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Good Morning Wednesday 29th November 2023

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Michael12 Wed 29-Nov-23 05:47:42

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but cold and dry morning here in brackley .
Todays plans , usual bus trip to Bicester and hopefully the opportunity to chat to those I have not seen for a few days .
Maybe get another Xmas gift out of the way plus start on the Xmas cards .
Take Care,

Georgesgran Wed 29-Nov-23 08:18:41

Good morning from a very cold Durham, where these’s a sprinkling of snow outside - we have a weather warning for it.
I’m babysitting DGS2 from noon today, so not doing too much between now and then.
Best wishes to all. X

keepcalmandcavachon Wed 29-Nov-23 08:19:21

Good morning all, brrrr its cold outside! Enjoy your lovely new bathroom grandMattie. Phew what a fab experience RosiesMaw, I bet you are still buzzing!
Hope every one who's poorly feels well soon, try and stay cosy chums x

luluaugust Wed 29-Nov-23 08:20:13

Good morning from W Kent where it is 1 degree. I am going into the town today to get my turkey crown and a few other bits and then I will sort out what I haven’t got in the way of presents.
Corner and Marydoll Hope you feel a bit better as the day goes on
fancythat good luck with the appointment
Best wishes to all

glammagran Wed 29-Nov-23 08:25:00

Good morning all.

Last weeks’s demonic child was far more amenable yesterday. We went to Avebury where they have done out the house with a 12 days of Christmas theme. At 2, he seemed quite interested in being in a very old property.

BlueSapphire I think the home in Goatacre is where DD2’s fiancé’s Gran was in 2021 but for only for around 4 months - she was 97. She’d moved from Hartlepool to be nearer her family a year earlier.

DH is still battling his viral Illness and still lost his voice but could taste his birthday lobster spaghetti. We were in bed by 9:30. Had to cancel his MRI which he was supposed to be having today.

Visit to the Red Cross charity shop to drop off some items today.

Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Wed 29-Nov-23 08:34:48

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a veeery cold South Yorkshire. A hard frost last night and looking very wintery this morning. The heating is struggling to get anywhere near up to temperature. Writers group at the library this afternoon, and then an eye test after that. I also need to look in M&S for a jar of their lovely mincemeat and something to wear to a seasonal lunch next week.
Have the best day you can folks.

NannyJan53 Wed 29-Nov-23 08:36:17

Good morning from a chilly Black Country, but with bright blue skies.

It was the same yesterday, but bitterly cold.

Have to pop over to Mums today, as someone is coming from her private hearing aid company for a yearly check up. Waiting also for a confirmation of a Dementia diagnosis which was given last week. But as it was a Nurse, he had to consult with a Doctor first. Will ring me this week.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

Grandmabatty Wed 29-Nov-23 08:36:43

Glammagran I'm glad you had a better day yesterday with your dgs. When they are good, they are very very good, but...😂

Bella23 Wed 29-Nov-23 08:44:35

Good morning from a very cold Eden hard frost but luckily no snow Yet!
We've finally recovered from our weekend visitors, a little one in the house is so different to GC who are nearly teenagers. Luckily they adopted DH instead of me and he is exhausted and has a cashmere jumper covered in soot giving fire-lighting lessons, the tot got off scot-free. Now I have to do the cleanup without shrinkage.
Made a pudding and nibbles for Christmas yesterday,today DH is taking to the hills so I'll try to make myself make mince pies and get them Frozen before they disappear
Happy shopping and preparing we all seem to be doing it so early this year.

Mizuna Wed 29-Nov-23 08:47:04

'Mizuna when we were at Gatwick yesterday we saw a lady walking through with her Dry Robe on as her coat.'

Yes brook a lot of people wear them as coats here.

karmalady Wed 29-Nov-23 08:50:04

Good morning from s somerset, cold and dull today

I have already emptied the ashpan, easy peasy as it is on the garden now, I like to do this when there is no wind, which is often early in the day. One warm top is finished for one DD and it looks designer good, second one started but I had to clean the machines first. Very diffiult thick fabric plus zip it has broken 3 needles so far

Pottering today with sewing built-in, I have a mackerel out de-frosting, so that is lunch sorted. I am taking part in the energy saving octoplus challenge at 5. I am not saving much as I don`t normally use much after 5. I got 43p for the last one of an hour. This one is 90 minutes. I shall light the fire, keep the light and tv on so it isn`t onerous, just a mindful thing. I know it isn`t much but I like to do my bit

Have a good day

GrannySomerset Wed 29-Nov-23 08:51:07

Hard frost this morning but nevertheless must face the day. Need to finish my flock of (three) sheep and my book for tomorrow. May sing this afternoon but not much voice so probably not in fairness to everyone else in case I am infectious.

Hope Corner and Marydoll feel better as the day goes on.

Alygran Wed 29-Nov-23 08:52:25

Good morning from cold and frosty North Yorkshire.
I had a great time yesterday building my wreath then doing a glass ornament in the evening. I won’t get the latter until it has been fired. It was weird not being able to see the end product!
Today I have a surveyor calling to measure up for a new front door then I’ll be taking my neighbour to see her husband either in hospital or in the convalescent home if he has moved in time. Out quizzing tonight in aid of the Air Ambulance.
Hope everyone has a good day.

EkwaNimitee Wed 29-Nov-23 08:56:19

Good morning Mick and everyone from sunny Carlisle where it was -4°C at dawn with a beautiful, nearly full moon.
I slept in a bit, probably making up for waking excessively early yesterday.
I am hoping the heavy frost on my car will go by late morning as I'm off to Newcastle, by train though, the car will just take me to the station. I'm wishing I'd made my appointment before lunch as I'll be driving home in the dark which I'm not keen on doing usually.
I'll get a bit of housework out of the way first but now to check whether the train is running....fortunately they are generally about every half hour.

Have a good day, all.

harrigran Wed 29-Nov-23 08:57:44

Good morning from the NE where we have snow, there was a good covering when I went to bed and more overnight.
SIL is coming to take me shopping, not looking forward to getting chilled.
Had a phone call from the bank's complaint department yesterday afternoon. They have eventually opened my ISA after six months and offered me compensation. Thankfully I will never have to experience that again, it was the inherited PSA from DH. Two years after his death I was still having to deal with financial establishments who didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing.
DD is safely back in Brussels after her long weekend here, she will be back 16th December until the new year.
Have a good day and keep warm.

monk08 Wed 29-Nov-23 08:57:55

Good morning all from a chilly Black country although the sun is shining.
We had our first Christmas card yesterday, I really must sort mine out and see if I need to buy any more I usually write and send once fishing presentation out of the way.
A few phone calls to make to catch up with friends other than that no plans for the day.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever your plans and may you all find some ☀️

Jaxjacky Wed 29-Nov-23 09:10:31

Beautiful wreath Alygran.

Blossoming Wed 29-Nov-23 09:11:20

Good morning Mick and all from sunny Lancashire, currently -3°C.

It’s frosty and the pond is frozen. The thermal vest will definitely be going on. We are planning a trip to a farm shop later

Have the best day you can all🌹

Sar53 Wed 29-Nov-23 09:20:24

Good morning from a cold and frosty Essex coast.

Yesterday we went to Lakeside, mainly to have a look in the new M&S. I was very underwhelmed by it. I much prefer the large one at Bluewater where I am going on Monday with DD2.

DH has gone to his boat, well wrapped up. I think lots of coffee will be drunk probably with a dash of brandy in it.

I have Christmas presents to wrap, admin to attend to and maybe a little dusting if I can conjure up some enthusiasm for it.

Enjoy your day everyone and keep warm xxx

Gingster Wed 29-Nov-23 09:20:28

Good morning all 🥶.
Sorry to hear of your heating problems Liberty. I hope it gets sorted asap! 🤞.
Your flat sounds perfect now GM . Home sweet home! 💐.
How annoying GG about your cleaning fairies. Perhaps they have the dreaded winter bugs.
Have an easy day Marydoll. Youve been busy of late.

Today Dh might go fishing but it’s too cold really. I will go to Mass and then my two friends will pick me up for a charity Soup and mince pie lunch. Our elderly Bridge friend organises these lunches a few times during the year. She’s 91 and a force to be reckoned with. Last month received the MBE for charity work. Amazing lady. ❤️.

Keep well and cosy everyone.

aggie Wed 29-Nov-23 09:29:37

Good morning from a foggy Co Armagh, it’s 2 deg at the moment
Yesterday went well , Dentist doesn’t need to see me for a year , £25 well spent
Off to club now , then out for lunch with my Daughter,
Glad to see some happy people , and thinking of others 💐🕯️

Urmstongran Wed 29-Nov-23 09:32:57

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. It’s misty and frosty here. We’ve not been awake long! Both enjoying TIB at present. I plan to write the Christmas cards today and get the ones off to Spain and Australia.

Here’s Matt.

Taichinan Wed 29-Nov-23 09:34:56

Good morning all. I just fumbled and lost my post - entirely my own silly fault! I was paying too much attention to the birds on the bird table tussling over the last of the suet balls. I must go and exchange my cosy hoodie for some warm clothes and get out there on replenishing duty.
It's really cold here today because the wind is coming straight down from the North Pole. This little house is well hunkered down in the landscape, but nothing escapes that north wind! No sign of snow on the hills yet though, and there has usually been some by this time of year.
Yesterday was a good day - the tai chi class went well, the fish shop was well-stocked and I had a coffee with a friend. What more could a body ask for
Today holds I know not what - but nothing if I don't move myself!
Have a good day everyone, and I hope the poorly and those heavy in heart have a better day today flowersx

Urmstongran Wed 29-Nov-23 09:43:18

I’ve been reading your posts daily, all human life is encapsulated in them.

Isn’t it just? Grandmachrisy. I think that’s why it’s such a popular thread over the years. We’ve gotten to ‘know’ one another because we share small snippets of our lives on this regular basis.

Long may we continue - and any readers who’d like to become newbies here are always warmly welcomed.

BlueSapphire Wed 29-Nov-23 09:43:43

Good morning everyone from a sunny and frosty Northampton; 0°C outside, and forecast to stay round about there all day. I kept the heating on low all night, and I think I will change to the winter duvet next time I change the bed.

Buses packed both ways yesterday on my outing to Milton Keynes; had to stand for the first part of the journey - no-one offered me a seat!
Got a lovely dressing gown in John Lewis for elder DGD, the Next one will be returned on Friday. I did have a look round other shops, but nothing compared anywhere near the JL one.
Had a nice lunch in Ask, then ventured down to M&S. Looked at the slippers but wasn't taken with any of them. Also tried on some black jeans, but even the short ones were too long for me! And wrinkly round the legs! All I bought were some sweets, my favourite wine gums.

Book club this afternoon, last meeting before Christmas, so I have got a dozen mince pies out of the freezer to take, plus a bottle of fizz. We shall be discussing Kate Atkinson's Shrines of Gaiety, which I very much enjoyed.

Wrap up warm if you're going out today, otherwise stay in the warm and snuggle!

Kalu Wed 29-Nov-23 09:47:05

Good morning all from a heavy frost covered but otherwise, sunny Glasgow.

Only outing today is to have my bloods done, still trying to get my BP down to a better reading.
I bought a heart shaped helium balloon yesterday which I have put in DH’s room to see when he wakens. It’s our 49th wedding anniversary and we are happy we can share it together.
Not much else going on today and thankfully no shopping to do as I noticed the Christmas shopping frenzy has begun.

Enjoy time with your family Brook. DD1 wears a Dry Robe for dog walking.
Feel better soon Marydoll. A lurgy is the last thing you need.

Best wishes to all for a pleasant day and kind thoughts to those with worries.