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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk.

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soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:21:42

Welcome, dear Kitcheners. Enjoy the new kitchen and, once again, thank you all for helping to make it a very special place.

flowers brew wine cupcake cafe and a huge group hug.

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Dec-23 10:50:06

Very good news SueDonim.

annsixty Fri 08-Dec-23 11:10:34

Good morning from a milder but dreary Stockport.
Great news for your family SueD.

By coincidence and not something that I normally think about any more, it is 24 years ago today since I received my cancer diagnosis.
Things moved rapidly in those halcyon days of the NHS.
I had my operation one week later and was out of hospital on the 22nd just in time for Christmas.
I had a GD aged 12 months, a GS 4 months and thanks to swift diagnosis and treatment I have had 4 more GC since.
I count my blessing many times.

To more cheerful news I love the new kitchen and envy the AGA, it keeps everything so toasty and of course being virtual the bills are virtual too so it can be operational 24 hours a day, how wonderful.

I hope you all have the best day you can and that cards will be written, mine just need posting.

Grandmachrisy47 Fri 08-Dec-23 12:02:29

I second annsixty about the NHS. It’s coming up to the 21st anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Operation two week after diagnosis , six months of chemo and radio therapy. Still going strong.
Have a good everyone.

Charleygirl5 Fri 08-Dec-23 12:19:02

Words fail me (I know, not often!). The house next door is permanently rented, Christmas came early and the last lot of horrors have moved out and the landlord is tarting it up and also doing a lot of work outside. The rear gardens are 45 foot long (Londion!) and he has just erected the equivalent of an aircraft hangar we would call a shed but this one has double glazed windows. Even the builder said he had too much money.

Bellanonna Fri 08-Dec-23 12:24:06

A lovely, cheerful and positive post Annsixty. Grandmachrisy, good news from you too. We do (or did) have a lot to be thankful for. When my husband was diagnosed 40 years ago our lovely GP came round to our house to give us the news. DH was in hospital and having a kidney removed a week later.
This year I’ve had my ophthalmology appt cancelled 3 times.
Two separate letters arrived cancelling the last one and I’ve had a further two letters giving me the new date in January. A wait of 8 months.

Yiayia4 Fri 08-Dec-23 14:46:27

Hello new kitchen.Leek and potato soup and apple strudel, help yourselves.
Great news SueD,so pleased for you all.

Hope all goes well with your DD,Baggs.

Having a quiet day.We had friends for supper last night and DS2 and fiancée for the weekend.It will be hectic.!!

Thank you for a lovely kitchen Soop, so cosy.
Have a good evening all.

soop Fri 08-Dec-23 15:19:36

Wow! You lovely lot spread heart warming greetings, together with a multitude of treats just by being here in the kitchen. You are wonderful.

A warm welcome back to a number of our good friends who were regulars in the earlier kitchens. How many years have we been gathering and enjoying each others companionship?

Baggs My very best wishes are winging their way to your lovely, dear daughter. flowers
Mini B's list is thought provoking. I possibly fall into the "cold hands" (and feet) category.

SueDonim I agree, if we could gift good health to our loved ones, we most surely would. Health is true wealth.

We await confirmation of a forthcoming date when youngest son and his darling partner of five plus years, will tie the knot. Not in church. A simple civil ceremony with close family in attendance. Naturally, I shall need a suitable outfit. I have to be clever with jackets as there is a vast hernia to disguise. No matter, I shall not be deterred.

Grandmabatty Fri 08-Dec-23 16:30:57

Good afternoon kitcheners. Soop a forthcoming wedding will be delightful. Annsixty and Grandnachrisy the NHS is indeed wonderful most of the time.
A busy day for me. A haircut early doors where I was given a freebie by my lovely hairdresser as a Christmas present. Then I whirled round some shops to do Christmas shopping. Then I arrived home at the same time as dd and dgs2 who came for coffee. After that, I had a meeting with mum's social worker then I saw mum. She was very agitated today about Christmas presents. I had to do a lot of reassuring. This afternoon I have vegetated before I go out shortly for my covid and flu jag. Chicken and chips on my return. Have a good evening Kitcheners

gillgran Fri 08-Dec-23 16:50:27

Thank you, soop, a lovely, warm & friendly new kitchen. & full of delicious goodies, along with all the kindness we recognise from kitchens past.
I'll claim a comfy chair in the corner, as usual, so I can watch you all come in. (Granny in the corner!! smile)

Lots of great posts, I send warm thoughts for you all.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 08-Dec-23 17:00:24

Hello kitchen people. I could do with a seat in front of the Aga.
Well, I have wrapped all the Christmas presents! There are a few over but they can be used for birthday presents next year. I also wrote all the cards. I still have a letter to write for some of them. This weekend will be a cooking for Christmas weekend. This means I will not have time to cook our Sunday lunch, so I’ve booked a table at a highly recommended place where we’ve never been before.
Have a good evening, especially those with worries.

Blossoming Fri 08-Dec-23 17:51:04

Evening all. I haven’t been out today as had quite a lot to do at home. When I finished the chores I used the foot spa and relaxed for a while then did balance exercises. I have ordered a few Christmas treats from Kennedy’s for MrB and I to be delivered next Saturday. Then I just have to hide them until Christmas 😂. Baked potatoes with pork casserole for dinner tonight and a few YouTube channels to watch later.
Have a lovely evening all xx

brook2704 Fri 08-Dec-23 18:08:34

Hi kitchen pals, just into the kitchen now for a warm by the fire.
I’ve had a really lovely day today, dropped DGS off at school after first finding his shoes (he’d come straight here last night in his football boots 🤦‍♀️) went to the gym and met my pal for coffee. This afternoon I’ve been busy clearing the wardrobe and moving things out of the way as we’ve got the new en-suite bathroom being fitted next week and I’m sure there will be lots of dust. I’ve done a bit more online shopping and also pottered in the garden for half an hour. DD2 called me for a chat which was a nice surprise too
Such a lovely post annsixty and yours too grandmachristy 💐
Sounds like you’ve found a generous hairdresser there grandmabatty, hope you’re feeling ok after your jags
Wonder what they’ll use it for charley?
As it’s Friday we’ll be opening the wine soon with Thai chicken curry to enjoy too
Have a lovely evening all

Thorntrees Fri 08-Dec-23 18:13:25

Hi all.
Always read this lovely thread but seldom if ever post.
Some of the posts though this evening reminded me how much I have to be thankful for.
It’s 18 years almost to the day since I was diagnosed with blood cancer, treatment started right away- 7 months of chemo.It was harsh but worked. Two years ago I had an adrenal tumour removed,thankfully benign and just 3 weeks ago I was fitted with a pacemaker.
I am so grateful to the NHS and sad that it is struggling so much at the moment,so many overworked staff who are dedicated to helping all who need their care.
Hope no one minds me adding this post and wish everyone a pleasant evening.

Urmstongran Fri 08-Dec-23 18:27:48

‘Evening All’.

I’ve elbowed Dixon out of the way for tonight and am posting a lovely pic I took of our cocktails on holiday in Málaga last year instead. Seems an appropriate introduction to my appearance in this new kitchen. A happy memory for me from past times.

I have hope in my ❤️ for the future. I feel great comfort when I pop in here dear kitcheners. Being amongst friends who understand our woes and also celebrate our good times means a lot to us all doesn’t it?

Thank you soop for opening another wonderful kitchen.

brook2704 Fri 08-Dec-23 18:28:41

Hi Thorntrees how lovely of you to post, no one minds at all 💐
Pleased to hear you’ve had such good treatment over the years and hope you stay well in the future
Please join in the kitchen chatter whenever you can, you’re always very welcome x

brook2704 Fri 08-Dec-23 18:29:55

Urms gorgeous picture thank you
Sending ❤️

peli Fri 08-Dec-23 18:36:13

Daily reader, hoping to join in again in the lovely new kitchen...Such pretty Christmas decorations!
I'm leaving a dish of home-made candied pecans (the pecans were gathered up by me & I have a stiff back to prove it, lol)

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Dec-23 18:45:06

Hi all, some cheery posts tonight, welcome Thorntrees to this haven of comfort.
A dry day meant a leisurely stroll and MrJ trimmed the tree and stood it in water, decorating probably Monday.
I went to M&S to collect parcels, for me this time, present buying is done 🤞.
Imogen will now need medication, to be decided in the next few days, a setback, but we’re hopeful it will be successful, time will tell.
Chicken and veg curry for dinner.
Enjoy your evening all.

brook2704 Fri 08-Dec-23 18:56:50

I really feel for Imogen poor girl, and the family Jax it must be such a worry for you all. Like you say I hope that the medication does its job well and there’s no further setbacks
I’m sure she’s got a very bright future ahead and wish her all the very best ❤️

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Dec-23 19:02:37

Thank you brookx

GrannyGravy13 Fri 08-Dec-23 19:12:40

Hi friends, I am ensconced on the sofa with a rather tasty chilled white wine waiting for our Chinese takeaway to be delivered.

This new kitchen has lots of positivity.

Wishing you all well 🤶🏻🎄

brook2704 Fri 08-Dec-23 19:25:35

Enjoy your takeaway GG - snap with the wine!

cornergran Fri 08-Dec-23 19:42:39

A warm and comfortable new kitchen soop, thank you. A wedding to look forward to. Wonderful.

Covid is finally retreating here. Mono coughing now, all down to me. I’m so relieved Mr C has recovered well, I’ll catch up, just not yet.

A warm and warming image urms.

Goodness charley, interesting times next door.

Good to hear some positive outcomes from NHS treatment. We’re certainly grateful for the skilled intervention Mr C has experienced recently.

Medication will surely hold Imogen steady jax, I’m pleased there has been prompt assessment and hope for a settled future. I know it’s worrying but it will get easier.

My love to your daughter and you all baggs.

Pleased to report our friend had surgery to remove four breast lumps, the surgeons believe cancer hasn’t spread and surgery was successful. Phew. She should be home this evening, although well cared for in hospital I’m sure she’ll be pleased to be discharged.

You’re a veritable whirlwind grandmab, so much in a day.

No snacks to offer other than a large quantity of comforting hot chocolate keeping warm on the aga. Cream at the ready. Please enjoy

My brain remains mush so apologies to those I’ve missed. TOYA.

annsixty Fri 08-Dec-23 20:01:04

Very best wishes to Imogen tonight.
We who have had a long life wish the same for all our GC and hope they are all as blessed as many of us have been.
Have the very best evening you have everyone.

dustyangel Sat 09-Dec-23 14:29:27

I just wanted to update you all as DH was taken ill last night about 8.30 when we were out having a meal. Fortunately there was a fireman/paramedic in the restaurant who called an Ambulance which came very quickly and after working on him in the Ambulance for a while, which daughters kept reassuring me was better than them rushing off to hospital, they took him to the local Health Centre. They decided there that they would transfer him this morning to Faro Hospital. I’ve just phoned again and he’s in the emergency ward but I’ve been advised to wait for more information until after 5.00pm as he will have seen a neurologist by then.

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