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Good Morning Monday 20th November 2023

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Michael12 Mon 20-Nov-23 06:00:04

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but dry start here in brackley.
Yesterday did graves with sister and brother in law, brought some pebbles to cover the graves as to stop weed growth , but with the dampness the cemetery had allot mushrooms growing edible?
Today stay in as I am expecting a Wiltshire farms meals delivery , but no allotted time .
Take Care,

Grandmabatty Mon 20-Nov-23 06:06:29

Good morning Mick and all from Polmont where it's currently 10° and damp. It sounds like you had a busy time.
Yesterday was busy but pleasant. Dgs2 had a very nice birthday, although he couldn't have cared less! He loved the gift bag I brought his presents in and used it to house his new cars. 😂 I visited mum in the afternoon and we chatted for half an hour or so.
Today is very early childcare. I'm looking after the boys all week as the other grandparents have gone on holiday and DD and Sil don't have any holiday days left. I will be exhausted! Have a good day all

grandMattie Mon 20-Nov-23 06:09:26

Good morning from a damp Bristol.
Due to the ceilidh taking place in the church nave on Saturday evening, the services were held in the hall. It was very intimate.
Saw a post by DD, saying that she had a service in her newly refurbished church (one of three she serves),not only was it the first time she preached from the pulpit, but it was the first time a woman had done so! #proudmum.
Quiet day, dozing, catching upon sleep yesterday.
Today, the bathroom floor is being lino-ed, the plasterer is doing the hall walls. No doubt, I shall have the dehumidifier on for the next three days, for the walls to dry, ready for the painter. The work is proceeding well.
I have the WI AGM this afternoon; I shall go but not stay very long.
Gentle thoughts for those who are sick, unhappy or in distress. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

Ashcombe Mon 20-Nov-23 06:11:54

Good morning from a damp but mild Torbay.

A difficult evening, not helped by migraine dazzles at the rehearsal which has developed into a headache this morning. I also spent an hour and a half on a Zoom call with my friend from school days whose husband has oesophageal cancer. Tough times.

On a brighter note, the photo is of a plane tree I can see from my bedroom window. It’s one of the last to lose its leaves as most of the other trees in the park are nearly bare.

Wishing you all a good week. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

harrigran Mon 20-Nov-23 06:12:05

Good morning Mick. Miserable and wet here in the NE.
It was mildish yesterday so SIL and I had a walk round the estate to blow away the cobwebs.
We got some paperwork sorted and then prepared dinner, a sausage casserole with several vegetables, it was delicious.
Going to be a difficult day today as I have been awake since 3.30, brain is spinning with various problems mostly the ongoing fiasco with the bank, six months and counting.

Susan56 Mon 20-Nov-23 06:13:35

Good morning from Shropshire.A day of sunshine and showers forecast.

Glad you were able to get the pebbles to help stop the weed growth on the graves Mick.

Today is DGD’s eighth birthday.I helped at her birthday party on Saturday, a tie dye party for 14 little girls😳it was good fun and the children all enjoyed it.Yesterday I looked after H while DD and SIL took DGD to Liverpool for lunch, shopping and the theatre.

I am having a week off everything this week.It has been a tricky couple of months with my own health, DH being unwell and trying to support our elderly and unwell mothers.I have been feeling overwhelmed by it all so am taking a week to hopefully relax and feel better.

Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles and dealing with illness whether their own or of loved ones.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

karmalady Mon 20-Nov-23 06:34:42

Good morning, it will be a fine and windy day in s somerset

I put the whirly line into the garage for the winter, clothes are not drying outside and the wind keeps wiggling it at the base, so I am preventing breakage. There is only washing for one and I have a very good delicate programme on my tumbler. Everything comes out in good condition and without static

Yesterday was a gentle day, as expected, it still feels very much like the sunday of old, which is what I wanted and mondays come with more get up and go, so the days change and are not monotonous through the week.

I am prepped to start on a big shin beef casserole this morning, for ready meals, ensuring I eat properly, first I need to go and buy a celery head. This afternoon is craft group

Have a good day

BlueSapphire Mon 20-Nov-23 06:43:18

Good morning everyone from a still dark Northampton, but sunny spells are forecast, and temperature rising to 11°C.

Yesterday went off really well at our Tapathon, a good turn-out of dancers and supporters. The actual dancing went off really well, but don't know yet whether we managed to beat the world record. After lovely refreshments we then had a team quiz, which I am pleased to say our team won! Our prize was a bag of Maltesers each. Was really ready for a quiet evening at home after all that.

Yoga this morning then after lunch I need to go into town to have a new battery fitted in my watch. It is running very slow - 6 hours - I have tried putting it right several times, but to no avail. Shall go to the jewellers where I bought it, as the first battery replacement is free of charge.

May Monday be kind to us all.

cornergran Mon 20-Nov-23 06:53:01

Morning Mick, morning All. Rain on the bedroom window although the forecast is for a dry day.

Quiet one yesterday, pleasant enough though. Still very tired as sleep is elusive. Annoying me now. Heading out this morning, it will keep me awake!

Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Alygran Mon 20-Nov-23 07:08:13

Good morning from North Yorkshire. There’s a tiny line of light across the horizon. Hopefully a dry morning for the walking group.
I had a lovely time yesterday with the lunch club. Just 5 of us but good food and company.
The gardener is coming this morning. His first job will be to take out 3 standard roses from the front garden. They were here when we bought the house 15 years ago but are now very poor despite all efforts to feed and prune. I’m not sure what will go in their place but will wait till spring.
Susan I hope you have a restful week.
Have a good day everyone.

Mizuna Mon 20-Nov-23 07:08:49

Good morning from a very mild, lightly rainy Cornwall. This morning coffee with a friend in our local department store where they're giving out £7 vouchers to pensioners. Before that I'll drop the completed cafètiere covers to my church. And then continue to wait for news about my knee replacement. Or not!

Pittcity Mon 20-Nov-23 07:10:29

Good morning from Colchester where a dry day is forecast.
Nothing on the agenda today. DD2 is sending over a list that she wants DH and I to go into physical shops and buy for Christmas gifts as they are not available online for delivery. She is finding being a one car family with children who don't like car journeys difficult and wonders how I coped before online shopping!!!
Love to all 🦩 x

fancythat Mon 20-Nov-23 07:14:48

Good morning. Been wet. Now windy, down South.
Feeling good. Been away for a few days.
Going to take it easy and ease my way back to normal.

kittylester Mon 20-Nov-23 07:22:44

Good morning all from North Leicestershire. I think we have rain in the forecast.

Singing at the hristmas Fair was well received but I think the carols were a bit early.

My brother starts his treatment for oesophagus cancer today - weekly chemo and daily radiotherapy for 6 weeks. He is being quite stoical at the moment.

Today, DH is going to the gym and then we are going to hit the shops.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 20-Nov-23 07:24:44

Morning all from West Oxfordshire.
I organised a click and collect slot at Waitrose for Christmas Eve! There’s barely anything in my order yet as I don’t know who’s coming. OH and I will try going to Oxford this morning - Ashmolean and lunch at Cote. I was too tired last week. I still have bits of WI admin to do and Christmas lists.
Have a good day everyone.

Georgesgran Mon 20-Nov-23 07:24:47

Good morning from Durham. A wet start, but expected to be better later.
Coffee with 2 friends this morning. I’m going a little earlier to buy a belated birthday gift from two of us to the other.
This afternoon, someone is coming to look at my oven and tumble dryer - I think both need new elements.
A bit of grocery shopping to fit in at some point too.
Best wishes to all. X

GrannyGravy13 Mon 20-Nov-23 07:30:43

Morning all, I have double booked myself this at 10.30 am the gym and a manicure. So I think it will be a manicure. Then I shall
drive up to Lakeside shopping centre to investigate the new M & S (coffee and cake may be?) and get the remaining Christmas gifts.

Have a good week folks 🦩🙋‍♀️

brook2704 Mon 20-Nov-23 07:34:18

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still dark but quite mild with rain forecast
A really good idea to take a week out and rest Susan we all need to look after ourselves and you always seem to do so much. A Happy Birthday to your DGD, pleased her party went well!
We’ve got DGS here just now so we’ll be doing the school run first thing. Then Zumba at the gym for me and home by lunchtime.
Your DD sounds a bit like mine Pittcity I’ve somehow become her personal shopper too 🤣
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Mon 20-Nov-23 07:36:02

Morning Mick and all from a wet S Hants. Top up your vitamins Grandmabatty a tough week ahead, well done to your daughter gMattie proud indeed.
Enjoy your recharging week Susan a good idea.
Voluntary phone today, I’ll nip out at lunchtime to the library and optician, my glasses need tightening.
Quiz tonight.
Have @ pleasant day if you can, thoughts with those struggling.

Gingster Mon 20-Nov-23 07:39:59

Good morning all and there’s a pretty pink sky here in Essex.

Yesterdays DS1’s 50th birthday afternoon went well with a tasty buffet and good company. 🎂🍹. All his in-laws as well as our family were there , so a noisy, jolly time was had by all. A happy day.,❤️.

Today after school delivery, I’m going to Chelmsford on the bus with my friend. It’s near her birthday so we’ll have lunch and do a bit of Christmas shopping. We do this each year and it’s become a regular thing.

We have the plumber coming to fix our downstairs toilet. It’s been leaking . He came about 3 weeks ago and ‘fixed’ it 😤. Now it’s noisy and smelly. We’ll probably have to renew the flooring.😤😤.

Take care everyone and keep well. 🍂🍁

Marydoll Mon 20-Nov-23 07:49:13

Good morning all from Glasgow, where it's 10°C.

Good to hear your bathroom is progressing GM. I cannot believe how long it is taking. You must be fed up with it all.
Ash, I hope the migraine settles. I used to have time of work,they were so debilitating, then they suddenly stopped. No idea why.

DH is golfing, so I shall enjoy the peace and quiet. Yesterday morning was extremely busy, I think I caught up with six week's parish business in a morning!
I was quite touched, when a young father gave me a hug to thank me for helping his family with a delicate problem. It did me the world of good, because I was beginning to feel very unappreciated by the PP and considering giving up my roles in the parish.
The PP was horrified and informed me he would rather have me than an assistant priest anyday!

The joy of our time with Dollie was a little spoiled, when we arrived to find the other grandparents there. The other granny, who never bothered with Dollie in the first years of her life, 😡 monopolised her the whole time, discussing all her plans for Dollie. She never sees it through and has let DIL down so many times. 😔
I thought I was very dignified and extremely polite, given I was seething inside! I admitted to being a little jealous and DD told me off!!!
We had bought Dollie a karaoke mic. DS and DIL were not amused, especially as Dollie is tone deaf. 😂

Susan, I hope you manage to recharge your batteries. Being a mum and grandmother is not an easy life. 💐
GMB, I don't know where you find the stamina. You need to take care of yourself.

I'm pretty wiped out today, so little will be done. I may flick a duster. 😉
Have a good day folks and I hope that those of you with nagging worries find some respite. 💐

Stilllearning Mon 20-Nov-23 07:52:46

Morning from dark South Lanarkshire. I still have the last 30 pages of my Book Club book to read before meeting at 10.15! So just a quick hello and best wishes for a good day to everyone.

Glad you’re looking after yourself Susan, a lot of people seem to be depending on you💐
Take care everyone x

RosesandLilac Mon 20-Nov-23 07:56:20

Good morning, it’s a damp Monday morning here on the edge of the Cotswolds.
A quiet week ahead so, weather permitting, I want to get the garden tidied up for winter. It seemed strange to still have my nigella, cerinthe and nemesia in flower. I saw a large bumblebee yesterday and the frogs are still in the pond.
I hope this week goes well for you all 🌹

Grandmachrisy47 Mon 20-Nov-23 08:06:24

Morning from a very wet Co Durham.
No school run today it Monday. No plans, quiet day I think.
DH went into the loft yesterday to get two unused suitcases that I am going to put on our local giveaway site. He decided to investigate the boxes up there. I can’t believe what he found. Board games from the 70’s and 80’s ,a large box of stuffed toys, a kettle and toaster, a futon and a brand new 4 wheeled, light weight suitcase still with the tags on!! I don’t even remember buying it 😀. Two other boxes were too heavy to be move so will wait till son in law can get them.
Hope everyone has as good a day as possible

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 20-Nov-23 08:15:45

Good morning from a birthday girl, my daughter and son in law are whisking me off to a garden centre to see all the lovely Christmas displays and eat lots of cake!
Have a good safe day every one x