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Good Morning Friday 29th September 2023

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Michael12 Fri 29-Sep-23 05:33:15

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Today hopefully get the bus to Bicester as its market day there , its the largest street market in the area as other places like Banbury , brackley and buckingham are smaller .
Will have my usual coffee and cake and get home and get a Fish & Chip takeaway .
As to health my system seems to be allot better this last few days , unsure whether the bottled Harrogate water with medication is improving things.
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 29-Sep-23 06:15:31

Good morning from a dry Bristol. It’ll be dry and possibly sunny when I walk to my Spanish class.
Taichi, a photo of some of my very pink patchwork squares!
Hallelujah! At 0930, Mr. Teflon called to say that per ISAs granted to start work on my bathroom, swiftly followed by his permission. It is not the official permission, but I can start the ball rolling! When I said I’d crack open the champagne, he sighed and said “Me too “! 🤣 I reckon he gave in, in the end, just to know that he wouldn’t get yet another mail from me, heartsink each time!
Had a great tai chi class, unfortunately interrupted by a phone call for my plumber/contractor who will probably start at the end of November but needs to liaise with the management’s work so I’m not without a shower for too long.
I went to DD’s for dinner. Great excitement. Iris is to present flowers to the Princess Royal at her RDA which is celebrating its 50th anniversary! It is also her 11th birthday that very day. Some birthday…
Today, Spanish in the morning, in the afternoon I need to shop to make meat loaves for 60 + 1 veggie for the church harvest lunch on Sunday. Phew.
Gentle thoughts to all in distress, especially Urms. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Ashcombe Fri 29-Sep-23 06:49:50

Good morning from Torbay where the sky is clear, promising a fine day.🌤

I'm glad you seem better, Mick and I hope you enjoy the market.

Lovely patchwork as ever, grandMattie! What happy news about your bathroom and dear Iris! Such an honour and so well deserved after all she has gone through.

We had a welcome quiet day at home yesterday and I caught up with the ironing. Today Lidl beckons as the fridge is nearly empty!

Remember: any who go to work: POETS! 🦩🥰😎💐🦩

Mizuna Fri 29-Sep-23 06:53:10

Good morning from a dark and dry Cornwall. Re my volunteering, just to say that I really appreciated your kind comments about the end of life scenario but I don't get to decide, there's another selection process to go through, so it may still not happen. A privilege if it does though. Discovered I need to have three Hep B vaccinations to work in the hospital.

Today, library, sewing and to my daughter-in-law's for a roast dinner this evening. gM, what a busy life!!!! 😁

GrannyGravy13 Fri 29-Sep-23 06:54:29

Morning all

Good you are feeling Mick enjoy your day
grandMattie beautiful patchwork squares, you must be so relieved that you can finally make plans for your bathroom.

I am about to cook bacon sandwiches for the 8yr old, make his packed lunch and get him to school for 8am. Then I am off to the gym and no doubt fiddle around until school pick up time.

Have a great day folks 🦩🙋‍♀️

GrannyGravy13 Fri 29-Sep-23 06:55:18

Oops Iris must be so excited, what an honour to be picked 💐

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:03:28

Good morning it’s dry so far, fingers crossed we will have a fine day.
I’ll try to give the garden a tidy up if it’s dry enough, then put some outfits together for our trip on Monday, it’s due to be hot so I shouldn’t need to take much for the week, but I usually do.
The kitchen needs a sort out, too many things have been plonked down instead of being put away properly and I have a Mammogram this afternoon.

GM at least you have the go ahead, I wonder why Asbestos was even mentioned though? At least you have had an expert to check it out, good luck with the 60 meat loaves and I’m sure Iris will be so excited to meet Princes Anne.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Fri 29-Sep-23 07:15:22

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it is only 5°C.

That's great news GM and what an honour for Iris.

A very busy and successful morning with Dollie. We made a mind map with images on Titanic facts, which I printed out and laminated. I laughed at my very quick slide into teacher mode, tempered with gran loving! DH was highly amused
It was so funny, watching her, being used to a touch screen, trying to use a mouse and touching the monitor, with no response!

I'm not too well this morning, so I need to phone my GP. I can't go on like this. There comes a point, where intervention is needed.

Have a good day folks and best wishes for all the poorlies.

karmalady Fri 29-Sep-23 07:19:54

Good morning,, much rain in s somerset during the night and today will be nice and dry. My blueberry leaves are just starting to colour, we are on the turn and leaves will soon be red

A pottering day again, a bit of this and that and I will make sure I have a walk too. Whatever unfolds

Have a good day

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 29-Sep-23 07:21:16

A quick morning all from West Oxfordshire. It looks a bit damp but it’s around 30 degrees where we’re going in France! Have a lovely day and I’m thinking of MDoll and Urms especially.

Susan56 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:21:51

Good morning from Shropshire where a dry and sunny day is forecast.

H enjoyed his morning a little too much as when it came time to go to school he got very upset😢

Today we are off to Staffordshire to collect B from school and then we are going out for a meal to celebrate DD and SIL’s birthdays.

I’m so pleased that work on your bathroom has finally been given the go ahead grandMattie.Congratulations to Iris on being picked to present flowers to the Princess Royal and on her birthday too!

Thoughts with Grandmabatty, Kalu and Urms and all facing difficult times.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

luluaugust Fri 29-Sep-23 07:22:11

Good morning from a grey W Kent. Usual shopping and GC care today. GD 2 is off school as building issues have been found, very fed up apparently, not ideal start for 6th form, hoping it won’t be for long.
gM so pleased you have the go ahead for the work to be done. How lovely for Iris.
Take care everyone

Susan56 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:23:21

Marydoll I hope you can speak to your GP without too much bother 💐

GrannyGravy13 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:25:38

Marydoll fingers crossed you can get help from your GP 🤞

GrannyGravy13 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:26:16

Morning penpal hopefully be in contact later today 😘

grandMattie Fri 29-Sep-23 07:30:56

Marydoll, 🤞that you can see and get help from your GP today. ❤️

kittylester Fri 29-Sep-23 07:36:12

Good morning all from North Leicestershire. The windows are too wet outside to see the weather.

Shopping, a pedicure and a trip to see DGD1 as she is 15 today. DH 's younger brother is 75 today. They live in SA and sadly he has Lewy Body Dementia.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Pittcity Fri 29-Sep-23 07:37:48

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. 20° here again today with no significant rain.
DD2 is bringing babyDGD over for her first visit to our house. She's 10 weeks old already....time is flying.
DS will be home with his laundry later for the weekend. He's not here to visit me but because he's had a new phone delivered here🤣
I'm glad bathroomgate is nearer to a happy ending GM and so pleased for Iris.
Love to all 🦩 x

RosesandLilac Fri 29-Sep-23 07:41:03

Good morning from sunny south Gloucestershire, home again 😊
I had a lovely painting break, doing it outside is so different, obviously, from the normal indoors. I really enjoyed it despite getting rather cold.
No sign of new bank card yet, very exasperating.
Today laundry, housework and dog walking later.
I hope you all have a lovely day 🌹

Greyduster Fri 29-Sep-23 07:43:03

Good morning Michael and all GNs from a brightening South Yorkshire where I hope we are set to have a dry day. After much fiddling about with chiropodists, insurance quotes and trying to book a covid jab, which was like pulling teeth, I managed to get a walk late afternoon. Had a rather chaotic group chat on the phone with DD, GS and SiL. At no given point did I know whether I was still included in the conversation or not, but they did remember that I was there eventually😁! SiL is going to help me to sort out a quote for my car insurance today because the ones I’ve found are beyond ridiculous! It’s not due yet so we have time. I hope to get the front lawn cut this afternoon.
Have the best day you can folks.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 29-Sep-23 07:43:43

Good morning from East Yorkshire. There is a nice pale blue sky this morning but feels like there is a nip in the air.

An early start for me as I am looking after GD for a few hours this morning. DIL is going in to school as they do occasionally to see what GS is doing in maths. She will be dropped off about 8.30. After she has gone I have a few places I need to go to. Must get a wriggle on.

Lovely news for your granddaughter GM look forward to seeing a photo?

Must get a wriggle on and enjoy my morning cuppas in peace to face the little whirlwind 🤣

brook2704 Fri 29-Sep-23 07:48:03

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve light grey cloud and it looks windy
So pleased you’ve got the go ahead for your bathroom gMattie and so pleased for Iris too, bet you’re so proud of her!
Today I’m off to the gym for the circuits class followed by a dip in the pool, then a trip to Tesco to stock the cupboards up a bit. Hoping it stays dry so I can do a bit of gardening later
Safe travels llfl and everyone else on the move today
Marydoll 💐
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

baubles Fri 29-Sep-23 07:57:51

Good morning from South Lanarkshire where it’s cool and cloudy.

We are going to Edinburgh a little later today as it’s DS’s day off so there’s no rush.

Sending good wishes for all who have troubles.

Liberty Fri 29-Sep-23 08:00:47

Good morning from a wet Suffolk where,luckily,our gardener came yesterday and cut the grass. I don’t remember it growing so much so late in previous years in spite of what people around here refer to as” the September flush”.

Good to read about progress in bathroom plans and not so good about those feeling under the weather.

Off to meet a friend for a quick coffee so she can give me October’s church magazine which is delivered to her house for us. Even though our garden adjoins the church we can’t get a copy here. She wants me to have it straightaway as,apparently,my name is in it! DH says he hopes it not for anything scandalous!

Then we are going to Aldeburgh for a fish and chip lunch in a hotel overlooking the sea. I bought a voucher from them last November……2 for the price of 1 and then promptly forgot about it. We need to use it very soon. I wonder how many vouchers there are which expire before. they are redeemed! This was nearly 1.

Gala Fri 29-Sep-23 08:08:18

Good morning from Sefton.No idea what is going on out there as I have yet to open the blinds & curtains. Wind is forecast all day with a bit of sun late afternoon. Could be worse!
Had a very off/down day yesterday & did very little. Feeling more upbeat after a good sleep. Dance exercise class followed directly by a Flow class on zoom this morning. No plans for the rest of the day.
Good to hear there is "movement" on your bathroom grandMattie & how exciting for Iris.
Thinking of those of you struggling with life's worries. Take care.