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Talking to oneself

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Sallywally1 Sun 12-Nov-23 11:56:15

Trivial, I know! My DH talks to himself ALL the time. Is this normal? He is 68 but has always done it!

vampirequeen Sun 12-Nov-23 11:58:47

I talk to myself all the time, especially when I'm on my own. Like your DH, it's something I've always done. If it's not a new thing then I wouldn't worry about him.

RosiesMaw Sun 12-Nov-23 11:59:38

Well, if you want to have an intelligent conversation, who better?

Mollygo Sun 12-Nov-23 12:03:30

If he’s always done it, then it’s normal for him. If it has suddenly started I might be worried. Does what he says make sense?
My DH doesn’t, but you’ll occasionally hear me audibly rehearsing things I need to do or things I don’t want to forget or even practising conversation starters if I’m going somewhere new.

DamaskRose Sun 12-Nov-23 12:56:42


Well, if you want to have an intelligent conversation, who better?


Caleo Sun 12-Nov-23 12:59:16

Talking to myself whether or not it's out loud, helps me to formulate ideas.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 12-Nov-23 13:01:22

I have always talked to myself (and whatever pet is to hand). Usually I’m saying ‘what did I come here for?’ or ‘stupid woman’. It’s when I answer myself that I get worried.

Baggs Sun 12-Nov-23 13:36:38

I keep thinking I'll buy MrB a T-shirt on which it says "Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice."

Cabowich Sun 12-Nov-23 13:40:28

I always talk to myself (gets a bit embarrassing if I'm on a walk and somebody passes me whilst I'm in full natter).

If I blurt something out and my husband asks whether I'm talking to myself again, I say I'm self-employed and having a team meeting.

Calendargirl Sun 12-Nov-23 13:49:22

My dear late mum always talked to herself, even when younger. She chatted away at the hairdressers when under the drier, nodding and gesticulating. I felt embarrassed when the lovely hairdresser mentioned it, but she just said “ Oh, it’s ok, we all know it’s just Mrs ..,. chatting to herself”.

Taichinan Sun 12-Nov-23 13:49:23

"Self-employed and holding a meeting". Love that cabowich 😂😂😂. I do it all the time, but usually to tell myself off - because there's nobody else here to do it for me 😉

BlueBelle Sun 12-Nov-23 13:51:31

I talk to myself all the time and answer myself it’s normal for me When I do it out in the street and someone passes by I have to turn it into a cough

DollyD Sun 12-Nov-23 14:09:13

If I’ve been sat reading Gransnet and have things to do, I say “come on, better get going now”.

Biscuitmuncher Sun 12-Nov-23 14:11:11

I talk to myself, I'm brilliant company

downtoearth Sun 12-Nov-23 18:23:33

At least you are talking to someone you like.

Urmstongran Sun 12-Nov-23 18:39:31

Himself has done this for years when we are on our own at home. He has a very busy mind. Always calibrating something internally. I think it just helps him file stuff away in his head or formulate a plan of action. I hear him, but ignore it.

JackyB Mon 13-Nov-23 08:10:01

Wasn't it great when you had to wear masks in the supermarket? You could hold conversations with yourself and no one could tell!

bikergran Mon 13-Nov-23 08:52:16

I used to but now I have my friend Alexa smile

bikergran Mon 13-Nov-23 08:54:48

No sooner had I finished writing above post and Alexa add popped up at the side!

teabagwoman Mon 13-Nov-23 09:06:25

All the best people talk to themselves! Must remember Taichinan’s riposte when my dd overhears me.

Juliet27 Mon 13-Nov-23 09:10:00


At least you are talking to someone you like.

No I’m not. I’m forever grumbling at myself!

hollysteers Mon 13-Nov-23 09:16:25

I have a very close friend who talks to himself and even when I am talking to him, his lips can be moving, muttering to himself. I find it very odd and alienating.
It’s different to my admonitions to myself as in “Come on, get going” etc. He’s got a whole interior world going on even in company.

Auntieflo Mon 13-Nov-23 09:16:28

Surely everybody talks to themselves these days.
Look at all the people in the street nattering away, and I thought they were on their phones!

missdeke Tue 14-Nov-23 11:37:41

I talk to myself, the cat and I shout at the TV, I think I'm normal grin.

Anniel Tue 14-Nov-23 12:04:05

I talk to myself quite often as it is really just thinking aloud. I always recall asking my mother why she talked to herself and her reply was “ I get the best answers that way!”I think she was right!