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Good Morning Sunday 17th September 2023

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Michael12 Sun 17-Sep-23 05:44:13

Good Morning Everyone,
Dark but dry out here in brackley this morning.
Today a easy day in , I did have a Chinese Take Away last night and enjoyed it .
My body health wise seems to be recovering a bit better as regards to the diarrhea side.
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 17-Sep-23 06:03:56

Good morning from Bristol. It’s fairly chilly for mid September.
I finished my sampler, lap quilt last night. I’ve got another smaller one to finish today/tomorrow. I’ve o idea what I’ll do with them.
The weather was miserable yesterday, so unless I needed to go out, I stayed in, doing little.
After church this morning, I’ve got little on and shall try to finish quilt #2.
I hope all your plans for today come to fruition and give you happiness. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩

monk08 Sun 17-Sep-23 06:04:31

Good morning Mick and all who follow, early start here today DH has a fishing contest.
Not sure of my plans need to go into town but could leave it to later in week wait to see what weather is doing once its lighter.
Mick glad you enjoyed your take away.
Ash safe travels back to blighty.
Will catch up with everybody's happenings later,enjoy your day whatever your plans and may you all find ☀️.

monk08 Sun 17-Sep-23 06:06:57

Mattie once again another beautiful piece of needlework you are one talented lady.

karmalady Sun 17-Sep-23 06:14:56

Good morning, very wet and thunderstorms today. I think it will be shades darker today

It has to be an inside day, whatever evolves and as always, this includes sewing sessions, which I love. I will continue with wardrobe sorting and may slowly start to delve into my warmer clothes boxes as they will need sorting too but nothing intensive, just what I feel like doing, as and when

Have a good day

RosesandLilac Sun 17-Sep-23 06:25:25

Good morning everyone, it’s dry here at the moment in south Gloucestershire, I’m sure it won’t last!
What a beautiful piece of work grandMattie, I honestly wouldn’t know how to start doing something like that!
I need to sort out my wardrobe to karma, a job to start today here I think.
Take care everyone 🌹

Greyduster Sun 17-Sep-23 06:28:54

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is still dark in South Yorkshire but I think we will have rain today. It stayed dry yesterday so I managed to get the edges of the lawn strimmed. The new strimmer I bought recently is nice and light but the line feed is a pain in the rear. Today DD and the menfolk are coming for lunch so I have a pineapple upside down cake to make for pudding. Other than that, I have nothing planned except to write some emails and start the new book on my kindle. I am also re-reading Wolf Hall. I’d forgotten what a brilliant piece of writing it is.
Have the best day you can, folks.

Nannagarra Sun 17-Sep-23 06:29:46

Good morning from dark, rainy Sefton.
Following last night’s celebration of a 40th birthday, a quiet day is in store. Pleasing news that you’re feeling a bit better Mick and I’m delighted to see your exquisite quilt grandMattie.
Take care and have a good day everyone.

Ashcombe Sun 17-Sep-23 06:37:17

Good morning from a cloudy but warm part of La Sarthe, following an evening of rumbling thunder but no rain.

The quilt is beautiful, grandMattie!
I’m glad you were able to enjoy your Chinese meal, Mick.

Thank you for the good wishes for our journey, monk08 today and others yesterday. We shall set off at lunchtime for our 16.30 crossing then an overnight at Portsmouth Travelodge.

I’m developing techniques to accommodate my hip, Taichinan. It’s very grumpy when I first get out of bed then gradually gets the hang of what it’s meant to be doing!

Every blessing to you all. 🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

grandMattie Sun 17-Sep-23 06:47:24

Bon voyage, Ash and oldd. I hope the crossing is calm.
Rose, I only started patchworking in lockdown. It’s really not that hard as most of it is in the cutting and machine assembling. I wouldn’t do it the “English” way of cutting out paper shapes, tacking the fabric round them, hand sewing the pieces together…. The fun is in the planning.

Gwenisgreat Sun 17-Sep-23 06:54:12

Good morning from still dark Harrogate, an early wake up this morning, with a sore throat, too!
Glad you are feeling better Mick
What. An amazing quilt GrandMattie, it would be very handy for someone in a wheelchair?
Made two Shepherd’s Pies yesterday, one for the freezer and one for tea. It was too big so will mash the remainder to make rissoles for lunch. Nothing planned today except for shampooing part of a carpet, then hopefully getting the other half done when first half is dry!
Hope to find a moment to read the rest of the days posts.
Have the best day possible folks

Mizuna Sun 17-Sep-23 06:57:24

Good morning from a rainy, chillier Cornwall. Yesterday I bussed to my favourite charity shop, had a cuppa and saffron bun and bought a denim peplum shirt and a pair of men's denim jeans full of (deliberate) holes for 50p each. Both will make interesting projects. Also found a Thames & Hudson book on Renaissance painting for 10p. Then I came home and knitted snails and listened to Poldark on Borrowbox.

Today, church at 4o'clock but will bus to M&S first to buy avocados and popping corn. My grandchildren still love watching it explode in my glass-lidded pan. As do I.

Lovely patchwork gM.

kittylester Sun 17-Sep-23 07:01:44

Good morning all from a greyish North Leicestershire.

More kitchen replacement today.

Have the best day possible all.

cornergran Sun 17-Sep-23 07:21:57

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset is dry at the moment. A day of heavy rain and storms forecast.

Yesterday was quiet and static after my very damp trip for provisions. Rained all day and looks as if we’ve a week of it to come. Must think how we can get Mr C moving without him getting too wet and cold. Not sure how today will unfold. Definitely need to dig out warmer clothes, and the soup maker, other than that it’s a wait and see day.

Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

Pittcity Sun 17-Sep-23 07:24:16

Good morning from an overcast Colchester. 20° today with rain possible.
We have an early start to watch DGS3 play football for his local team. Must remember my brolly.
Roast chicken this evening.
Love to all 🦩 x

luluaugust Sun 17-Sep-23 07:24:17

Good morning from a cloudy Aylsham where we have stayed overnight. We make our way home today. DH enjoyed a good afternoon with his train friends yesterday
The patchwork is beautiful gM
Safe journey Ash
Best wishes to all

Georgesgran Sun 17-Sep-23 07:27:21

Good morning from Durham. At the risk of repeating myself - it’s still raining, day 3 now.
DGS1 has his birthday party this morning, so I’m up and out. I’ll probably need a lie down later!
Best wishes to all. X

Grammaretto Sun 17-Sep-23 07:29:59

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I love autumn and will walk later and pick brambles.
Tonight the film at our community cinema is The Boat that Rocked.
It's about a pirate radio station.
I hope your boat doesn't Ash
Another fabulous quilt gMattie
Have the best day you can everyone.

Gingster Sun 17-Sep-23 07:30:38

Good morning all and it’s overcast here in Essex. We haven’t had the rain that many of you have had but I think it’s arriving later this afternoon. We’ve had beautiful autumn days here.

Yesterday I was rather disappointed with the Cambridge Botanical Gardens. It all looked past its best and somewhat dreary. No colour and lots of ‘wild’ areas. It was nice to walk around though and the weather was perfect. We were with a pleasant group so enjoyed the day if not impressed with the gardens.

When I got home I heard that littlest gd is in hospital. Not sure whats wrong but she is very poorly. They did mention diabetes but think they’ve ruled that out now. We will visit today. It was her eighth birthday yesterday too. She’s a tiny little thing with no reserve ‘chubbiness’. Oh dear! Always something! 😢.

Safe journey home ash
Hope Marydoll is feeling brighter.
Have the best day you can 🌻

Whitewavemark2 Sun 17-Sep-23 07:41:09

Good morning from a cloudy blustery South Downs. Forecast rain later.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day again, but I realise that probably is it for a few days by the look of it. I cut back a bit more, but really there is so much flower still in the garden that I’ve come to a halt for the time. I did take the tops off the roses in case of autumn gales though.

Next week I shall make the Christmas chutney I think as I have all the ingredients now. I must then sort out and make a list for the Christmas pudding. I always get those two out if the way soonish to mature. I have to makes pots of chutney for family members too as it is delicious and they usually put in an order.

I must also dig out the telephone number for the gutter clearing people before the winter rain.

Seasonal jobs 🙂🍁🍁🌦️

Enjoy your day everyone including all you such creative folk with your sewing, and weaving and painting etc. I am all those things in my mind, but in fact not much good at any of it!

Keep strong all you folk dealing with illness or sadness.

Peace and harmony to all

Gala Sun 17-Sep-23 07:42:46

Good morning from a wet & dismal Sefton. Had not realised it was raining until I saw Nannagarra's post. Was hoping for a decent drying day as I have a heap of holiday washing to get through. We have just come back from a lovely week on the S Devon coast. The weather was just right, very warm but not too hot & not a hint of "stickiness". However the journey down (& back) was horrendous. Congestion, tailbacks, crawling along, stop/start on both Mways made the journeys twice as long.... 8 hours instead of 4 to 5. Internet connection was very on/off, more off than on so we had an unintended device & tv free week. It did us good.
Well plans for today were weather dependent - washing & a garden tidy, so looks like it will have to be a day of rest instead. We will have our main meal of the day at lunchtime for a change as we are baby sitting DGD1 this evening whilst mum & dad enjoy a night out at the theatre.
Will catch up with all posts later with a coffee... although did spot grandMattie's quilt - Wow, impressive.
Take care, have the best day possible.

Susan56 Sun 17-Sep-23 07:43:17

Good morning from Shropshire.It has rained overnight but the forecast is dry until 5pm.

We bought lots of autumn/winter bedding plants yesterday so hoping DH will sort them today.We have eight family birthdays over the next month so I plan to wrap the presents and write the cards today.I will also put my autumn decorations up.I love the autumn colours.

Gingster I am so sorry to hear your little granddaughter is in hospital.I hope she gets a diagnosis and is feeling much better very soon🧸

Safe travels Ash and olddudders🛳

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

Foxygloves Sun 17-Sep-23 07:48:36

Good morning all. Oh Gingster I am sorry to hear about your littlest girl and sincerely hope they can get to the root of the problem and treat her without delay. She will be in the right place for all the tests etc she needs but how worrying for you all. flowers
I went out to dinner last night with the most interesting and entertaining people and it made me realise that despite being happy with my own company, perhaps my life has become a bit too solitary. Memo to self - get out more and issue more invitations myself. Make more effort.
A dull day here but oddly I find that more conducive to actually getting on with anything. I feel yesterday was the last hurrah of summer, and autumn with all its riches, is upon us.
Wishing you all a pleasant and peaceful,day.

aggie Sun 17-Sep-23 07:58:10

Good morning from a very dark and wet Co Armagh ,
Daughter and SIL home from France looking rested and tanned , lovely to see them , we had a good catch up , she brings me strange presents ! This year it is a floor scrubber !! My en-suite/wet room gas a rough non slip floor that never looks clean , this is an effort to see if this can improve the look 👀
Love the Quilt granMatie

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 17-Sep-23 07:59:55

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. It feels autumnal but it is officially summer until next week! We have old friends coming for lunch. We have known them for nearly 50 years. Leg of lamb and all the trimmings and chocolate bread and butter pudding and ice cream is on the menu. I was chatting to younger son last night. He is a civil servant in Westminster. From what he tells me it is a mixture of The Thick of it and Yes Minister! Haven’t we always thought that?
That is a beautiful quilt GM. I used to enjoy quilting but my thumbs are too stiff now.
Have a good Sunday.