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Just for fun, nothing explicit please.

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Whethertomorrow Mon 20-Nov-23 19:17:31

It’s a chilly grey day and my mind went wandering.

What is the sexiest thing you remember? I think mine would be when Clint Eastwood climbed into the tub fully clothed plus cowboy hat with Shirley MacLaine.

Like I said nothing explicit but blimey🤭.

What would your blimey moment be?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 20-Nov-23 19:33:33

Well, if that does it for you, fine. Each to their own. In my case it’s strictly private.

Whethertomorrow Mon 20-Nov-23 19:41:48

I’m not talking sex for private lives. I’m talking light hearted phew moments mostly in films or tv programmes that might have impressed you. Nothing sordid or intrusive. Just a light hearted appreciation of moments. I’m not sitting here getting juiced up on your thoughts. I just thought it might be nice to see what others found to be sexy. If I’ve completely and inadvertently posted something offensive then I whole heartedly apologise. I will try and get the post taken down and leave Gransnet. I am so sorry.

Iam64 Mon 20-Nov-23 19:56:43

I’m a grump like gsm. My best ever phew moments are private 💙

Litterpicker Mon 20-Nov-23 19:56:59

Mine is unoriginal, still Colin Firth’s Darcy, emerging from the lake in his wet shirt 🙂

Grandmabatty Mon 20-Nov-23 20:02:40

Daniel Craig stepping out of the water as James Bond. Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke. He was gorgeous

Shelflife Mon 20-Nov-23 20:05:55

Whethertommorrow, no need to apologize or have the post taken down, as for leaving GN - No need for that !

Grannmarie Mon 20-Nov-23 20:08:41

Alan Rickman dancing the tango with Sharleen Spiteri in the Texas video. Very passionate!

Grannmarie Mon 20-Nov-23 20:14:33

Sorry I can't do links but it's on YouTube, the song is In Demand.

AreWeThereYet Mon 20-Nov-23 20:19:21

I was going to say Brad Pitt in 'Thelma and Louise' maybe.

But I think watching Antonio Banderas dancing the tango is a phwor moment for me. I think the teens watching would agree with me 😄 Can't remember the name of the actual film though.

Link to the YouTube video (it's perfectly safe, for anyone who wants to watch it)

crazyH Mon 20-Nov-23 20:26:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

M0nica Mon 20-Nov-23 20:29:43

The film 'Far from the Madding Crowd.' 1967, not the recent one. As I remember nothing is shown of the successful seduction of the heroine, just a well below waist shot of her bare legs and arm bending down to pick up her underwear from the floor, with part of a bed in the background.

But that brief scene says everything about what has gone before in a way that explicit nudity and rolling around on a bed could never have done.

Smileless2012 Mon 20-Nov-23 20:29:53

That's mine too Litterpicker smile and anything with Antonio Banderos AreWeThereYet.

Nothing to apologise for Whethertomorrow.

eddiecat78 Mon 20-Nov-23 20:35:56

Butch Cassidy getting Etta Place to undo her bodice lacing.

M0nica Mon 20-Nov-23 20:39:21

An alternative is John Donne's poem 'To his mistress going to bed.'

Peter Whimsey quotes it to Harriet Vane on their honeymoon in 'Busman's Holiday'

merlotgran Mon 20-Nov-23 20:42:49

Poldark when he took Demelza to stay with Francis and Elizabeth and they were rather sneeringly asking if she could play an instrument and after a pause he said, ‘She sings…Demelza sings!’

Marydoll Mon 20-Nov-23 20:47:05


Sorry I can't do links but it's on YouTube, the song is In Demand.

Is this it?

MerylStreep Mon 20-Nov-23 21:11:37

Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway playing chess in The Thomas Crown Affair. 🥰

NanKate Mon 20-Nov-23 21:15:25

The Thorn Birds - I seem to remember Richard Chamberlain coming out of the sea towards some female (was her name Rachel ?) and then I go blank 😳 Can you remember that scene ?

Grandmadinosaur Mon 20-Nov-23 21:15:36

Oh yes Poldark for me too. Galloping along the Cornish cliffs on horseback. Phew indeed 🔥

AreWeThereYet Mon 20-Nov-23 21:16:24

Have to say I agree with you M0nica - all it takes is a look, or a word. Or sometimes a pair of broad shoulders in a white shirt.

On the subject of Alan Rickman, he does a very nice Colonel Brandon. Not exactly a phwoor moment, more a melting moment.

NotAGran55 Mon 20-Nov-23 21:30:34

George Michael, 1988 on the Faith Tour. OMG. 🔥

Grannmarie Mon 20-Nov-23 21:32:25

That's it, Marydoll, thank you!🥰

Grannybags Mon 20-Nov-23 21:35:45

Anything with Sean Bean is fine with me! ❤️

Aveline Mon 20-Nov-23 21:38:34

Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.