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Christening invitation.

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Oortne Sun 17-Sep-23 06:40:42

So Dh got a txt from eldest grandson inviting him/us to the christening of his two children Dh's great grand children. Invitation accepted , means an overnight stay in a hotel but it's nice to get away. Trouble is our DD and her two boys don't seem to be invited. Does this happen in step families? I will go of course, but can't help feeling hurt.

eazybee Mon 18-Sep-23 20:30:34

I am always astonished at the entitlement of people who not only expect invitations for family events but expect them for their family too.
Perhaps it is because I have a very small family and this sort of thing was unheard of.

M0nica Tue 19-Sep-23 07:29:26

I think it is family culture eazybee. My DF was one of 11 children and when the 11's children started marrying there were several big family weddings.

When DH and I came to marry, we decided we wanted a quiet wedding, just immediate family and god parents. Beyond one of DH's family assuming this meant I was pregnant (I wasn't) there were no complaints from anyone considering that they were 'entitled' to attend - and where I led, quite a few of my cousin's followed.

As I said, family culture.