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Good Morning Tuesday 19th September 2023

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Michael12 Tue 19-Sep-23 05:40:57

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Today ,once I have taken out rubbish to the various bins , I will get the bus to Bicester do a small shop and also have a coffee and a cake .
return for lunch and then relax and maybe do some shredding, before TV.
Take Care,

RosesandLilac Tue 19-Sep-23 07:38:38

Good morning everyone and happy birthday Grandmabatty,.
It’s currently just damp here in south Gloucestershire, yesterday was pretty wet at times but the afternoon was sunny but windy.
I spent the morning sorting out my wardrobes, I have a bag of clothes for the charity shop so I will drop them off this morning when I pick up the dog’s worming tablets. I’d quite like to go into town for a pair of nice comfortable shoes, my feet are often painful so comfort and support are essential.
I’m away next week for a painting en plein air break, I do hope that the weather bucks up or it’ll be a very soggy experience!
Hope today goes well for you all 🌹

monk08 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:40:55

Happy Birthday Grandmabatty 🎂🎁🎉

Grandmachrisy47 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:42:01

Good morning from a damp Co Durham. Rain all day is forecast. Waiting for dgd and the granddogs to arrive. We had our covid booster and flu jabs on Sunday with no ill effects.
Hairdressers this morning then need to sort car insurance, amazing how it increases dramatically over 80.
Happy Birthday Grandmabatty 🎂
I’ll come back and read your posts later. Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Tue 19-Sep-23 07:45:38

Loved the painting story! Mizuna! It reminds me of when my DGS2 came to Torquay and we were planning a day at Paignton Zoo. After losing patience whilst his parents prepared for the day out, he asked,
“When are we going to paint the zoo?!”

Gingster Tue 19-Sep-23 07:47:54

Good morning all and at last we’ve had some rain here in Essex. More forecast this week and high winds.
I too love the wind , find it exhilarating , especially when we’re at our seaside abode, watching the sea. We did lose our summerhouse a couple of years ago in a storm, though 😳.

Happy birthday Grandmabatty . I’m sure those boys will make it a happy one.🥳.

Last night I met up with my ‘special’ girl.( I’m her ‘surrogate’ nanna. ) last night for a meal. I’m so proud of her! She told me she’s expecting her second baby and moving house. Such excitement. Her own mother died when she was 6 , so she had a rather lonely /sad childhood. She’s making up for it now ❤️.

Today I will catch up with Dd and littlest gd. Hoping she’s still improving. Later on Bridge club.

Take care all 🌻

Grandmadinosaur Tue 19-Sep-23 07:48:51

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It’s dark due to it being wet.

Today is my coffee morning and then I shall come home and potter before collecting GS from school. It will just be me to keep him entertained as DH is away overnight.

Happy Birthday Grandmabatty 💐🎂

Ashcombe Tue 19-Sep-23 07:49:26

What a great outlook, Grandmabatty: “….old enough to know better but often don’t!”
Happy birthday! 💐👏🍾

Liberty Tue 19-Sep-23 07:52:20

Good morning from a very grey and damp looking Suffolk.

I’m meeting a friend for coffee in a nearby town and then nothing else planned for the rest of the day.

One of my nieces wrote me a lovely letter a few months ago wanting to know more about my working life( she is about to start a new course which will change directions for her). When I replied in a letter,rather than by email,she suggested lightheartedly we should become penpals as she said she never gets ‘proper’ letters. It’s my turn to write so Imay get round to that later today.

Wishing a happy birthday to GrandmaBatty and kind thoughts to all those who have worries about themselves or loved ones.

BlueSapphire Tue 19-Sep-23 07:53:04

Good morning everyone from a grey, windy and overcast Northampton, rain forecast later, so not sure what it's going to be like for our health walk this afternoon. Yesterday turned out to be fine despite the forecast for heavy showers.

Feeling it's time to change my summer duvet for a medium weight one; felt a bit chilly in bed last night, so I'll be going from a 4.5 tog to a 7.5. That will keep me busy this morning.

Booked my Covid jab yesterday for Friday this week; annoyingly the handy local chemist isn't listed this time, so I'm having to get two buses to the next nearest. By happy chance the new pharmacy is next door to a lovely Waitrose - there's always a silver lining!

Happy birthday 🎂 Grandmabatty! Hope you enjoy your Chinese!

brook2704 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:53:39

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s bright and sunny but cool at about 8º
A very Happy Birthday grandmabatty! I hope you enjoy your day today with your DGSs and your takeaway later with your DD 🥂🎂💕💐
Yesterday I tried the Yoga class at the gym. I’m a complete beginner, I enjoyed the class but found it quite difficult. I’m going to stick at it for a while and see how it goes. First thing this morning we’ve someone coming to look at the boiler which has started playing up now its turned colder. Later we’re helping with pick ups and drop offs at the after school activities so a busy day all round.
Hoping all goes well for your sister WWM 💐
Good that you’ve a date for your op ginny, soon be here
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Foxygloves Tue 19-Sep-23 07:55:51

Good morning from a cool, grey, overcast corner of N Bucks.
What a difference! But I feel it’s easy enough to put extra layers on and wrap up. Ask me again after a couple of weeks of it though!
Hive of activity here today - window cleaner, the girl who cuts my grass and tidies the garden, and the cleaner are all due (I didn’t say I was going to be active did I?) while I finish washing and ironing summer stuff preparatory to putting it away. And rediscovering my jumpers!
Happy birthday Grandmabatty I hope you have a lovely day and that everybody who is “down”, in pain or beset by worries finds peace and joy.

GrannySomerset Tue 19-Sep-23 07:55:59

Forecast suggests another miserable day so apart from the supermarket I have nothing planned though there is always domestic goddess stuff if I can bear to do it. Too much stuff, that’s my problem.

Glad to see that Ash is safely back on these shores and that life in Cornerland sounds more normal. Happy birthday, Grandmab, and a good day to all.

NannyJan53 Tue 19-Sep-23 07:58:45

Good morning from a dull and damp Black Country.

Off to the gym shortly, then will drive over to Mums, as we are going away Thursday for a week.

She rang yesterday morning to say her ears were very sore. Wearing hearing aids, I have the same problem sometimes, and doctor prescribes an ear spray which usually sorts it. I tried to make an appointment with her Doctor, but it was constantly engaged. I rang to let her know I couldn't get through just yet, but she had totally forgotten why she asked me to call! Quite worrying.

Happy Birthday Grandmabatty cupcake flowers

Alygran Tue 19-Sep-23 08:07:49

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s pouring down and very windy.
Happy birthday GMB
WW sorry to hear about your sister. Good that treatment is going to start quickly.
Off to a Board meeting this morning. We have an AGM to plan. Then off to the travel agency. DD1 and I are planning a few days to explore Palma City next month. We were on the island for a family holiday in the summer but only had a short time in the city. As DD says it’s more than just an airport!
Wishing you all a good day.

Mizuna Tue 19-Sep-23 08:10:50


Loved the painting story! Mizuna! It reminds me of when my DGS2 came to Torquay and we were planning a day at Paignton Zoo. After losing patience whilst his parents prepared for the day out, he asked,
“When are we going to paint the zoo?!”

Ha ha, brilliant Ash!

Susan56 Tue 19-Sep-23 08:16:43

Good morning from Shropshire.Heavy rain and blowing a bit of a hooley this morning.

Happy birthday Grandmabatty.I hope you have a lovely day and that your little grandson feels better today.x

Yesterday was a good visit to my mum.The district nurse will come out to do her winter jabs which is a big relief.

Today we will do more sorting in the garage ready to take another car full to the charity shop and tip tomorrow.There is so much stuff in there😫Later on we will pick the children up from school.DD and I have Welsh class, DH will look after the children.

Take care out and about everyone and have the best day you can🌺🦩

Taichinan Tue 19-Sep-23 08:17:28

Good morning Mick and all - and Happy Birthday Grandmabatty. I hope dgs2 has a "Little Angel" day specially for you!
It's 9°, cloudy and supposed to be drizzly this morning. I shall put washing on before I go out to tai chi so that it can be hung out in the supposed drier and brighter weather when I get home 🤞.
In China, Tai chi was originally always done outside grandmattie - they obviously didn't have our climate!! Having said that, the hall we used to use wasn't available to us once a year in the week before Easter, so we took to the beach (or the Esplanade if the tide was in) and have done our sets in every conceivable weather! It was the 'novelty factor' which made it 'fun' - I doubt I'd have many takers all year round!
Welcome home again Ash.
Another one here who isn't keen on the wind Mizuna - it's the untameable power of it! Mind you a few years ago I did shake my fist at it and tramped down the field to drag back a panel of my fence in defiance!!
So it's ctai chi class again this morning - and after my first good night's sleep for weeks too. What a difference that makes. I've been feeling so exhausted of late and today I feel ready to take on the world.
Have a good day everyone x

Marydoll Tue 19-Sep-23 08:21:34

Good morning all from a very wet Glasgow. The rain is coming down by the bucket load.

I have awoken with a really bad headache, I used to get them all the time when I was working, but not had one like this for ages.

A very happy birthday to you GMBatty. 🎂🎁🎈🎉

Yesterday, we received an email from Scottish gas saying our direct debit was being increased to £749 per month, due to our massive gas usage! This is despite the fact that our account is being investigated by a specialist team and our smart meter being removed by Scottish Gas because it was faulty. According to them, in seven months we have used the same amount of gas, as we have used in the last ten years!!! I was beyond incandescent!!
DH is now contacting the Ombudsman, as we are getting nowhere.

I spent yesterday working on the parish website, which is so outdated. It was a very steep learning curve, once you have messed up, there is no going back. It's so different from our school website, which I built from scratch! However, I think I am making good progress as they say in school reports.
As I said previously, the administrator is nowhere to be seen and some of the parts are passworded. 😡
Its a sedentary occupation, so keeps me out of trouble and resting.
Our new assistant priest arrived yesterday and because any photo of him is under copywrite, I'm going to run down and take one of him in his vestments. The consequences of breaching intellectual property rights are firmly imprinted on my brain, especially as the website is in the public domain.
Delving deep into it, sadly I found current pages of long dead parishioners, which is a no, no! It was quite sad to see their names.

Ash glad you arrived home safely!
I hope the echocardiogram goes well and your sister isn't in too much discomfort, WWM.
*A lovey and post, Gingster.nice to see you popping in Tilly!

Have a good day folks!

grandMattie Tue 19-Sep-23 08:22:21

Many happy returns batty. ❤️

Susan56 Tue 19-Sep-23 08:25:03

NannyJan my mum is the same.I too find it worrying and quite upsetting.The nurse who came out to visit and assess her thought she was doing brilliantly but obviously she didn’t know mum before.Mum is 91 next week so it’s to be expected.
My thoughts are with you and your mum💐

Jaxjacky Tue 19-Sep-23 08:33:24

Morning, dull, windy with spits of rain in S Hants.
Happy Birthday Grandmabatty 🎂🎉🎈
We we were useless at quiz last night, good job it’s just for fun.
Farm shop today, a walk and phone calls to make.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

luluaugust Tue 19-Sep-23 08:40:49

Good morning from a grey W Kent. A bit of a rush this morning as I have a DEXA scan at the local hospital, first one in 6 years, apparently I should have one every two years so usual mess. A trip round the local shopping centre afterwards I hope.
Happy birthday Grandmabatty
Very sorry to hear about the raging mum problems I remember them so well.
Best wishes to all

Nannagarra Tue 19-Sep-23 08:53:22

Good morning from wet, wild and windy Sefton.
I’ve been swapping over to winter clothes but will need to wear something short-sleeved for my covid booster today.
Many happy returns Grandmabatty. 🎉🥂🎉
Take care all, and have the best day possible. Holding those facing difficulties in my thoughts.

multicolourswapshop Tue 19-Sep-23 09:01:36

Good morning everyone I’m back from my holiday in Blackpool we went on a day trip to the Lake District I even went on a boat on lake Windermere the weather was great not like it is here on the east coast of Fife where it’s been p……. Down with rain all night long

Happy birthday to all my friends today have a good one I’ve lots of phoning today to organise things close to my heart

multicolourswapshop Tue 19-Sep-23 09:03:42

Oops here’s Blackpool