and lovely French pharmacy brands etc.

We managed lots of wine and some specialty olive oil and I got a pair of beautiful leather sandals.

The Spanish supermarket somehow didn’t have the appeal of the French equivalent.

What do you bring home from your travels?

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 13-Sep-23 19:11:49

Fridge magnets, chocolate, pottery, a present for my granddaughter and earrings. Not all at once! I always buy a little something for my neighbour who feeds the cats.

buffyfly9 Wed 13-Sep-23 19:19:39

I'm still using the tea towels that I bought in Menorca over 30 years ago. They were pretty towelling ones, I bought some for my work colleagues too. That and some lovely blue and white pottery dishes I bought in Portugal many years ago, still going strong and I love them.

Juliet27 Wed 13-Sep-23 19:25:31

My son once brought a small snail shell back from Greece which turned out not to be empty at all. I hope the snail enjoyed its new country.

TerriBull Wed 13-Sep-23 19:27:48

Ditto Primrose, a suitcase full will be dumped in our utility room when we arrive back home from Wales at the weekend hmm

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 13-Sep-23 19:29:36

When we used to visit France we tried to bring back tins of scallops which had scallop shells film-packed onto the tins, something we never saw over here.

Not so sophisticated but we very much liked tinned Mont Blanc puddings which came in various flavours, pistachio being one we liked and again, we never saw these in the UK.

Pottery, like dinky little coffee cups and saucers and other kitchen items, oyster shuckers, etc. and of course tea towels.

aonk Wed 13-Sep-23 20:39:13

Virtually nothing. I prefer to shop at home but we do enjoy browsing in markets. All we buy is a very small gift such as a bracelet or toy car for our GC.

1summer Wed 13-Sep-23 20:46:12


Always a jamon Serrano. I’ve got enough Spanish garden pots and garden wall decorations. A Spanish cheese that I can’t remember the name of.
When the grandchildren were young, some beautiful clothes from the market.
If we are on a way home via Portugal, Port.
Always some rocks from beaches for the rockery.

From Spain, we also bought Serrano or Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, occasionally local olive oil or honey.

lixy Wed 13-Sep-23 20:49:40

A pin badge - have one from each place we have visited since children left home. I put them on an old sun hat. Small thing as we always travel with hand luggage only, but enough to trigger memories.

I did once want to bring some quince paste home from Spain and was outraged when security confiscated it!

Callistemon21 Wed 13-Sep-23 21:11:32

A pin badge - have one from each place we have visited
Oh yes, DH collects those!

Floradora9 Wed 13-Sep-23 21:29:35

Usually duty free gin but from our last holiday abroad DH brought home covid . A friend is in Tenerife now and has got covid there.

MerylStreep Wed 13-Sep-23 21:31:36

That’s the cheese: Monchero.
Did you know you can sell the Ham holders on EBay.

Casdon Wed 13-Sep-23 21:34:29

If I’m anywhere in the UK I seek out the RNLI shop, and always buy their thick cut marmalade and lemon curd. It’s delicious, and I try to always have enough in stock at home so I never need to buy it elsewhere.

Suki70 Wed 13-Sep-23 21:37:09

Arriving home late in the evening from a holiday in Italy , we left our luggage unopened. When I opened one suitcase the next morning, there on top of the clothes was a 6 inch long gecko. I rang the RSPCA , two people came to collect it and they subsequently told me it had been found a good home.

CanadianGran Wed 13-Sep-23 22:19:43

We don't bring back very much. Fridge magnets and food items mostly. I had the best pineapple jam in Mexico, so found some at the local grocery store, and in France bought some Herbes de Provence at a market. Little things like that, I don't really bother with duty free.

mabon1 Wed 13-Sep-23 22:22:52


FoghornLeghorn Wed 13-Sep-23 23:04:56

Extra poundage unfortunately.

Quaver22 Thu 14-Sep-23 12:04:49

I like to find a small decoration to hang on my Christmas tree.

Froglady Thu 14-Sep-23 12:06:26

I bring back fridge magnets for my reading group as it's something small, doesn't break the bank, and doesn't take up wall or shelf space.

Lizzie44 Thu 14-Sep-23 12:19:27

A stone or two from the beach - most coveted are heart-shaped ones to add to our collection.

Jcar Thu 14-Sep-23 12:19:42

I always try to buy a snow globe in each new place I visit. Incredibly naff I know but they do produce happy memories! What my children do with after my demise is another matter..😂

grandtanteJE65 Thu 14-Sep-23 12:25:59

From Spain, shoes or sandals and from every country I ever go to books. Sometimes an old or antique doll to add to my collection.

DH collects cookery books

Bella23 Thu 14-Sep-23 12:35:23

From the last one in Wales the grumps!!!!
Spain, some lace and a big bill as we had had an offroad accident. Very rude photos of some Roman ruins DD had taken when we were not looking.
Italy Carrera marble fruits, leather goods from Siena.
France, perfume, I couldn't get in England, tapestry cushions and opium. I had, had a very upset tummy and DH had bought the equivalent of Kaolin and Morphine from the pharmacy but it had opium in it. The best flight I have ever taken Cloud 9 all the way even in the turbulance.

dustyangel Thu 14-Sep-23 12:42:52

When we used to go off for the day to Spain, we always made a point of bringing back either cans or jars of ready peeled peppers. Very hard to find them in Portugal.

knspol Thu 14-Sep-23 13:02:51

I'm really happy if my luggage returns with me! I do try to bring back a Christmas tree ornament with the local name on from wherever I visit, there's usually a Christmas shop around somewhere and it's nice to remember places when the tree comes out in December.

Salti Thu 14-Sep-23 13:04:17

When I was young it tended to be wine and cheese from France. About 40 years ago I brought my sister a pair of red clogs from Holland. She said they were really comfortable and she still has them.

Nowadays always a small bottle of alcohol etilico from Spain or France which I have found to be a very effective treatment for insect bites. My husband once saw a massive still in a shop somewhere abroad and wanted it. It took all my powers of persuasion to convince him that he could not fit it on the plane.