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I’m such a hypocrite….

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Witzend Mon 18-Sep-23 14:03:40

Every year I bewail the tons of plastic Hallowe’en tat in the shops, and yet look what I’ve just been and gorn and bought for the Gdcs 😱.
Tin of tomatoes there for scale!

The label does at least say it’s recycled plastic.

Ali08 Mon 18-Sep-23 15:07:57

Oh Witzend, you naughty girl! 😀
I do hope the GDC love it and give you a good enough reason to forgive yourself!

SueDonim Mon 18-Sep-23 18:27:27

Gaaaaaaaaaah! A Devil’s horseman! 😱😱😱😱

Grannybags Mon 18-Sep-23 18:32:24

Aaarrrrgg!! Horrendous! 😁

Georgesgran Mon 18-Sep-23 19:09:01

My Lord - that’s the stuff of nightmares!
I’ll stick with my (not) tasteful plastic pumpkin wreath again.

crazyH Mon 18-Sep-23 19:11:36

No way - that looks humongous

kittylester Mon 18-Sep-23 19:50:07

I see the wasting the earth's resources as secondary to the question of why you felt the need to scare the wits out of innocent grans.

Bellanonna Mon 18-Sep-23 20:11:49

At first I thought you’d forgotten to add the tin of tomatoes. And then I saw it.

Galaxy Mon 18-Sep-23 20:32:33

Oh I want one.

Witzend Tue 19-Sep-23 09:47:22

Sorry, Kittylester!
It did occur to me after posting that I should have added a 🕷️alert.
As a child I had a book called Snapperty The Spider, so I think Snapperty would be a good name for him. Possibly not scary enough though - I dare say the Gdcs will come up with a better one.

Rosie51 Tue 19-Sep-23 09:53:12


At first I thought you’d forgotten to add the tin of tomatoes. And then I saw it.

Me too! That's some spider, shudders grin

NotSpaghetti Tue 19-Sep-23 10:16:28

At least (I hope) it doesn't move!

Witzend Tue 19-Sep-23 10:25:08


At least (I hope) it doesn't move!

No, but I’m sure the Gdcs would love one that did - and roared at you with lit-up red eyes!

Its legs fold right up for storage/transport, otherwise I’d never have been able to get it into an ordinary shopping bag yesterday. I was far from looking for any such thing, but saw them while passing a shop window and, well…..

Saggi Wed 20-Sep-23 11:40:27

You can’t scare grandkids enough …kids live being scared and they’ll love that revolting article!!!

LJP1 Wed 20-Sep-23 12:57:37

At leastr it has the right number of legs but the fangs and eyes....
I presume you are aiming to enhance arachnophobia.

Ikiesgranma Wed 20-Sep-23 13:08:05

Me too. It’s massive!

annodomini Wed 20-Sep-23 13:23:13

It's not scary enough. It would need to look real to send shivers up the spine.

Fleurpepper Wed 20-Sep-23 14:33:26

Am I the only one here who is not at all afraid of spiders? Even big ones?

DamaskRose Wed 20-Sep-23 16:46:32


Am I the only one here who is not at all afraid of spiders? Even big ones?

No you’re not Fleur! What’s to be frightened of?! 😉

Bellanonna Wed 20-Sep-23 17:37:16

No, they don’t bother me either

Rosie51 Wed 20-Sep-23 17:41:15

I don't mind them at all in the garden, they don't faze me at all. It's when they come into my house I'm not keen, and they move too fast! Never kill them though, I have a variety of kind spider catchers and just return them to the garden.

ginny Wed 20-Sep-23 18:27:13

I think he was in my bedroom the other night. DH says it was only a small spider but it didn’t look it to me.🥺

AskAlice Wed 20-Sep-23 18:34:24

I don't mind spiders at all either outside or inside...EXCEPT when they ambush me in the greenhouse by spinning webs across the door and the middle, getting me all sticky and yucky as I go in to check on the plants. Ugh!!

Buttonjugs Wed 20-Sep-23 18:36:45


Am I the only one here who is not at all afraid of spiders? Even big ones?

No I don’t mind spiders at all. The other week my DIL brought my granddaughters round as I was having them for the day. I’d left the front door unlocked so they could just come right in so I was puzzled when I heard a knock on the window. When I opened the door there was a huge web from the door post to the wheelie bin with a big spider in the middle! I just grabbed it and threw it in the hedge and they couldn’t believe it. They’re all terrified of the things and I really don’t get it 🤷🏼‍♀️

VioletSky Wed 20-Sep-23 18:45:32

I have a weird brain

I am scared of spiders until I am focused on something else and then I am not scared of them, they just don't belong in the picture

It is bizarre

Especially if I am doing DIY, I will literally just shoo it away with my fingers