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Good Morning Tuesday 19th September 2023

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Michael12 Tue 19-Sep-23 05:40:57

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Today ,once I have taken out rubbish to the various bins , I will get the bus to Bicester do a small shop and also have a coffee and a cake .
return for lunch and then relax and maybe do some shredding, before TV.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Tue 19-Sep-23 05:44:58

Good morning from a breezy but dry Torbay.

Thank you for the good wishes for safe travel. We arrived back safely yesterday lunchtime after a slightly gruelling journey due to squally showers and roadworks causing delays. Babbacombe bathed in sunshine was a welcome sight! My lovely neighbour, who waters my plants, had put a vase of flowers in the flat which was so kind.

Back to routine with a session with the Props team at the theatre this morning. I expect we'll be busy putting away items used in our recent Agatha Christie play: Spider's Web, which played to near full houses throughout the week! A great success both artistically and financially!

A good day is wished to you all. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Tue 19-Sep-23 05:53:40

Good morning from a dry Bristol. I don’t know how long we shan’t have rain as vile weather is forecast.
I’m in two minds at going to the outdoor tai chi this morning as I have a 25 minute walk each way and don’t want to be soaked and cold in the wind…
The crafts for the toddlers yesterday was very successful, I hadn’t prepared enough, so had a few disappointed children and one very shirty, unpleasant granny!
I went to WI in the afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the welcome. My previous visit had been greeted with a wall of silence.
There was enough sunshine for some of the inmates to sit out on our lawn and chew the fat. It’ll be sad in the winter not to have anywhere to meet; we don’t have a common room.
I trust that all the travellers arrived safely, and hope today is gentle to all. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Allsorts Tue 19-Sep-23 06:00:28

Good morning everyone, not raining here in the Midlands so hopefully another beautiful day like yesterday, it started wet then sunshine all day.
Hope none of you suffered the floods yesterday, dreadful.
You seem a lot better today Mick, fingers crossed.
Ash,congratulations on the success of your play , if I was there I would have to see it.

Mizuna Tue 19-Sep-23 06:11:04

Good morning from Cornwall where the wind is moving powerfully through the trees above my patio in the dark. Lovely atmosphere.

Yesterday on the town circular bus the driver said to a passenger, 'I went painting on Saturday night, but the thunderstorms were terrible.' Eventually I joined in (it's that sort of bus) and asked her what she'd been painting. She looked puzzled and said, 'No, I went Paignton. In my friend's motorhome.' grin

Later I met two friends separately for two lots of coffee in two different cafés. Living the decaffeinated life. Today lunch at my daughter-in-law's. She needs help filling in a form as she's dyslexic. Welcome back Ash.

monk08 Tue 19-Sep-23 06:20:53

Good morning all from the Black country still dark but been to put bins out and there is drizzle in the air.
DH has an early appointment for an echocardiogram which means we will be in all the schools traffic.
Ash what a nice welcome home from your neighbour, I love fresh flowers in the house.
GM we have a shirty mom at our toddlers always find something to complain about last week it was the biscuits, her daughter can only eat bourbons.
Anyway must press on DH has to have tablet 1hr before food need to wake him up will catch up later.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Georgesgran Tue 19-Sep-23 06:29:47

Good morning from Durham, where of course it’s still raining. A stupid early start to help DD1 with an ongoing car problem. It saves her a hefty taxi fare.
Must fly.
Best wishes to all. X

cornergran Tue 19-Sep-23 06:31:25

Morning Mick, morning All. Haven’t peeped out yet. May not want to see as our corner of Somerset is forecast more heavy rain.

Yesterday whizzed past. Car insurance renewal appeared, oh heck, it seems Mr C reaching 80 its now time for insurers to think of a number and double it. Research took over, I’ll carry on today. Not all doom and gloom. Our boiler was serviced and pronounced to be healthy, covid jabs booked for tomorrow afternoon and Mr C’s INR is finally stable.

Today? Chauffeur hat on late morning to take Mr C to the dentist, hoping for a wander round a large garden centre on the way back. Indoor exercise you understand, definitely no ulterior motive linked to the retail outlets. Otherwise? You guessed it, car insurance. Oh yes. Ironing too, now how could I forget that?

Pleased the WI experience was a more friendly one mattie and you’re safely home ash. Aren’t we all so different? You love to hear the power of the wind mizuma whereas it makes me very edgy. Your bus tale made me smile. Much sunshine envy here allsorts.

Thinking of everyone finding life hard going. Hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

grandMattie Tue 19-Sep-23 06:37:52

I always feel very edgy and fearful when there are very high winds. I was brought up in Mauritius and we had bad cyclones. When I was 12 we lost our roof to a once in 100 year cyclone. Since then, I haven’t felt safe when it’s windy.

Grandmabatty Tue 19-Sep-23 06:42:36

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 9° and very wet. It feels much colder too. Ash what a lovely neighbour you have. Cornergran I'm not a fan of wind either.
Yesterday was very busy. Dgs1 wasn't well at nursery so I picked him up. He lay on the couch for most of the day. We think it's a reaction to the flu vaccination he had on Friday. Dgs2 was his usual toddler self, sometimes charming, sometimes not.
Today is my birthday and I'm 65. An age when I'm old enough to know better but often don't. A childcare birthday for me and it'll depend on how dgs1 is, whether I have one or two to manage. The park won't be an option unless it dries up. Rain is one thing, rain and high winds are something else. I'm going to dd's for a Chinese takeaway tonight. Have a good day all.

cornergran Tue 19-Sep-23 06:47:27

A very happy birthday grandmab. 🎈🥂🍾. Good luck with the childcare, you truly are a star with those two.

Pittcity Tue 19-Sep-23 07:03:21

Good morning from cloudy Colchester. It feels chilly although it's 14°. A high of 19 today with showers expected.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day so I'd best shake a leg.
Happy Birthday Grandmabatty and love to all 🦩 x

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:10:14

Good morning there’s a clear sky so far today but it’s very windy.
MrOops wants me to show him how to do the online banking. He never does it, so once a year I have to remind him how it works, ‘just in case’.
Apart from that an easy day.
Hope everyone has a good day and can stay dry.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:10:48

Happy Birthday GMB have a lovely day 💐🎉🎂🎁

aggie Tue 19-Sep-23 07:14:53

Good Morning from a dark wet Co Armagh , I've taken my tea back to my bed , its warmer than the kitchen . Seems its 10 outsde
Ive a card to finish for a friend , she asked me last week , i dont do them for sale anymore , now I remember why !
I'm typing this on Kindle , its not handy !

Greyduster Tue 19-Sep-23 07:15:32

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a damp, dreary South Yorkshire. It’s going to be wet all day, I think. Had a good swim yesterday but as I hadn’t slept very well I flagged seriously in the afternoon. Today, I am going to look at new walking shoes and visit my niece on the way home. I have just had a raft of new photos from DS who is winding towards the end of his cruise in Greece. All that sunshine! I’m envious!
Happy birthday, Grandmabatty. Have a lovely day.
Do the best you can today folks.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:17:37

Morning all from a grey and windy corner of S E Essex.

I have a manicure first thing then it’s my most disliked household chore ironing (until Covid I always sent it out to an ironing service, now I have grudgingly got into the habit of doing it myself)

Happy Birthday Grandmabatty 🎂🥂🎉

Good that you are home safe and sound Ashcombe what a thoughtful neighbour you have 🌸

grandmaBatty windy weather always makes me feel edgy, but you have an excellent excuse for not liking it.

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

karmalady Tue 19-Sep-23 07:18:35

Good morning, cool, windy, overcast and autumnal today

Nothing much doing today, I`ll grab a walk later and then spend the day doing whatever speaks to me

Have a good day

Whitewavemark2 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:23:55

Good morning from a wet and very windy South Downs. The first of the autumn gales. I shall put off taking out the dog until he is insistent I think.

Had a very sleepless night as worrying about and over thinking about my sister who yesterday was told she has an aggressive skin cancer on top of her head. I assume it is a mole covered by her hair, so she didn’t spot it until it got bigger than it should. It has to be removed immediately as well taking a large healthy area to try to prevent spread. We are both very fair with lots of freckles etc
As she said s…t happens.

Not sure about today. Rain forecast all day will decide as day progresses I think.

Avocado and bean salad then rice pudding

Peace and harmony all

TillyTrotter Tue 19-Sep-23 07:29:12

Many Happy Birthday wishes to you Grandmabatty . Enjoy your family Chinese meal later. 🎂🎁🍀💐🥂🦩

Beechnut Tue 19-Sep-23 07:33:10

Good Morning everyone from Severnside.

Many Happy Returns of the day Grandmabatty 🎉🎂

Not nice here, grey, rain and the temperature has dropped. I don’t like wind either.

I don’t much feel like going swimming but I will go as I haven’t been away from the house since last Thursday.

Keep dry all ☔️

Gala Tue 19-Sep-23 07:33:33

Good morning all. Cold, wet & windy here in Sefton. Zoom strength class first thing, a visit to the fish man, a small food shop, flu jabs then the library. That should keep us busy. But I'd really rather stay here, all cosy under the duvet.
Take care.

ginny Tue 19-Sep-23 07:35:17

Good morning from N. Bucks where it is also very windy.
We had a lot of rain yesterday but an enjoyable day with our friends.
Happy Birthday *GMB*.
Had good news yesterday that my hip op’ will be on October 4th. I’m pleased but a little nervous.
Today will be a day of bits and bobs that I can cross off my ‘need to do’ list.
Gentle thoughts to those who are poorly of worried in any way . A good day wished for all.

harrigran Tue 19-Sep-23 07:37:07

Good morning from a grey NE where it rained all night.
DD had procedure yesterday and rang me when it was over, something else for me to worry about.
I couldn't settle yesterday so absolutely nothing got done in the house.
Hairdresser coming this morning then I must think about my friend's birthday gift and one for my sister. I have run out of ideas.
Have a good day.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 19-Sep-23 07:38:12

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I’m still in bed and haven’t look d outside yet. I may do a bit of baking today and a shepherd’s pie for tonight with Sunday’s leftovers. OH is having his covid and flu jabs today. I haven’t been invited yet and he’s only a year older! I’m out tonight to a talk on St Paul. OH will go off and shoot targets.
I’m so sorry that so many of you are having difficult times. Hopefully we’ll all have a good day.