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Good Morning Wednesday 29th November 2023

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Michael12 Wed 29-Nov-23 05:47:42

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but cold and dry morning here in brackley .
Todays plans , usual bus trip to Bicester and hopefully the opportunity to chat to those I have not seen for a few days .
Maybe get another Xmas gift out of the way plus start on the Xmas cards .
Take Care,

RosesandLilac Wed 29-Nov-23 05:54:14

Good morning, it’s a frosty start here on the edge of the Cotswolds.
Today I need to sort out warm clothes for our break in Wales next week, it promises to be cold with possibly sleet 🙄
I need to make sure that the house is tidy before we go too, and write a list of what to take.
I have warm clothes for waking, hopefully will be well prepared!
I have a manicure booked this afternoon, an hour of pampering 😊

grandMattie Wed 29-Nov-23 06:05:16

Good morning from Bristol.
Two loads of washing done, one in tumble dryer, to make use of cheap electricity.
The work is all done now. Just the dark plywood doors to be painted white; that treat is for next week. The whole thing looks wonderful, fresh clean and spacious. Several people have commented about my moving the loo from opposite the door to a corner, in this case next to the shower cubicle.
All the disruption, mess and noise were worth it; the pain of payment will soon disappear! I am very happy with the quality of work and materials.
I spent yesterday making little patchwork sailing boats, I now need to make the squares in between, then do all the boring assembly.
An empty today. I might go to the library. I’ve got to make what the family called a “mince pie tart” for DD’s PCC meeting tomorrow night. I’m child minding while both parents are out.
Oh! And Spanish homework to do…
Have a quiet day. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 29-Nov-23 06:11:02

Morning all from a cool West Oxfordshire. Obviously I’m still in bed - the heating hasn’t even come on yet.
Present wrapping today. I want to send Christmas presents to my Australian relatives before Friday.
All being well I am having a much delayed hair appointment this afternoon. I also need to arrange an appointment to have my roots done.
Tonight I’ll be listening to a talk about Aldwych in London. These are one hour online talks on Zoom arranged by the WI. They cost £5 and I think are very good value.
Have a good day, especially those with difficulties and worries.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 29-Nov-23 06:12:47

Well done GM on that bathroom!

Mizuna Wed 29-Nov-23 06:14:28

Good morning from a dry, mild Cornwall where the moon is beaming. Last night the Christmas lights strung through the trees outside my window were being tested; lots of twinkling. Switch on tomorrow. I've been compiling my own carols playlist on Amazon since 5am.

Will venture out to my patio in a minute wearing my Dry Robe. Today a hospital trip to get my brace mended so I can hopefully walk faster. By that I mean faster as in less of a hobble. 😆 My 14-year-old grandson was apparently 'dragged' 😁 to a careers evening at his school yesterday. He'll become an animator without a doubt so doesn't see the point in being told about anything else.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 29-Nov-23 06:23:55

Good morning, let’s hope it will be a sunny day in Oxfordshire, too dark to see yet.
Wrapping a few Christmas gifts today to take down to MrOops family tomorrow, together with a very large and heavy Christmas gift for our 2yr old great niece, I doubt they will be able to hide it in their tiny house, so it should be interesting. I doubt we will get together before Christmas so gifts and cards will be taken down.
I didn’t get around to sweeping up the leaves yesterday, so I’ll have a bash at it today.
Hope everyone has a good day, best wishes to those who aren’t feeling quite so chipper.

RosiesMaw Wed 29-Nov-23 06:32:03

Good morning all from N Bucks where it is cold 🥶🥶🥶!
Letting Rosie out a few minutes ago the garden looked white, but I think that is because of a hard frost not snow. Not that I ventured out to check!
I had the best day yesterday at the ROH, it was described as a “general (dress) rehearsal” and the audience were all by invitation by the cast and the creative team with orchestra stalls seats. So there was a sort of feeling of camaraderie as soon as we got in. I found myself having an interesting chat with the Mum of one of the singers in the chorus who had just joined the ROH in September.
The music was out of this world of course and the performances unforgettable. Cavalliera Rusticana first, a 30 minute interval for a much needed coffee then a powerful Pagliacci.
Blown away!
Trains and taxis didn’t let me down and I was home by six.
This morning I have my regular 2 hour Zoom group (Opera Plus), and we are watching and listening to Verdi’s Falstaff, with a talk by a well known musical director. Then coffee with a close friend who is hard to pin down these days as she is very busy with her 97 year old father who has defied expectations and made it home after a couple of weeks in hospital. He lives 3 miles away and, fiercely independent, is managing with carers 4 times a day, plus my friend and her sister. Amazing that he has if not exactly “bounced back” but still more or less recovered to how he was before his fall etc

I hope all those who are poorly are beginning to feel better and wish you all a pleasant day.

Susan56 Wed 29-Nov-23 06:35:33

Good morning from Shropshire.A dry and sunny day forecast.

Laundry to catch up with after our couple of days away.We have some gifts to order online and we may or may not make a start on writing the Christmas cards.

I hope corner and Mr corner are starting to feel better.

Have the best day you can everyone🌺🦩

Ashcombe Wed 29-Nov-23 06:37:45

Good morning from a cold and cloudy Torbay.

Another night where I couldn’t sleep until the early hours. Unusual for me. It’s lucky I can start today slowly.

Locally, our Christmas lights are looking splendid; the shopkeepers have really excelled themselves and have some stunning window displays, too. It lifts spirits to see on these chilly days.

Happy hump day! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Grandmachrisy47 Wed 29-Nov-23 07:07:00

Good morning from a dark and cold Co Durham. There is a very hard frost today.
Finally feeling more stable after 4 days of vertigo. Should manage walk to school today. Yesterday grandad had to take her in the car, which she loved, wants to do it every day. It’s a 5 minute walk !
The printed Christmas cards arrived yesterday and I’m delighted with them.
We had a new bathroom installed in 2019, I wish we’d put in a large walk in shower instead of a bath. I’m suffering bathroom envy, grandMattie.
I’ve been reading your posts daily, all human life is encapsulated in them.

Beechnut Wed 29-Nov-23 07:16:50

Good morning everyone from Severnside. A cold start.
The car is frosty and I have an appointment first thing. I’m also getting my hair cut and have an errand to run. My friend is dropping by this afternoon and after that the day is mine.

Haven’t read anything morning newsyetsowill go back and do that.
Have a good day all ❄️🌺

brook2704 Wed 29-Nov-23 07:20:55

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s just getting light and looks quite frosty
Your day yesterday sounded so lovely Rosies what a wonderful experience
We arrived here safely yesterday evening after a trouble free journey with no delays and Sil picked us up from the station. Today is DGS 9th Birthday, I’d ordered his present online and had it delivered straight here but hidden away so I wrapped it up late last night and he’ll have it very soon. I’m just waiting excitedly for everyone to wake up …
Mizuna when we were at Gatwick yesterday we saw a lady walking through with her Dry Robe on as her coat. Saves packing it I suppose! Hope you get sorted out ok at the hospital today
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

kittylester Wed 29-Nov-23 07:21:00

Good morning all. North Leicestershire is freezing so we have boosted the heating!!

Our cleaners come on Wednesday at 9 am and DH and I are both going out so we need to get cracking.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Grandmabatty Wed 29-Nov-23 07:21:59

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently -2° and frosty. It snowed in the night but just disappeared. Ash commiserations. Hopefully you'll reset your sleep pattern soon.
Yesterday was a good day with dgs2. His new words for yesterday were van, book and jumper. He was very proud of himself. My neighbour popped over to admire my new wrong front door and bring me the last of her garden potatoes. Her and her husband are absolutely lovely.
Today I'm meeting a group of friends for lunch. We haven't met up as a group since September so it's long overdue. Then I'll visit mum. I'll have a bowl of lentil soup at night. Have a good day all

Jaxjacky Wed 29-Nov-23 07:30:47

Morning from a cold S Hants, but no frost. MrJ’s car was taken away yesterday for a new alternator to be fitted, he’s using my car for work, I miss it.
Ham hock in the slow cooker later, it’ll make good stock and we’ll eat the meat for dinner.
Domestic duties call today.
I’m glad you’re so pleased gMattie now you can enjoy your new hall and bathroom.
Have a pleasant day all.

Pittcity Wed 29-Nov-23 07:35:31

Good morning from a below freezing Colchester. Everything is white with frost and the full moon is still high and shining bright in the daylight sky. Today's high temperature is 2°.
I'll wrap up for the short walk to Wednesday morning coffee meetup. This walk avoids the park. Yesterday I had to take a longer route through the park as they were setting up the Christmas light trail. This will be visible in the night sky from home for the next few weeks. Neighbours have a outdoor display lit up already.
Love to all 🦩 x

ginny Wed 29-Nov-23 07:40:14

Good morning.
An early start to clear the frost from my car screen and then off to an appointment with the hip surgeon. He just wants to check on the bruising I had. It has gone down significantly now so this will hopefully be the last appointment.
DGS coming for an hour or so later and then I’ll be off to craft club.
WI committee this evening.
A good day wished for all. Take care and keep warm.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 29-Nov-23 07:44:54

Good morning from a cold South Downs. I’m still in bed as the dog is snoring so I will drink my tea before starting the day.

Yesterday a man from the conservatory company came to measure up for a new roof pane, as water has got in between the double glazing on one of the panes. Not surprising given all the torrential rain we’ve had and the conservatory is 25 years old and still in excellent condition, so can’t complain.

Waiting for an engineer to fit a new heater in my washing machine this morning. It is probably coming to the end of its useful life so I must start deciding on what to replace it with. I am a member of which, and find their reviews pretty accurate and useful.

Also buy the stamps for the Christmas cards today. I finished writing them yesterday. Then turn my attention to presents. Just looked at the calendar, and December is beginning to fill up so must keep up. I usually buy my two children an advent present - usually a special decoration, so must start with that.

Vegetarian enchiladas today with apple crumble and custard.

Peace and harmony to all

cornergran Wed 29-Nov-23 07:47:21

Morning Mick, morning All. Feels chilly but I’ve not looked out to see what our corner of Somerset has in store.

Nothing to report really other than the good news that Mr C is much, much better. Me? Think I’m stuck in reverse. Had the worst day yesterday since covid joined us. Oh well, patience woman!

Have the best day you can everyone.

Marydoll Wed 29-Nov-23 07:53:41

Good morning all from Glasgow, where it is -5°C. 🥶

I woke up feeling very unwell during the night, so a gentle day for me. DH of course was oblivious, despite the fact I think he gas passed his lurgy on to me! .

Best wishes to all the poorlies and enjoy your time with your family, brook.
Have a good day folks, whatever your plans.

Liberty Wed 29-Nov-23 07:54:28

Good morning from a bitterly cold Suffolk where we are still limiting the times the heating is on because of our oil tank problem. Advised by the man who services our boiler,DH contacted a company in Norfolk who deal in tanks and he has to measure the tank and base for further discussion today….sounds hopeful as they haven’t said they are too busy to do replace it.

Off to keep fit soon and then a parcel to collect before I think about whether to do the ironing or spend the afternoon reading. Perhaps I could do both and feel virtuous.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Nov-23 08:03:08

Morning all from a very cold and frosty S E Essex.

Gym first thing then a trip to local retail park with DD.

kittylester I have cleaner envy, mine have disappeared, not returning my text’s and phone calls. I am extremely miffed after 10+ years to be dropped 😡

Have a good day everyone 🙋‍♀️🦩

fancythat Wed 29-Nov-23 08:03:42

Good morning from another non descript day down South.
Have a doctors appointment this morning. Hopefully shouldnt be anything serious. Have had the problem for 18 months.Two weeks to the day and minute I asked for the appointment. I knew I would be bottom of the pile!

Gala Wed 29-Nov-23 08:07:18

Good morning from a frosty Sefton. Very chilly here. 🥶
A busy day today. Zoom exercise class first thing followed by Pilates in a nearby town. A quick lunch, catch our breath then off to pickup GD1 from nursery. That's a supposedly 20 minute journey across the city that can take up to 45 minutes. We'll entertain her for a couple of hours - or rather she entertains us - & we'll stay for tea. Return home & collapse.
Take care out there.