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Good Morning Friday 15th September 2023

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Michael12 Fri 15-Sep-23 05:16:26

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark but its a dry start to the day here in brackley this morning.
Plans are to get the bus as usual to Bicester , I pay the£2 fare as I go before the 0930 bus pass start ts worth it .
Do a small shop ,maybe have a half a beer , and then watch cycling on TV .
Take Care,

Pittcity Fri 15-Sep-23 07:37:14

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another comfortably warm, dry day here. Cool enough to sleep too.
I need to walk to get a few bits, either to the High Street or in the other direction to a supermarket...not sure which one yet. Great to have a choice within walking distance.
Watching DGS1 play rugby for his local team this evening.

Happy Anniversary to the Monks and love to all 🦩 x

grandMattie Fri 15-Sep-23 07:40:02

Congratulations the Monks.
Mizuna, the bus is free from 0930. Since I have to be there at 0945, and the journey takes an hour, ergo I have to pay!

grandMattie Fri 15-Sep-23 07:40:21

BTW I’m 75

GrannySomerset Fri 15-Sep-23 07:45:09

Another lovely day is promised so oldies’ coffee morning will be outside with the added promise of seated yoga. Can’t wait - I think. Later is boiler service so that I am winter ready though hoping that it is still a long way off. Hope everyone’s plans for the day work out.

Grandmachrisy47 Fri 15-Sep-23 07:46:39

Good morning from a damp Co Durham.
Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Monk.
Had an excellent lunch with my friend yesterday. Just as we were finishing she had a text saying her son in law was in hospital. Hopefully not to serous.
No plans for today. Have a good one everybody.

NannyJan53 Fri 15-Sep-23 07:50:15

Good morning from a slightly misty Black Country, where it is forecast to be sunny later.

Lovely walk yesterday from Kinver to Caunsall along the canal. Then a cob lunch in The Anchor at Caunsall. It rained now and then but didn't dampen our spirits.

Gym this morning, and this afternoon my DB and SIL are popping in on their way to Wolverhampton.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Monk have a fantastic day, lunch by the river in Bewdley will be lovely.

gM here in the West Mids if we need to use the bus before 9.30am we just show our pass and pay a pound. Perhaps they have similar there? Worth looking into.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Gingster Fri 15-Sep-23 07:52:32

Good morning all and the weather looks perfect.

We had a delicious afternoon tea with dgd1 yesterday and a walk along the deserted beach. The sea was like a millpond. I wish I’d taken my swim suit.

Today I have book club and then meeting up with our Friday friends at lunchtime.

Ash sorry to hear you’re in pain, especially as you are away. Take it easy.
Susan how annoying for you. Hope it all gets sorted 🤞.
Monk happy Golden. Lovely sweet pic. 💞.
Mizuna those dungarees sound too good to be true. What a bargain!
Enjoy your days 🌻

Alygran Fri 15-Sep-23 07:59:13

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s rained overnight and is still rather damp I’m off out walking with a friend. No doubt it’ll be muddy.
Happy anniversary to the Monks.
Off to do my morning puzzles.
Have a good day everyone.

Liberty Fri 15-Sep-23 07:59:47

Good morning from another lovely autumnal feeling day. The only problem with these lovely sunny mornings is that I realise how the windows need a good clean!

A quiet day beckons especially if I can continue to avoid the pile of ironing. Planning to pop into the library in our nearest town which is about 4 miles away and then DH and I will probably have coffee sitting outside one of the pavement cafes.

It should be much busier around here at the weekend as it is the annual steam rally at Henham which draws people and steam machines from all over East Anglia and further afield.

DS and DGS 3 will collect DH on Sunday to go for a visit and DS’s partner will stay with me for a good catch up.

Hope today is kind to all,especially those not feeling well or caring for others.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 15-Sep-23 08:01:57

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It’s lovely and sunny here today.

I’m feeling a bit like you LLFL as I have so much on and going around my head I feel the same as whether to scream etc.

So sorry to hear your holiday was cut short Susan I hope you can continue before too long.

Many congratulations on your golden anniversary Monk and Mr Monk. What a lovely day for you have planned. Enjoy 💐🍾

ginny Fri 15-Sep-23 08:09:09

Good morning from a blue skies N. Bucks although there is a chill inthe air.
Congratulations to the Monkson your Golden Anniversary.
Not much planned today. Hairdressers around noon. So I’ll just pootle and see what comes up . DH is at golf.
Wishing all a good day.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 15-Sep-23 08:27:22

Lost my post 😡😡😡

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Jaxjacky Fri 15-Sep-23 08:32:32

Morning from sunny S Hants.
Have a lovely golden anniversary Mr&MrsMonk 🥂🎉🎈.
Enjoy your day all 🦩🦩

BlueSapphire Fri 15-Sep-23 08:33:02

Good morning everyone from a sunny 🌞 Northampton. Hoping it stays like this.
Off out this morning with two ballet class friends for coffee, to shop we haven't tried before; it sounds interesting.
Then I hope I can be dropped near Sainsbury's on the way back, as I forgot a couple of things yesterday.
Had a nice, but brief, shopping trip to Milton Keynes.yesterday with an ex+neighbour. Managed to spend my M&S vouchers and got a nice sweater which will be useful as it gets cooler.
Decided when I got home early afternoon that I would get on the bus and go to Sainsbury's, as I am not having a delivery this week. Managed to get everything on my list - but the things I forgot were not on my list! Hence my extra visit today!
Must get my skates on, as I am being picked up at 9.30, and need to shower, wash my hair etc.
Wishing all a good day.

Nannagarra Fri 15-Sep-23 08:34:42

Good morning from Sefton where, as often happens lately, it has rained overnight but is now dry and promising.
We’ve had a busy week of repeated MOTs (for both cars 😂) and looking after DGdog. She’s going home this evening and will be very sorely missed; t’other DGdog has been booked in for her holiday with us codgers in October - great stuff.
Yesterday I received a beautiful vase from Georg Jensen which I’ve filled with my favourite stargazer lilies; the spectacle and scent are irresistible. Today I plan further donations to the charity shop and judicious shopping (which won’t happen as I’m easily tempted).
Whatever you intend to do, savour the joy. Thinking of those facing problems.
🌻 🦮 🌻

Taichinan Fri 15-Sep-23 08:38:13

Good morning Mick and everybody. After a run of fantastic weather - particularly yesterday - it's a grey day on the Angus coast. Still, it could be worse - my BBC weather app tells me it's been raining since 7am, but that's not true 😉
Very many congratulations to the Monks on your Golden Wedding. Have a lovely day remembering (love your photo)
Sorry about your hip Ash, but I hope your preferred medication continues to hit the spot. And such a shame you had to cut short your holiday Susan, but glad you enjoyed the Kelpies before you left.
Today for me will be spent preparing for tomorrow's tai chi workshop and thinking about and practicing 'my bit'. It's ridiculous how nervous I get! I must also harvest some more plums and take a couple of bowls full to add to tomorrow's lunch.
Hoping everyone has a good day, that Grandmabatty continues to ward off the covid germs, that Mr Corner continues his recovery and that Marydoll feels better x

Urmstongran Fri 15-Sep-23 08:43:51

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s damp but mild.

Here’s Matt.

harrigran Fri 15-Sep-23 08:47:26

Good morning from a grey, rainy NE. Heating is on again so it must be cool.
Had a lazy day yesterday, finished one novel and started another, watched some TV and made myself a curry for dinner. Curry was too hot so I only ate a little of it and resorted to a yogurt to counteract the heat.
Happy golden anniversary to the Monks 🍾🥂💐
Keep taking the medicine Ashcombe, hope your hip improves.
Thoughts are with poorly people.

aggie Fri 15-Sep-23 08:56:43

Good morning from a wet Co Armagh, it’s cool too
We have the funeral of a very lovely lady this afternoon and a local child is undergoing surgery for a brain tumour, so a very hushed Village this Morning
Please remember the child in your prayers

Nannagarra Fri 15-Sep-23 08:59:09

Happy wedding anniversary to the Monks.🍾🥂
Keep taking the medicine Ash. 🍷
Your casserole sounds absolutely delish, Grandmabatty. Sending best wishes to you and your mum.

Beechnut Fri 15-Sep-23 09:01:29

Good morning everyone.

Wishing Mr&Mrsmonk a very Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary. Enjoy the railway 💐🥂🚂

It’s forecast rain for the next two weeks so I must get my car washed today.

Have a good day all 🪷

Taichinan Fri 15-Sep-23 09:07:09

Nannagarra surely that warrants a photo!

Jacs7 Fri 15-Sep-23 09:22:06

Good morning everyone from a sunny north Kent where it is still quite warm and summery.

The covid after effects seem to be loosening their grips and I feel a bit more energetic and with it today. Had a nice catchup with a friend yesterday over coffee in her garden. Walking home through the park I saw an albino squirrel; it was a double-take moment. It gleamed in the sun with a beautiful white tail held aloft as it strolled along a nearby path. Then it sat and unconcernedly nibbled on something it had found whilst keeping an eye on me. After a few minutes enjoying each other’s company, it strolled off and I carried on home. Its appearance certainly cheered me up!

Today I have a drawing to finish off and I shall walk down to DH’s allotment to carry out an inspection.

Hope you all have a good day

Jacs7 Fri 15-Sep-23 09:23:35

Oopps… meant to saw Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to Mr &Mrs Monks . Enjoy your day

Auntieflo Fri 15-Sep-23 09:31:09

Good morning from a bit of sunny Berks. Having to resort to using my phone as I forgot to charge my iPad, so all fingers and thumbs. We will go to the garage this morning and wave the service book under the nose of whoever forgot to stamp it.
I had a lazy day yesterday and felt better.
Congratulations to the Monks
Prayers for your village child aggie 🙏
Thinking also of Urms Baggs Kalu and Marydoll and all who may be struggling
Have a good day one and all