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Holidays, what do you bring home from yours.

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Sago Wed 13-Sep-23 11:19:26

For the first time this year we drove to Spain, in the past it has always been France and Italy.

We usually buy loads of mustard, wine, Parmesan and lovely French pharmacy brands etc.

We managed lots of wine and some specialty olive oil and I got a pair of beautiful leather sandals.

The Spanish supermarket somehow didn’t have the appeal of the French equivalent.

What do you bring home from your travels?

REWIRING Fri 15-Sep-23 20:54:52

A fridge magnet for me and a mug and ashtray for my adult son!

SuperTinny Fri 15-Sep-23 21:01:36

I tend to bring items of clothing or shoes. Something of use and definitely no tat!
In 1999 I bought a pair of leather ankle boots from the iconic Filene's Basement in Boston (Massachusetts). We were on our honeymoon.
I still wear them, and apart from regular re-soling and heeling the boots are still in good condition. The uppers have never parted company with the sole and the zips still work.
Next year for our 25th anniversary we are going back and I intend to take them with me and wear them. Sadly I believe Filene's Basement is no more...

MaggsMcG Fri 15-Sep-23 21:04:53

Fridge magnets or tea towels. I have to stop with the magnets soon as I'm running out of space

Deedaa Fri 15-Sep-23 21:15:28

In the years when we were able to go to Italy it was always food. Usually 5 kilos of rice (I can't get the one I like over here at all since Brexit) At least a kilo of coffee beans - something that wasn't Lavazza or Illy, and at least a kilo of Parmesan. Plus anything else that took my fancy

love2travel Fri 15-Sep-23 21:17:37


GolferGrandma Fri 15-Sep-23 22:36:02

Since 2002 have bought a Xmas Tree ornament. Some named as reminder, some not but have listed them to identify origin. Firstly only one from each holiday, but cruising often means several countries, so now one from each country. Lovely memories evoked when decorating the tree.

Tenko Sat 16-Sep-23 07:39:24

Nothing , just memories and photos . I can’t stand knickknacks and I like travelling light . In the US I used to bring back Levi’s and trainers but that was when the exchange rate was very favourable for the brits .

Witzend Sat 16-Sep-23 09:02:41

I’ve just brought 2 lovely beach towels back from Greece, for dd - thinner than our usual ones so will dry more quickly - and take up less room in the cupboard.

They’ll be for next summer now but when it’s hot enough she so often has a load of Gdcs’ friends in their mini swimming pool and they hardly ever seem to bring their own towels!

Esmay Sat 16-Sep-23 12:37:03

Usually a lot of photographs - so I can draw and paint from them later .

ileea Wed 20-Sep-23 03:38:02

I never know what I'll bring back as I tend to check out thrift/charity shops and 2nd hand markets (yard sales/boot sales). Last time in England I came home with dozens of the DVDs that you get free from, I believe the daily mail.

Imarocker Wed 20-Sep-23 07:54:03

Just back and I bought myself a lovely new necklace in the market. Best of all, we came home with wonderful memories and new friends.

Joseann Wed 20-Sep-23 08:19:03

I nearly swooned yesterday when DH bought himself a navy jacket to look like the French men I have always fancied! Better late than never! 😂

MiniMoon Wed 20-Sep-23 09:34:29

A tote bag from last year's holiday in New York. We holidayed at home this summer and bought jam and mead.

Janetashbolt Sat 23-Sep-23 22:06:54

A pair of earrings and a fridge magnet

grandMattie Sat 23-Sep-23 22:12:53

When DS2 was alive, I used to try and bring him the most tasteless souvenir. My best effort was from Amsterdam and was a blowup tulip with a hole in the middle for a beer can. The next one was a trophy moose head from Canada in cardboard which he had in his stairwell. 🤣. I have it in my sitting room.

JackyB Sun 24-Sep-23 10:57:12


When we used to go off for the day to Spain, we always made a point of bringing back either cans or jars of ready peeled peppers. Very hard to find them in Portugal.

* * * *

I get jars of peeled peppers in Lidl and use them often instead of fresh peppers. They keep for ages even when the jar has been opened. Not sure if you'll be able to get them in Portugal but they're certainly here in Germany with the gherkins.

JackyB Sun 24-Sep-23 10:59:58

I've never had a fridge which you can out magnets on. The only places in our house where you can put them is a small strip along the front of the extractor fan above the cooker and the radiators.