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Good Morning Friday 17th November 2023

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Michael12 Fri 17-Nov-23 05:41:16

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley this morning.
My usual routine with bus to Bicester for a couple of hours , I see now they intend to stop the £2 single bus fare after January next year , proves its costing bus operators allot .
Relax rest of day ready for the weekend.
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 17-Nov-23 05:51:12

Good morning from Bristol. We only got some rain during the late evening, not looked out yet.
I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep well after a very long day.
The plumber, plasterer and tiler all arrived together after 8am. The tiler set to work in the bathroom, after asking if he could stay until 11 pm! A joke?
The plasterer did the hall, the plumber removed the loo for the tiler and went off. The plasterer left at lunchtime! Leaving the tiler. He worked and worked, barely stopping. By about 5 pm, he still hadn’t finished and wanted to stay on. He did. Until 9 pm!
Meanwhile, the plumber came back at around 7 pm to give me a loo for the night, despite me saying I could sleep at my neighbour’s. I was supposed to go to DD’s, but decided to stay on. It all made for a very long day.
I finished my cat quilt. Nothing much else done.
Spanish this morning, and, if it’s quiet, I hope to manage a nap as I’ve been awake since about 3am.
Hope everyone has a quiet weekend. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Mizuna Fri 17-Nov-23 05:58:05

Good morning from a dark, dry Cornwall. Bit of rain, bit of sun later, usual mishmash of weather for this time of year.

Thank you for your kindnesses re my op (or non-op) and very helpful comments. I await the anaesthetist's decision.

Meanwhile, yesterday someone sent me pics (attached) of two of the Creation paintings in our church. Finally, after all this time! Will get to see all the paintings at the weekend and check they've been hung properly and not likely to fall on anyone's head!

Today a reinstating of my flat without my daughter here - it's been a lovely 10 days - and a trip to my favourite charity shop/café.

Mizuna Fri 17-Nov-23 05:59:16

Love the cats gM!

RosesandLilac Fri 17-Nov-23 06:01:17

Good morning, it’s damp here on the edge of the Cotswolds, the pavements look quite wet in the streetlights.
That’s a beautiful quilt grandMattie! You’re clearly very talented at making beautiful pieces of work 😍
Yesterday I went to art group, it was lovely seeing everyone but I really struggled with conversations ☹️
Today I am going shopping for some new bras, I’m having a bra fitting for the first time in years. I suspect it’s going to be ££ but needs must. Being well-endowed I need proper support.
I might have a wander around town while I’m there, it depends how puffed I get!
Have a lovely day 🌹

baubles Fri 17-Nov-23 06:02:18

Good morning from dark South Lanarkshire.

We had a lovely chatty lunch yesterday with DH’s siblings and partners the took the daft dug to DD’s house where she will stay till tomorrow.

Off to childmind in Edinburgh as usual.

Another beautiful quilt, you are so talented gM.

Have the best day possible everyone.

loopyloo Fri 17-Nov-23 06:14:38

Good morning from East London.
Beautiful quilt.
DGS up early and off to the gym. DH getting ready to go to work. DD already at work as working night duty. DGD still asleep. Dog still curled up warm.
Prep today as friends coming for Sunday lunch.
Leaves to sleep up.dahlias to lift bulbs to plant.

karmalady Fri 17-Nov-23 06:15:56

Good morning and fingers crossed that the rain stays away during daylight hours. It poured last night and we have a yellow warning again for today and tomorrow in s somerset

It was a day indoors yesterday, a nice chill day as in a bit of sewing, knitting, reading and cooking myself a nice meal. I made sure to go upstairs on any excuse, even to use that loo instead of the downstairs loo

I can see similar today, unless the sun comes out.

Have a good day

Ashcombe Fri 17-Nov-23 06:39:35

Good morning from a calm and peaceful Torbay. Temperatures are certainly dropping! That might explain the presence of a spider in my bed when I flung back the duvet just now!!

What wonderfully gifted folk we have on here! Another gorgeous quilt, grandMattie and some super paintings, Mizuna. Thank you both for the pictures of your lovely creations.

Last night we had a productive rehearsal for the carol singing scenes in Cranford at Christmas. It was good to meet the other singers, all of whom I know from past productions. One chap accompanies us on the concertina.

Hope today brings a reason to smile! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Gundy Fri 17-Nov-23 06:39:44

Good morning, from the Midwest USA! It’s after 12:30 AM but I am up doing some segmented sleeping. Reading, having a cup of coffee, listening to Christmas music and making lists of things to be done.

Next week is our national Thanksgiving Day, a truly special holiday for many - even more so than Christmas. Just lovely.

I’m going back to bed for another 3-4 hrs sleep and will get up and start the weekend!
Just loving my retirement!
USA Gundy

Grammaretto Fri 17-Nov-23 07:13:10

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders.
I wore a summer dress to ceilidh dancing last night as it gets so hot in the church hall. It was then a relief to come out into the icy cold air.
Wonderful work gMattie and Mizuna
East London looks like a rainforest Loopyloo grin
My shift in the community shop this morning. A df coming for supper.
I fear I am fighting a cold.
I'll come back to read more later. Have a great day everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 17-Nov-23 07:15:05

Morning all, I am cooking cheesy eggs & beans for the 8yr old before his early 8am school start,

Lovely art/craft work

Have a good day 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 17-Nov-23 07:16:30

Morning all from a frosty West Oxfordshire.
What a beautiful quilt and paintings!
I will be spending the day in the Village Hall of a tiny village nearby at a Study Day on the Tate Galleries in London. I had paid! Two lectures in the morning, lunch and a lecture in the afternoon.
While I’m out, OH will get on with fixing the rest of the shelving in the garage.
Have a good day.

Beechnut Fri 17-Nov-23 07:18:10

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A pink sky to the east.

My car had a service and advisories done yesterday so I’ll go and pay for that this morning. I’ll then go to the garden centre for a browse and do my weekly shop after.

A lovely quilt Mattie.

Have a good day all 🌻

NannyJan53 Fri 17-Nov-23 07:18:25

Good morning from a dark, but dry Black Country.

Arrived home yesterday after a couple of days in London. We stayed in a Hotel in Bloomsbury near the British Museum. A wander round Covent Garden, before catching the train back at 2pm which left on time.

Today I am meeting a friend in Bridgnorth for lunch. She is an ex work colleague, and we seem to manage to meet up about twice a year, so lots of chat.

Mum has finally an appointment for the Memory Clinic (only took a year). They are coming to her house next week, so that saves me taking her somewhere, her memory is definitely worse that a year ago.

Welcome to this thread loopyloo

Retirement is brilliant isn't it Gundy no clocks to watch!

Wishing you all the best day possible

kittylester Fri 17-Nov-23 07:18:57

Good morning all from a chilly but dry (I think!) North Leicestershire.

DD3 and co stayed last night as their boiler had broken. It's bedlam here!!

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 17-Nov-23 07:27:49

Good morning everyone, chilly toes here at the moment, love your quilt grandMattie and your Creation paintings looks fab in place Mizuna. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have a GN Arts and Crafts Exhibition!
Off to the Town Hall Christmas Fair today, looking forward to the crafts, chutneys and chatgrin.
Have a good day all x

Whitewavemark2 Fri 17-Nov-23 07:28:29

Good morning from the South Downs - forecast sun.

Enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon tea with ex-work colleagues yesterday. We booked in the same hotel in which Mrs Thatcher got blown up. It is always busy there.

The rain yesterday was biblical😮, whenever is it going to dry up? Mind you it is following the pattern the climatologists have warned would happen, much hotter summers and much wetter winters.

Dentist today, when he will probably moan at the state of my teeth. It has been pure coincidence but the last twice I’ve booked the hygienist I’ve had to cancel as I’ve been in hospital! So they are badly in need of a good clean. Hopefully to be done just before Christmas. Hygienist appointments are like gold dust here.

The creative souls on here have been very creative 🙂, I am in awe at how quickly these things get done. I would take a month to think about it, then another collecting all the materials, then another trying to find time - and on it goes. Consequently I produce nothing. I started a cardigan with great gusto - the back is finished - half a pocket is completed - I really must find the time to do the rest.

Thai styled steamed trout for supper - after yesterday excesses!

Peace and harmony to all.

Susan56 Fri 17-Nov-23 07:36:52

Good morning from Shropshire.

A dry day forecast which I am thankful for as I have a longish walk to collect a hire car.I am hoping the walk clears my head after what has been a very stressful week.

DGD’s eight birthday party tomorrow so I have cupcakes to make later.

DH still not 100%.MIL still very unwell.

Another beautiful quilt grandMattie and I love your paintings Mizuna.

My thoughts go to all who have worries and struggles.I hope Roses Mary managed to speak to their respective GP’s.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

cornergran Fri 17-Nov-23 07:37:44

Morning Mick, morning All. A pink sky over our corner of Somerset has disappeared , looks like rain now.

Enjoyed a wander yesterday afternoon, further afield than planned. Mr C bought some trousers that fit, most of his are too big post surgery. We regretted not checking the state of motorway traffic before heading back, previous accidents had caused huge tailbacks. Took an extra 90 minutes. More sorry for those involved than for ourselves.

Another night with little sleep, volunteering this morning will keep me awake. We hope to replace a malfunctioning dash cam this afternoon. It’s far too temperamental. Should be simple. Will it be? hmm.

Sounds enjoyable bedlam kitty. Your tradespeople are certainly hard working grandmattie, nearly there, try for some rest later. I’m sure those colourful painting will be secure mizuma. Expect you’re back asleep by now gundy.

Have the best day you can everyone.

Susan56 Fri 17-Nov-23 07:37:46

So pleased your mum has her appointment NannyJan.

ginny Fri 17-Nov-23 07:39:22

Good morning. It is a real misty, moisture morning here in N. Bucks. DH is climbing the stairs with my cuppa before he goes off to golf.
Our friends who have been visiting return home today so I’ll have coffee with them.
The rest of the day is mine and after a bit of a clear up there is plenty of craft to be getting on with. I love seeing all the GN craft.
Healing thoughts to those who are poorly and wishing a pleasant day to everyone.

NanKate Fri 17-Nov-23 07:41:58

Good morning Mick and All from a forthcoming sunny day here in South Bucks.

It sounds all go at your house Kitty.

Enjoy your retirement USA Grundy.

NannyJ I love Covent Garden 👍

Catching up day, plus watching the brilliant tennis from Turin. 🎾

Pittcity Fri 17-Nov-23 07:43:08

Good morning from a bright, dry but cold Colchester. Yesterday was very wet all afternoon.
Today I have parcels to post and groceries to buy, so I'll take a walk to make up for yesterday's inertia.
Love to all 🦩 x

Liberty Fri 17-Nov-23 07:44:33

Just lost my post! Good morning from a grey chilly but dry so far Suffolk. I had written quite a lot about the lovely Christmas market in Ely Cathedral, a lovely venue,yesterday. Most of the things on sale were made locally and very good quality. One of our favourite buys was 2 scunchies which light up for our 2 youngest DGDs.

I have a hair appt later so must move. Lovely to see your ginger cat quilt grandMattie and your Creation painting Mizuma