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Emails - too many

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nanna8 Wed 27-Sep-23 09:46:12

These days I zonk about 90% of my emails without even reading them because there are just so many adverts, unsolicited information and just general garbage. Of course, sometimes I miss genuine ones but the number of spurious ones is just growing and growing. If I label them as junk it is fine for a week or so but then they come back again because they change their addresses. I now get 50 plus new ones very single day. Grrr.

MerylStreep Sun 01-Oct-23 12:47:51

That’s what I do. One of them is full of beautiful Ukrainian women wanting to meet me 😂

VenusDeVillendorf Sun 01-Oct-23 12:50:02

Oh Meryl! Go for it!

missdeke Sun 01-Oct-23 12:50:47

I too get a numbe of these junk emails every day. Just a sign of the times I think. What amazes me in these days of 'saving the planet' is the amount of paper junk that still comes through my door or in magazines. When I get my TV mag ther is usually a pile of the unwanted junk still left on the shelf by people who just aren't interested. It just seems such a waste to include it.

ninamoore Sun 01-Oct-23 12:51:42

Yes, unsubscribing will help. Set aside an afternoon to have a good cull, can take a while

Jess20 Sun 01-Oct-23 13:46:47

Just unsubscribe or block the ones you don't want

Grandmama Sun 01-Oct-23 14:02:22

Emails that are obviously scams I forward to
[email protected]

I receive an automated reply. It gives the some idea of what's floating around the internet.

Treetops05 Sun 01-Oct-23 16:36:36

I spend an hour about twice ayear unsubscribing from emails. It does stop them, but the link to so so is always hidden jn tiny letters at the bottom...

Thisismyname1953 Sun 01-Oct-23 18:38:00

I too get these unwanted emails , especially of the type that telling me I have prizes with Asda , Morrison’s or Tesco etc. I usually send to spam folder but my DD told me how to block them by clicking on their heading and the option to block comes up . It seems to work .

Gwenisgreat Sun 01-Oct-23 22:36:44

I find the Unsubscribe button often announces page can't be found!

jocork Mon 02-Oct-23 01:02:21

If only I only got 50 a day!

Yorkslass23 Mon 02-Oct-23 18:32:34

Google came in making decisions about how to dispose of our emails. I miss/lose many emails. We have too many communication alternatives, like WhatsApp, which I use more often - it's right there on my desktop when I a working. Bring back the post office! Governments allowed Silicone Valley to do whatever the hell they wish, when it comes to computerization and internet technology. No one asked us if we wanted/needed it. They bang on about security and HIPPA, whilst everyone's information is bantered about in order to assist big corp' to make another sale, cut out the real customer service, and have Us do the work for nothing! Sorry, it's a rant.

Janetashbolt Wed 04-Oct-23 12:22:47

My hobby is online competitions, 99% want me to sign up for their newsletters. I use a different email address just for the competitions, I get 500+ emails a day.....

bikergran Wed 04-Oct-23 18:02:19

Last night I emailed a company about some replacement kitchen doors, I asked for 2 samples of the doors so of course had to give email address etc.

Since then I have had 7 emails from them, one wanting me to give a review before I have even dealt with them.One wanting to know this n that.

It is a reputable firm been going 23 years sort of old fashioned type.