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Oliver Dowden advises us to "stock up" but is anyone listening?

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Margs Tue 05-Dec-23 12:57:07

It may well be sage, commonsense advice but after the "advice" shambles during Covid I'm afraid anything a government minister says these days just makes me roll my eyes. OK, mini-rant over. Thank you.

henetha Thu 07-Dec-23 23:41:43

I'm out in the sticks a bit and we get odd power cuts so I've got plenty of candles, matches, a gas camping stove, batteries, tinned food, long life milk etc. And some (not a lot) cash in the house in case of cyber attacks on banks
I'm a bit paranoid.

4allweknow Fri 08-Dec-23 00:43:26

Has a war been declared?

Fethiye53 Fri 08-Dec-23 05:14:20

Dead cat tactics by Dowden to divert from whats really going on in government.