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Good Morning Wednesday 29th November 2023

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Michael12 Wed 29-Nov-23 05:47:42

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark but cold and dry morning here in brackley .
Todays plans , usual bus trip to Bicester and hopefully the opportunity to chat to those I have not seen for a few days .
Maybe get another Xmas gift out of the way plus start on the Xmas cards .
Take Care,

LauraNorderr Wed 29-Nov-23 09:56:20

Good morning one and all from a frosty West Cheshire.
Brrr, I feel your pain Liberty, hope that tank gets sorted and you can defrost yourself.
Christmas light trail sounds lovely Pittcity, that should make your walk enjoyable throughout December.
Hope you feel better soon Cornergran, you’ve been through the mill lately.
Enjoy your holiday Roses.
Lovely wreath Alygran.
Matt never fails to hit the nail on the head does he Urms.
Have a good day everyone

LauraNorderr Wed 29-Nov-23 09:59:21

Oh Maw, what a wonderful day out. I’m green with envy.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Nov-23 10:07:45

Sar53 o totally agree with you regarding the new M & S in Lakeside, I found it very dark and claustrophobic compared to where it was previously sited.

Another coincidence I am due to go to Bluewater with DS and D in L (the ones that live near you) on Monday, happy shopping 🛍️

Grandmachrisy47 Wed 29-Nov-23 10:08:40

Congratulations Kalu.
harrigran, each time I see you and georgesgran posting I wonder where in Durham you both are 😀. I think you live in the far north ( possibly near the town that used to be red), georgesgran in the centre, as for me, I’m in the far south.

Grandmabatty Wed 29-Nov-23 10:18:58

Happy anniversary to you both Kalu

LauraNorderr Wed 29-Nov-23 10:28:43

Happy 49th wedding anniversary kalu ❤️

Auntieflo Wed 29-Nov-23 11:01:54

Good morning Mick, Annie and all. It is cold,,,but our lovely cleaner is here working her magic. The window cleaner has also been, and I have booked him to come next week to clean the gutters, fascias and soffits?
Happy Anniversary Mr &MrsKalu 💐🎂🍾
Marydoll hope you soon feel better. Keep warm and rest.
Lovely to see some pictures of your brand new bathroom GrandMattie, nearly all finished now, enjoy!
Our trusty washing machine broke down on Monday, just after I had stripped the beds and put all the bedding in for a wash. The water came in, it turned a couple of times, then the under wall cupboard lights went out, and the machine stopped. DH went into the garage and reset the fuse; start machine again, and off went the lights again. Well, the plug for the W/M is down at the bottom of the cupboard, difficult for both of us to get to. So DH collected the kneeling stool from the shed and we managed to check the plug fuse. That was OK, so it was the machine. Called a recommended repair chap, he reckons it is the heater element, so will order one, and try and come before the end of the week. We bought the Miele W/M in 2006, and I think this is the first time we have ever had to repair it, so it doesn't owe us anything. But, Oh how you miss it when it's not working! Luckily we have a serviced Launderette, not too far away, so got the soggy washing washed, dried and now put away.
DH has just made a coffee, and we will probably be off out shortly.
Have a good day one and all.

grandMattie Wed 29-Nov-23 11:08:21


^I’ve been reading your posts daily, all human life is encapsulated in them.^

Isn’t it just? Grandmachrisy. I think that’s why it’s such a popular thread over the years. We’ve gotten to ‘know’ one another because we share small snippets of our lives on this regular basis.

Long may we continue - and any readers who’d like to become newbies here are always warmly welcomed.

So right, Urms.
But you’ve stopped asking newbies how much their house cost! I remember being puzzled and a little outraged that you should ask such “personal” details. Being rather naive, I didn’t see the joke! 😂

Beechnut Wed 29-Nov-23 11:23:55

Happy wedding anniversary Mr&MrsKalu 🎉🥂

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 29-Nov-23 11:24:58

Happy anniversary to you both Kalu, 💐💐

I’ve just picked up 2 brown bins full of wet walnut leaves, I’m pooped, the bins are rammed and I still have plenty to pick up.

The Christmas gift is strapped into the car for tomorrow, just the gifts to wrap.

the sun is shining, MrOops has made me a milky coffee with biscuits and I have a new book to read……so all is good.

Have a good rest of the day folks.

monk08 Wed 29-Nov-23 11:29:26

Best wishes on your Anniversary to you both Kalu 🥂🎉💐

Jaxjacky Wed 29-Nov-23 11:43:02

Happy Anniversary Kalus 🥂🎉

Marydoll Wed 29-Nov-23 11:59:46

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kalu. A poignant day for you. X

Greyduster Wed 29-Nov-23 12:42:04

Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Kalu!🥂💐. Have a wonderful day!

brook2704 Wed 29-Nov-23 13:44:36

A very Happy Anniversary Mr&Mrs Kalu enjoy your day together x ❤️💐🥂 x

GrannyGravy13 Wed 29-Nov-23 14:07:00

Very happy anniversary to the Kalus 🥂🎉

hulahoop Wed 29-Nov-23 15:29:38

Happy Anniversary Kalu.