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Littleannie Mon 18-Sep-23 11:10:45

Just to let you know, if you haven't seen it in the papers, that you can book your jab from today, either on the NHS website or the app or by phoning. We did ours this morning, and have a local venue both at the same time, which is handy.

maddyone Mon 18-Sep-23 11:22:55

Thanks for that information Littleannie.
I didn’t know.

Ilovecheese Mon 18-Sep-23 11:24:08

Booked ours this morning. Hadn't seen anything in the press but our local pharmacy is very helpful and efficient.

Kate1949 Mon 18-Sep-23 11:30:07

Thank you very much Littleannie. I didn't know and have managed to book us both in.

V3ra Mon 18-Sep-23 11:58:10

My GP practice has sent a text this morning asking if I want both, just one or the other, or neither.
They will be sending appointments out soon to start at the end of September.

Sparklefizz Mon 18-Sep-23 12:00:34

Received my text offering Covid and Flu as well. I've booked Covid for the 30th Sept and am having the Flu jab separately at Boots a week later.

Littleannie Mon 18-Sep-23 12:11:08

We had our flu jab last Saturday at the surgery, but they are not doing the Covid one as they can't cope, so are leaving it to the NHS service, which is why we did it online.

BlueBelle Mon 18-Sep-23 12:12:01

I m booked for Oct 10 th however having just had Covid the receptionist thought I had to wait 3 months My daughter had to wait a month and a friend has just told me they had it straight after they got over Covid so now I m not sure at all

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 12:18:05

The covid booking service was supposed to start today but 119 isn’t doing it and the website only has walk in centres 50 miles away. Boots are raring to go with vaccinating people but aren’t getting information as to when they can start. Given that the infection rate is obviously going up I want my vaccine asap.

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 12:22:58

Looked on my GP’s website and they say phone 119…

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Sep-23 12:24:52

Text from GP surgery a couple of weeks ago, Covid booster booked for 30th Septic but as we do not want the flu booster at the same time we are having that at locations Boots middle of October.

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 14:44:44

The BBC website is advising people to get their covid boosters because hospital admissions are going up but people can’t get them. Speaking to Boots last week we really thought we would phone 119 this morning and arrange via the NHS to have an appointment at our local pharmacy.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Sep-23 15:17:07

Apologies for typos, I am placing the blame firmly on my iPhone

Septic should read September

Locations should read local


Charleygirl5 Mon 18-Sep-23 15:29:21

I had my Covid booster last week. I just walked into my local pharmacy, no waiting. I could have had the flu jab as well but if there is a reaction I would like to know which drug is the culprit. I will go for my flu jab mid October I think. Very efficient where I live.

Ffizer was the drug supplier I received for Covid.

BlueSapphire Mon 18-Sep-23 15:44:13

Logged into my NHS account this morning and booked my Covid jab for this Friday. Disappointed to find that nearest pharmacy (that I went to last time) isn't listed, and I need to get two buses for the next nearest. Still, the saving grace is that the new pharmacy is next door to a lovely Waitrose, so shall be in there for coffee afterwards, and a spot of shopping......
My flu jab is booked for October.

Oldbat1 Mon 18-Sep-23 16:07:16

Went on nhs site and nearest is 23miles away. Nothing organised as yet at GPs for covid or flu. I had my flu injection at Boots last Thursday as GP not on the ball.

Bridie22 Mon 18-Sep-23 16:36:07

Had mine today at GPs surgery.

MayBee70 Mon 18-Sep-23 16:55:01

Finally managed to speak to someone on 119 and the nearest centre is still 30 miles away. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Calendargirl Mon 18-Sep-23 17:00:42

Tried booking on NHS app for DH and myself, but got no confirmation so felt it hadn’t gone through. The nearest vaccination centre is over 20 miles away, and it was difficult co-ordinating the two of us, appointments disappeared faster than I could book both of us.

Managed to get us close appointments on the online site, and received e Mail confirmation, so knew my final attempts had worked.

I expect more local sites will appear in the next few days, but wanted to get them over and done with.

Ours are beginning of October.

Pittcity Mon 18-Sep-23 21:11:03

The only sites near me are walk in clinics that are only open for a couple of hours. I envisage queues.
I'll wait until more come online.
I have a flu jab booked at Boots in mid October.

Ashcombe Mon 18-Sep-23 21:18:44

Here is the link to book your Covid booster:-

granfromafar Mon 18-Sep-23 21:18:46

They seem to be opening up more vaccination sites throughout the day. When I booked my husband in for tomorrow pm, the nearest one was at a pharmacy 4 miles away, so took that appointment. Didn't book myself in as thought I had to wait 28 days, having just got over Covid. Now have been informed that I don't have to wait so went online to book myself an appointment and was offered our own surgery about a mile away, but not till next week.

grandMattie Mon 18-Sep-23 21:20:12

My surgery opened for bookings early last week! Got my appointment.

cookiemonster66 Wed 20-Sep-23 11:34:50

I got my text from GP last Monday, had it done the Tuesday

Onthemoors Wed 20-Sep-23 12:13:39

Not having any of them, so will have to take my chances. Had 2 COVID jabs last time when soon afterwards, developed a permanent blood disease