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nanna8 Wed 27-Sep-23 09:46:12

These days I zonk about 90% of my emails without even reading them because there are just so many adverts, unsolicited information and just general garbage. Of course, sometimes I miss genuine ones but the number of spurious ones is just growing and growing. If I label them as junk it is fine for a week or so but then they come back again because they change their addresses. I now get 50 plus new ones very single day. Grrr.

Witzend Wed 27-Sep-23 09:48:24

You can often opt out of advertising emails - I get a lot, esp.if I’ve ordered from the company.
If you look right at the bottom of the blurb, there’s usually an ‘unsubscribe’ button to click.

Jaxjacky Wed 27-Sep-23 09:54:56

I too unsubscribe, it works, until a different one comes in, then do it again!

nanna8 Wed 27-Sep-23 10:00:55

I always unsubscribe but it doesn’t seem to make any difference here. They either ignore it or change their emails.

Callistemon21 Wed 27-Sep-23 10:11:45

I unsubscribe but they still keep coming. However, mine go straight into a Promotions (Rubbish) folder which I check then delete in batches.

Outofstepwithhumanity Wed 27-Sep-23 10:13:08

I too receive reams of garbage. Many dubious ones inviting me to meet hot women. Even more suspect, those claiming to enlarge my penis, that would indeed be miraculous, since I am a geriatric female!

M0nica Wed 27-Sep-23 12:52:55

I unsubscribe from all I can and put the rest in the junk folder. I think my email provider uses the contents of the junk folder to filter the junk emails coming through to me, which means no porn or dating sites.

The result is most of my email is junk free.

AreWeThereYet Wed 27-Sep-23 13:17:19

I think my email provider uses the contents of the junk folder to filter the junk emails coming through to me, which means no porn or dating sites.

I think that must be true M0nica because I never see any of those emails anymore although when I checked my Spam folder one day just to see what was in there it was absolutely full of junk emails. I also read somewhere that once spammy email addresses were recognized as such the email automatically junks them.

Siope Wed 27-Sep-23 13:27:13

You could tighten your controls; and/or set up a priority box (not foolproof, you do have to check the general inbox fairly regularly; or create a new email account for friends and family and only use the current one for booking tickets, online purchases, social media etc.

You can see both accounts in the same (main) account if you wish, but they will always be separate.

I’ve always had one account for online activity (including here), and even though I always tick the ‘no contact’ and ‘no sharing’ boxes, it gets lots more junk than my my private accounts.

nanna8 Wed 27-Sep-23 14:12:13

Thanks for the tips,I will try some of those.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 27-Sep-23 14:22:08

Nanna, which e-mail system do you use?

I still swear by hotmail, now called outlook, and although I do get some junk mail, nothing like the amounts you mention.

Perhaps you should change to another provider? Or block the senders if moving things to your junk folder or reporting them as phishing doesn't help, which it doesn't always do.

Dottynan Wed 27-Sep-23 14:22:37

I was told to be careful of unsubscribing as this can make a link to the company. Anyone know if there is any truth in this.

nanna8 Wed 27-Sep-23 14:27:18

I don’t like hotmail for various reasons . It has been tapped into a lot over here and very few use it. Probably different in the uk, though. I have had the same email for at least 10 years and don’t really want to change it. I have held a few public offices which doesn’t help because in the course of that work I would get dozens of emails.

M0nica Wed 27-Sep-23 16:15:44

dottynan Any company that has your email address and is sending you emails has a link to you, so unsubscribing cannot add anything to that and should just sunder the link you already have.

Theexwife Wed 27-Sep-23 16:46:54

I either unsubscribe or mark as spam and block sender.

AreWeThereYet Wed 27-Sep-23 19:18:53

I have two accounts. One is kept for family and friends and I've had it for a long time. Anything else I do is from a different account I set up a few years ago - if anyone asks me for my email that's the one I give them.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 28-Sep-23 07:45:16

My email is set up that I only receive emails from people on my contacts list, unless I send a Company an email first.

I have a quick look through my junk file I just to make sure, but I seldom get any that go in there by mistake.

Every time you accept cookies on a website you will be on a subscribers list, these lists are often sold on.
Including Gransnet

Auntieflo Thu 28-Sep-23 09:34:23

I've just cleared over 20 advertising emails .
But unfortunately I clicked on 'Important', to move them to.
I don't have an 'Important' email box, so where have they gone?

Dottynan Thu 28-Sep-23 11:07:41

MOnica I believe what I was told that if it was a scam email unsubscribing would give them that link. I am not very au fait with computers so just not sure

Siope Thu 28-Sep-23 11:09:15

If you think it’s a scam, report it to your provider.

M0nica Thu 28-Sep-23 14:10:18

Dottynan A scam is an entirely different thing to just getting lots of emails from a shop you bought in once. Scam mails you just delete and certainly do not respond to them, but if for example you are getting reglar emails from M&S because you once bought a sweater online, or UncleTomCobblyandAll, who you once bought some plants from, then all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of their email and click on unsubscribe, it usually takes a week or two to take effect, but it will work.

Metra Sun 01-Oct-23 11:35:03

I subscribe to a security package for my laptop which covers 3 devices, including my phone. I never get any spam emails at all.

knspol Sun 01-Oct-23 11:40:07

I've recently started getting lots of emails in the junk folder about dating etc almost porn judging by the titles. I never open them and block the addresses but I probably get 3/4 every day without fail. It's as is someone has suddenly released my address to all and sundry.

grannybuy Sun 01-Oct-23 12:23:17

Same as knspol. This started about a year ago. I assumed that my email address had been passed/sold on. I block them all, but they keep coming. I too read that it’s not a good idea to unsubscribe from this type of mail. I spoke to someone in one those computer repair shops, and he said that the only way to get rid of this was to resort to factory settings.

VenusDeVillendorf Sun 01-Oct-23 12:37:35

You can set up filters?

Change you email address and let your contact list know your new address.

I use three email addresses - one for work to subscribe to things, one for general giving out - usually sold on and spam filled- and one for close contacts - a private one.

The thing is if someone in your contact list gets infected with a spam virus by clicking on an unknown link, your email address is out there again.

It’s “whack a mole” really!