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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for friendship...

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soop Thu 05-Oct-23 16:59:12

Here we are again...
And a very warm welcome to the newest kitchen.
wine cupcake flowers smile

GrannySomerset Wed 06-Dec-23 09:21:41

Clock now ticking and chiming and the house feels right again. Didn’t realise how much I missed it. Cold but sunny today and the floods all gone - for now, anyway. Christmas cards beckon so must psych myself up to make a start.

annsixty Wed 06-Dec-23 12:50:22

Good afternoon all.
I am feeling very virtuous, and relieved, because Ihave written most of my posting cards, all stamped and ready for the post box.
I friend was supposed to be visiting this afternoon but she has a heavy cold,so, instead of racing round with a duster and the hoover, her own immaculate home shames me into it, I sat down with a purpose and my list and got them done.
It is one of my most disliked jobs, I just don’t know why, but oh how sad I felt as ,instead of the 40/50 of years gone by, it is less than a dozen apart from immediate family.
So many now gone.

It is a beautiful day here, -2 when I woke but lovely and sunny now.

I send very best wishes for a good natter to the Grans meeting in Glasgow today and as Grandmabatty is among them, goood wishes to her little GS for his op.

I have done most of my shopping, the online companies and the delivery people are doing well.
I went out with my friend across the road yesterday and she had a parcel to pick up from M&S. I stayed in the car and watched a stream of customers coming through the door with the familiar green parcels which reminded me that recently you had to take your own bags to pick up orders.
I wonder if it is just for Christmas.

I will get some lunch now and enjoy my free afternoon.
Have the best day you can everyone,

annsixty Wed 06-Dec-23 15:19:41

I got this little pre-lit tree for £17:50 from M&S with a discount in the 12days of Christmas thingy.
It needs a few decs but looks quite pretty where it is in the hall.

annsixty Wed 06-Dec-23 15:20:39

Bit lobsided I'm sorry to say

soop Wed 06-Dec-23 16:28:49

ann your tree is perfect. It's position in front of the mirror shows it off to it's best advantage.

GrannySomerset There is something comforting about a a ticking clock with a pleasant chime. My late father had several chiming clocks...only trouble was that he had them all set a few minutes fast or slow. Don't ask. wink Trying to get to sleep as a guest in his home was, how shall I put it - a trifle mind boggling.

I have also been thinking of the Gransnetters who are meeting in Glasgow. I've been with them in spirit. I dearly wish that I could have joined them.

Grandmabatty Wed 06-Dec-23 16:40:19

Good evening Kitcheners. Annsixty thank you very much for your good wishes for dgs2. I appreciate them. I do like your tree.
I'm just home from the Glasgow Grannies get together. It was lovely to see everyone. I nearly didn't make it because of cancelled trains etc but the late late train made up time.
It's a raw evening so the heating is on and I'm having a cuppa. My best to you all.

Blossoming Wed 06-Dec-23 16:50:22

Good evening lovely Kitcheners. Eye clinic went well, I’ll be having another Botox injection in a few weeks time. I’m trying to catch up on your news, sorry to hear Imogen has had a setback Jax, hope it’s just a blip. Hope your wee grandson is soon sorted Grandmabatty. Forgive me if I’ve missed anyone.

Hope all the Glesca Grans have had a wonderful time x

soop Wed 06-Dec-23 16:52:03

Blossoming I am sorry to hear the sad news regarding your dear friend. I trust that you have happy memories to comfort you. flowers

A video has just arrived of our grandson and his best pal. They have witnessed something that has reduced them to uncontrollable fits of laughter. As a result, Mr Soop and I are tickled pink. No idea the reason why, except that the laughter is most certainly contagious.

It isn't as cold as it has been recently. We have topped up the bird seeds, nuts and fat balls. Caring for our flocks is costly, but well worth the expenditure. Every day we say how much we enjoy their antics.

It is time for a brew. We then watch The Chase and try to answer as many questions as we can correctly.

Not too long before we move to our next kitchen. I shall keep a close eye on things. No way are you lovely lot going to be without a cosy kitchen. smile moon

I've been up to my eyes in greetings cards. I start the business of writing and addressing them in an orderly fashion. However, there comes a time when, no matter how organised I try to remain, the end game finds me playing hunt the address book, losing the carefully written list, mislaying the pen...blah, blah!

Grannmarie Wed 06-Dec-23 17:00:26

I'm on the train 🚉 heading home from the Glasgow Grans meet up. What a lovely bunch of ladies, such good company, the afternoon flew by.🥰
I've been out of the house since 9 am, when it was a foggy minus two degrees, I better watch I don't fall asleep on this cosy train!
Wishing everyone a peaceful evening.

Grannmarie Wed 06-Dec-23 23:01:25

What a quiet kitchen tonight. Wishing everyone a good night's sleep. TOYA, NNGB.

Nannytopsy Thu 07-Dec-23 00:07:57

So glad the Glesga Grans had such a good time!

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 11:38:10

Glesga Grans, I was thinking of you and virtually sharing your company, blether and laughter. smile

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Dec-23 12:46:28

What a pretty tree annsixty perfectly positioned.
I’m pleased your eye appointment went well Blossoming
It’s rainy here, steadily, sadly for llfl who I believe is up the road at the Winchester Christmas Market, my office used to be a 5 minute walk to that, overlooking the Cathedral.
Christmas cards were all written yesterday and a walk to the post box sent them on their way, our tree has been delivered this morning.
Bit by bit it’s all being done.

brook2704 Thu 07-Dec-23 12:58:14

Good afternoon kitchen pals, hope everyone is doing ok
It’s warmed up slightly here in Inverness, I had a 10 minute walk around the garden, but everything is still frozen and white, it’s only a very gradual thaw. I’m off out soon for a dental hygienist appointment- not my favourite pastime but needs must.
I had a really enjoyable day yesterday at the Glasgow get together, I got the train down and the bus back up and all was on time. It was lovely seeing everyone in person, such lovely friendly ladies. We did think of you soop and you were there in spirit 💐
I’ve done a bit more online shopping for last minute gifts and later tonight I’m aiming to finish the Christmas cards. DGS is coming after his football practice for a sleepover, no real reason he just asked to come ❤️

Marydoll Thu 07-Dec-23 13:05:42

Soop we did raise a glass (or cup) to you!

annsixty Thu 07-Dec-23 13:12:07

Good afternoon all.
I’m expecting a friend to call anytime so I thought I would bid farewell to this kitchen which will be closing it’s door very soon and I look forward to seeing you all in the new one.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:03:26

You lovely lot are the kindest. When I read that you had raised a glass (or cup) during the gathering...I felt misty-eyed.

I am keeping a close watch on the status of our present kitchen.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:04:43

The new kitchen has a rustic feel.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:06:24

There is an AGA. It seems appropriate at this time of the year.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:07:49

We've also a swanky, modern coffee machine. I haven't one but I am happy to install one for you lovely lot.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:09:34

On the scrubbed pine table you will find mince pies, shortbread and chocolate treats.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:10:57

I have made a large bowl of yuletide punch. Beware, it is meant to be sipped.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:11:33

All your tartan rugs have been laundered.

soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:13:15

There is a quiet corner for our Kitcheners who wish to relax and listen to the blether without feeling the need to participate.

Grannmarie Thu 07-Dec-23 15:13:51

Soop, as we departed we also had some groups hugs in your honour. 💕

Thank you for setting up a lovely new kitchen, an Aga, you're spoiling us!

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