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Good Morning Friday 29th September 2023

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Michael12 Fri 29-Sep-23 05:33:15

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Today hopefully get the bus to Bicester as its market day there , its the largest street market in the area as other places like Banbury , brackley and buckingham are smaller .
Will have my usual coffee and cake and get home and get a Fish & Chip takeaway .
As to health my system seems to be allot better this last few days , unsure whether the bottled Harrogate water with medication is improving things.
Take Care,

Gingster Fri 29-Sep-23 08:10:12

Good morning all and we have rain here at the Suffolk seaside 😳. I can’t remember the last time it rained here. It’s supposed to pass over by late morning.

We were going ‘home’ today but our handyman is coming to resume work on our steps after a 3 month break owing to injury. I do hope the rain doesn’t put him off! We’ll head off tomorrow now instead.

Yesterdays book club meeting was nice - only 4 of us but we all enjoyed the book and had plenty to say about it. We discussed booking a Christmas meal there but it was agreed we’d leave it until the next meeting. I think we’ll be too late as people are already booking and it’s a lovely pub, with very good food.

GM such good news for you and Iris. She’ll certainly remember her 11th birthday.

I’m glad you enjoyed your painting week Rose . 🧑‍🎨. Hope your bank card turns up soon.

Very helpful lady in our little library printed off some tickets for me from my I pad. All this technology drives me mad. Why can’t I have actual tickets sent to me in the post - like the good old days! 😤.

Thinking of you all who have problems of some sort. Life can be hard at times. ❤️

Gingster Fri 29-Sep-23 08:13:52

Enjoy your fish and chips in Aldeburgh, Liberty . That sounds like a bargain, not to be missed. 👍

Gwenisgreat Fri 29-Sep-23 08:15:10

Good morning from a bright Harrogate with pink skies.
Great news Grandmattie and that will be some birthday for Iris.
I do hope you can get help from your GP Marydoll glad you enjoyed ‘teaching’ Dollie.
Yesterday went into town to get a lead to charge DHs Kindle, but since he won’t use it, spent yesterday trying to fight with both kindles, want them working when we visit my sister in Cheam next month.
Have the best day possible folks

Whitewavemark2 Fri 29-Sep-23 08:25:51

Good morning from a bright and warm South Downs. The temperature was 18c all night - summer temperature!
Very late today - slept an hour longer than usual.

We went to get our covid jabs yesterday but they had run out😮the chap there said that after the spring booster the funding was cut and staff were released so they are short of booster and staff to administer it. I have booked for next week 🤞it will be ok as I’m supposed to have the jab before my gall bladder op. As it is. I don’t suppose it will be fully effective by then anyway.

Hoping to get to the garden centre today.

Salad of some sort planned for later.

Peace and harmony all

Jaxjacky Fri 29-Sep-23 08:29:50

Morning from a brightening S Hampshire, sunshine today.
*gMattie 1 v Teflon man 0l congratulations Iris.
Phone consultation yesterday re my blood thinners was five hours late, so I had a restricted afternoon, drugs to be reduced to a maintenance dose.
Grandma taxi taking granddaughter to school as she’s not due in until ten, I’ll visit the farm shop on the way back. Tesco delivery pm.

Alygran Fri 29-Sep-23 08:29:56

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Clear skies and sunshine. Busy today with friends coming for lunch. I need to pop to the shops first for some bits I forgot yesterday. Why didn’t I write a list? Out this evening to discuss tentative holiday plans for next year. We went to Panama and Costa Rica this year so thinking about the far east for next.
I’ve heard of several eye watering car insurance quotes GreyD. DD2’s was up by £200! Good luck finding a reasonable one.
Good news on the bathroom GM and excitement for Iris! I remember the Princess coming to the University to open a building I had worked on.
Mary fingers crossed you get to se the GP.
Have a good day everyone.

monk08 Fri 29-Sep-23 08:32:56

Good morning all from a sunny Black country.
Haven't read through yet but did see grandMattie has welcome news and the bathroom can be started and what a lovely birthday awaits for Iris.
Meeting friends later at the club but no other plans as yet.
Best wishes for anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed.
Take care all and enjoy your Friday whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️.

Jacs7 Fri 29-Sep-23 08:33:21

Good morning everyone from a dull and damp north Kent. Pleased I cut the grass yesterday.

Yesterday I did a bit more of my watercolour painting; it’s a picture of a thatched cottage so lots of fiddly bits which take a while, but I am enjoying it.

Today we are out for lunch with some friends at a pub on the seafront within walking distance so hopefully the weather will improve.

Good news Grandmattie and how exciting for Iris. Hope you have a chance to talk to your GP Marydoll and they can offer you some help.

💐 for Urms

Hope you all have the best day possible.

hollysteers Fri 29-Sep-23 08:34:20

Good morning Mick and all from a brightening northwest coast. Just put a pile of washing out to dry, it’s breezy and I’m going out, so hope there is no rain.

Annual eye test yesterday, all ok although there always seems to be a rude woman on reception when I go. I was held up by a long queue of people waiting to pay at the parking machine and a little late.
Off to painting group today but Princess Anne is coming this morning and roads closed so I hope I can park. Will do my usual of parking then walking a while to the venue.
Tonight to see my cousin Gary and his band as a guest so that will be lively. Will have a rest this afternoon.
Glad you are feeling more settled Mick, lovely work again GM and thoughts to all with worries🌹

Taichinan Fri 29-Sep-23 08:46:31

Good morning Mick and all. The grey cloud over the Angus coast is breaking up and the patches of blue are joining together - more than enough 'to make a pair of sailor's trousers' as we used to say. A good day ahead.
Enjoy your day at market Mick.
Grandmattie lovely to see an up-beat post from you! So glad to hear that your bathroom has got the go-ahead, and a Wow! for Iris. What a wonderful way to spend her 11th birthday. Will you be able to go and watch her? And thank you for the pic of the pink squares - they're lovely. Such a happy colour.
Marydoll flowers
RoseandLilac I'm so glad you enjoyed your painting holiday but how annoying that your bank card hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully today 🤞
Well, it's arrived and today I am officially 82 years young! Don't feel a day older than yesterday though 😉. As I write, DD is driving up from Notts to take me out for lunch (as you do) at a restaurant run by a former Master Chef winner, and then the girls are joining us at mine for a pizza tea. So a lovely day ahead - and looking forward to next year already 😁
Hope your days are good ones too with sunshine to light your path x

Urmstongran Fri 29-Sep-23 08:46:53

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where we have a sunny start to the day. I have friends returning from Lanzarote and Cyprus this weekend. I miss folk when they go away on their holidays and it will be nice to catch up over the phone again soon.

Here’s Matt.

multicolourswapshop Fri 29-Sep-23 08:50:46

Good morning everyone. It looks like it’s going to be a good day here on the east coast of Fife with just a little wind.
Surprisingly I received a kind letter yesterday from HRH in reply to my letter to him on the Occassion of his coronation
Hope you can read the letter .
Have a good day

Beechnut Fri 29-Sep-23 08:58:32

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside.

Happy Birthday Taichinan enjoy your lunch 🎉🎂

👍🏻For your good news and this morning Mattie (and quilt)

Have a good day all, I’m off to take the car for MOT.

Susan56 Fri 29-Sep-23 09:03:01

Happy birthday Taichinan.Sounds like a lovely day is planned🥳🍾🥂🎂

Marydoll Fri 29-Sep-23 09:04:49

Happy Birthday Taichinan, have a lovely day!

Greyduster Fri 29-Sep-23 09:05:22

Happy Birthday, Taichinan. Have a lovely day!💐🎂

Auntieflo Fri 29-Sep-23 09:10:04

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
I had my tea in bed a bit earlier than usual this morning, so I have managed to read and post today. Wonders will never cease 😊
It's bright outside, but has been raining. I think the window cleaner is coming today, and we've had a text saying he is putting his prices up by 10% from October. As he does such a good job, I am still happy. He is a lovely chap, I just hope he can keep on going.

Had an eye test on Wed. All clear, no changes, so no need for new specs. I have had an irritating eye for a while, but drops seem to be doing the job.

Marydoll, so sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell. I hope that something can be done to ease the way you feel.
I get a bit of the glums sometimes, but know it is because I can't do all I used to. So very frustrating.

GrandMattie, hooray for the go ahead for your bathroom refurb, and also that Iris is going to have an exciting birthday.

Ashcombe, I don't know what POETS stands for. All I could think of was Put Off Eating Till Saturday!

My dear friend is having delays in the estate agent marketing her house. Only 2 viewers in 6 weeks. He suggested that perhaps it was overpriced. Well, who priced it in the first place?

I think about the poorlies most days, and send them best wishes.
Have a good day one and all.

Auntieflo Fri 29-Sep-23 09:13:26

Happy Birthday Taichinan, enjoy all the lovely food.

Pittcity Fri 29-Sep-23 09:13:42

🎉Happy Birthday Taichinan🎂

What a lovely letter Multi.

cornergran Fri 29-Sep-23 09:14:01

Morning Mick, morning All from a sunny corner of Somerset.

Such a good break but there’s nothing like my own bed. Slept so well. Catch up generally and a need to fill the fridge today.

Good luck with the car insurance greyd, I’m still recovering from our renewal process.

I’m delighted for you, and Iris, mattie. As ever those with personal mountains to climb are in my thoughts, a hug today for maryd and urms

Have the best day you can everyone.

cornergran Fri 29-Sep-23 09:14:48

Happy birthday taichinan. Wishing you the best of days.

karmalady Fri 29-Sep-23 09:14:54

A very happy birthday Taichinan flowers

You always sound so much younger in your posts

aggie Fri 29-Sep-23 09:15:06

Good morning all , it’s bright and the Autumn colours are glowing with the sun shining through,
Painting class off today , I’ve no lift , my friend has a chest infection and sounds very poorly , I will miss her company and chat more than the class
Great news from grandMatie ! Not so from Marydoll 🙏🏼🕯️

harrigran Fri 29-Sep-23 09:18:07

Good morning from a sunny NE.
You all seem to have such busy lives, love to read about all the adventures.
I will do some gentle housework, yet another bad back.
Have a good day everyone.

BlueSapphire Fri 29-Sep-23 09:19:20

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞 Northampton; looks as though we have had rain overnight..

Managed to get all my washing dry outside yesterday, then it was off to dance classes after lunch. Normally lasting an hour and a quarter, we were stretched to an hour and three quarters, busy practising for our event in November. Came back and collapsed into an armchair with tea and a ginger biscuit!

My weekly trip to the shops this morning where I shall have coffee and a bite in M&S, followed by a top-up shop. My list has a few things on it today. I want to find the fish that Sainsburys didn't have yesterday, and am hoping to find something similar in Marks' food shop. Ran out of anti-histamines this week, and have had a streaming nose for a few days (am allergic to my cats!), so a visit to Poundland, where, true to its name a packet costs £1, compared to around £2.50 in Boots. But will also pop into Boots as I have a voucher for skincare.
Then home to make a chicken curry for dinner.

Good news about your bathroom grandMattie, and what a day it will be for Iris!

Happy Friday everyone!