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Good Morning Friday 15th September 2023

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Michael12 Fri 15-Sep-23 05:16:26

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark but its a dry start to the day here in brackley this morning.
Plans are to get the bus as usual to Bicester , I pay the£2 fare as I go before the 0930 bus pass start ts worth it .
Do a small shop ,maybe have a half a beer , and then watch cycling on TV .
Take Care,

Sar53 Fri 15-Sep-23 09:33:12

Good morning from my daughter's house in Kent.
We've taken the girls to school and now DD and SIL are getting ready for their couple of nights away.
I will go and pick the girls up this afternoon.
It is a beautiful morning and I think we can expect more of the same tomorrow.
Congratulations to the Monks, enjoy your day.
Til we meet again xxx

Anniebach Fri 15-Sep-23 09:48:36

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Scapa1 Fri 15-Sep-23 09:56:09

Happy Golden wedding Monk 1973 must have been a good year as we had ours in July.
Susan sorry you had to cut your trip short but glad you managed to enjoy the Kelpies and the Wheel.
I was out for lunch yesterday with two friends we have known each other for years. The one I have known the longest and has been a good friend to me has bipolar which was well controlled for years but is now a bit of a hit or miss. I am at times finding it difficult to deal with and come home exhausted after meeting. I know it is not her fault and when I am with her I keep calm, listen and smile. Mental health is such a difficult area and becoming more so.
Fish van comes today so that is dinner sorted. Thought with poorlies.

hulahoop Fri 15-Sep-23 10:09:40

Good morning from a dull West York's.We were late up today . Going Dd,s to look after Gg while her and partner go to watch ballet.
Congratulations to the Monks have a lovely day 🍾🍾.
Might try your type of pain killer Ash because mine don't work.
Thinking of little girl hope her op is successful.
Have a good day all.

Blossoming Fri 15-Sep-23 10:12:42

Good morning Mick and all from cloudy Lancashire where it is currently 15°C.

The plumber did not come yesterday and we haven’t heard from him. I’m very disappointed and can only assume he doesn’t really want the job. I know others have had a similar experience, but after he came, took measurements and wrote it all down I was hopeful. Anyway I have the name of another plumber recommended by a community group and his reviews look good so I will contact him on Monday.

That’s great news about Iris Grandmattie she has been through so much and it’s wonderful she feels able to do this.

Sounds like your DH is doing really well Cornergran, long may it continue. It must be a weight of both your minds to have that pesky aneurysm dealt with.

Mizuna I wish I could find bargains like that! Unfortunately our local charity shops are not that good, though there are a few nice ones in nearby country towns.

Happy Anniversary Monk and DH.

Thinking of all our ‘poorlies’ and those looking after loved ones.

Have a good day all whatever you’re doing 🌹

LauraNorderr Fri 15-Sep-23 11:04:39

Good morning Mick and all from what would be a beautiful bright sunny Anglesey if it weren’t for the rain and the cloudy grey sky.
gMattie well done Iris who has clearly inherited her grandmother’s mettle.
Sorry about the hip pain Ash, not too much of that medication, don’t want you falling and damaging the other hip.
Sorry about the knee pain Mizuna, hopefully the lovely soft cord of the bargain dungarees will soothe the area.
Taichinan hope it won’t be long before your op and you too can be pain free. I second your request for a photo from Nannagarra of beautiful vase and flowers.
Lovely pic from you today Greyduster, perhaps one of our arty grans could produce a copy in watercolour.
I’m very pleased that Mr Corner keeps improving Cornergran, you’ve both been through the mill.
Prayers for the little girl aggie, hope all goes well.
Last but by no means least very happy golden wedding anniversary to Mr&MrsMonk, what a handsome couple, have a lovely day.
Best wishes to you all

LauraNorderr Fri 15-Sep-23 11:06:38

PS hope your mum is feeling better GBatty and that you don’t succumb.

dustyangel Fri 15-Sep-23 11:30:20

Good morning everyone,I’m just back from an “ early morning” appointment to have my dressings changed. Sometimes I sigh at the system in our medical practice which seems to vary with whoever is the receptionist of the day but I can’t fault the care at all, and my leg is healing well despite the position of the injury.

We’ve had showers and sunshine already this morning, weather that is set to continue for the next few days. A shame after all the clear skies as DD and SiL are arriving soon to stay for the next week.

I’ll. catch up with you all throughout the day.

Kalu Fri 15-Sep-23 11:45:15

Good morning all from Glasgow where the sky is overcast with no sign of sunshine.

Our heating is now clicking on and the noticeably shorter days mean I will have to adjust timers on lamps if I don’t want to sit in the dark.

Hoping a better day is ahead for all struggling with worrying times. The thought, carpe diem is never far from my mind GM

CaroleAnne Fri 15-Sep-23 13:31:27

Thank you for the lovely sunrise photo Grey Duster. Yes it is indeed Turnerian.

Jamie Fri 15-Sep-23 13:43:53

Wishing Mr and Mrs Monk a very happy Golden Wedding Anniversary. Hope you are having a lovely day. Great Wedding photo.

Taichinan Fri 15-Sep-23 14:08:02

Oh dear Lauranorder, it's not me! Fit as a fiddle at the moment. I did note that someone had got a date in October for a gall bladder but can't remember who. Sorry, someone, but perhaps you'll put us right 😉

luluaugust Fri 15-Sep-23 17:12:35

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Monk I hope you have a very happy day.
We are travelling today hence no post

Mswi Sat 16-Sep-23 11:58:34

Good morning. Although I have read Gransnet for quite some time, I have never posted until now. However today I had to respond to Ashcombe as it struck such a struck empathetic note.

I too had a right hip resurfacing in 2005 and am beginning to wonder whether I need to have it checked.