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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk.

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soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:21:42

Welcome, dear Kitcheners. Enjoy the new kitchen and, once again, thank you all for helping to make it a very special place.

flowers brew wine cupcake cafe and a huge group hug.

Grandmabatty Thu 07-Dec-23 15:35:00

A happy place to be Soop. I'll bring the Christmas cake and some hot toddies

dustyangel Thu 07-Dec-23 15:36:25

Very happy to have found you soop.
I can’t be the first?
Whatever, I’d better leave something nice to eat, other wise everyone following might talk about me!
How about some crème caramel? 🥮 Just had a real one for lunch.
Lots of love to you both flowers

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Dec-23 16:14:45

Thank you for the new kitchen soop

Ina e just got home from having a manicure. Of course I just had to pop into see two of the GC with chocolate elves on my way home (good job I get on well with my DiL)

We have the 8yr old sleeping over this evening, DH went out and bought steak as we know it’s his favourite (I guess by now you know I spoil all the GC 🩷🩵)

No workmen here today as it was meant to be torrential rain all day so of course it has been dry and just started to drizzle.

Have a cozy evening dear virtual friends 🤶🎄

Septimia Thu 07-Dec-23 17:00:00

I'm sitting listening to the rain and wind beating against the windows, so it's lovely to have somewhere warm and welcoming like the new kitchen to retreat to!

I shall contribute some home-made ginger cordial.

Hiraeth Thu 07-Dec-23 17:00:17

Ooh , ive just finished baking mince pies and a Dresden stollen.
making myself comfy now in my chair . Thanks for the invitation * soop*

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 07-Dec-23 17:07:56

Hello kitchen people. It’s good to be in a new kitchen. I bought a large box of chocolates in Winchester, so help yourselves.
Gosh, it was wet today. We kept our spirits up though and enjoyed the Christmas market. We had a good lunch and then set off back home. I think we would have stayed longer as it looks a beautiful city, but the rain was becoming torrential and two of our number use walking sticks.
I hope the rest of the kitchen have had a drier day!

Grandmabatty Thu 07-Dec-23 17:16:19

Septimia I love all things ginger. My gran used to make ginger cordial when I was a wee girl and I always got a glass at New Year. It was nippy! Thank you for bringing that memory back to me.

hulahoop Thu 07-Dec-23 17:38:40

New roof on house finished today ,daughter, s health improving ,most of presents wrapped so a happy day .
I ts been another cold wet day here . Keep warm everyone .

Blossoming Thu 07-Dec-23 17:39:18

Hello everyone, it’s been a foul weather day here so it’s lovely to find a warm and comfortable kitchen to enjoy. MrB is making hot chocolate so please help yourselves from the pot. I have been out to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, that’s 2 outings in 2 days grin

baubles Thu 07-Dec-23 18:11:42

Happy new kitchen soop

Jaxjacky Thu 07-Dec-23 18:40:31

A lovely snug away from the elements thank you soop, the weather here is as most others, very wet. My office overlooked the Cathedral llfl, it’s a lovely city and a very pretty market, we live a few miles away.
You gadabout Blossoming🙂.
Enjoy your evening all, a selection of cheese and various biscuits are on the side.

Baggs Thu 07-Dec-23 18:40:41

👋👋 from the Boggy Brae. Saturated is the word of the day here.
I've brought some marmalade shortbread. My workmates love it so I hope you do too.
BTDD is having her radiotherapy for the rare lesion outside her brain. She was delighted to see a fox in Manchester on her way home the other day. Local keepers of chickens see off the local foxes in her area of the High Peak so she doesn't see them near her home much.

Meanwhile Minibaggs posted the list below: "Things Women in Literature have died from". Apparently mine would be Shawl Insufficiency and Spending more than a month in London after growing up in Yorkshire 😂. Take your pick, Kitcherners!
– not enough pillows
– someone saying No very loudly in the room you're in
– knitting needles too heavy
– Garden troubles
– Flirting headaches
– Spending more than a month in London after growing up in Yorkshire
– The unpleasantness
– Haven't seen the sea in a long time
– Parents too happy
– Drawing-room anguish
– Spinal degeneration as a result of pride
– Too many novels
– Sherry served too cold
– Shawl insufficiency
– Cold hands

Not seeing the sea would count with me too. It and mountains/fells were what I missed during my Oxfordshire years 😁

brook2704 Thu 07-Dec-23 19:48:47

Happy new kitchen everyone and thank you all for the treats

Not seeing the sea for a long time would be mine baggs

GrannyGravy13 Thu 07-Dec-23 20:51:07

Love living and being near the sea, not a fan of swimming in the sea.

Happy popping into London, couldn’t live there again.

SueDonim Thu 07-Dec-23 20:59:16

It would be too many novels for me. grin

How nice to be in the new Kitchen! I’ve brought a bumper-sized box of liqueur chocolates - help yourselves.

It’s our last full day down in Hants. We visited a big garden centre today and a few Christmassy items may have fallen into my trolley. I’m now sitting by my ds2’s wood burner, all cosy and warm, feeling thankful that ds1’s latest test came back clear. That’s all any of us want for Christmas.

Stay warm and dry, everyone. TOYA. Xxx

Charleygirl5 Thu 07-Dec-23 21:36:37

A shock to me to discover we had moved!

GrannyGravy nobody would have guessed you spoiled your grandchildren! I rather like the food would you notice if I moved in?

Ali23 Thu 07-Dec-23 21:41:10

How lovely to find the new kitchen open for chats and snacks.
Thanks for opening up, Soop. Gingerbread men on the side from me… my equivalent of mince pies😊

RosiesMaw Thu 07-Dec-23 21:44:30

Thank you for the lovely new coffee machine too - is that George Clooney I spy lurking in the background? 😍😍

brook2704 Thu 07-Dec-23 21:44:32

That’s really good news SueD so pleased for your DS1 and all the family ❤️

Grannmarie Thu 07-Dec-23 21:47:10

Happy New Kitchen everyone! Thank you Soop and thanks to all for the treats. I've brought lentil soup and crusty bread, keep us cosy on the inside.

That's good news about your DS1, SueD, much to be thankful for. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

Thinking of you and your DD, Baggs, hope all goes well with her radiotherapy.
That's a very interesting list from MiniBaggs. I dread to think what ' the unpleasantness ' was! Too many novels would be my downfall too!

Winchester sounds like a lovely place to live and work, Jaxjacky. Sounds like you had a good visit, Ladyleftfieldlover, shame about the rain.

Glad to hear that your DD's health is improving, Hulahoop, and you're getting your jobs done too.

Enjoy your hot chocolate, Blossoming. I'm glad you're getting out and about, even if it's not far.

Grannygravy, your DGS has a good appetite! I'm sure he'll enjoy his steak and his sleepover. It's lovely being able to spoil them.

Septimia and Grandmabatty, my Nanna made ginger wine at Christmas too! I remember how it burned my throat. She loved chocolate gingers too.

👋 👋 👋 👋 Hello, Dusty, Hiraeth, Baubles and Brook! We've a nice busy kitchen tonight, I'm just settling down in the rocking chair near the aga, lovely and cosy.

It's been a damp, cold miserable day here. I felt tired after my big day out in Glasgow yesterday, so I just pottered around the house and napped a bit. I'm watching Shetland now on catch up. 📺
Hoping everyone is safe and warm.

Grannmarie Thu 07-Dec-23 21:51:31

Oh, Charleygirl, Ali and Rosie'sMaw have popped in while I've been writing, 👋 👋 👋, great to see so many friendly faces in Soop's cosy new kitchen.

Nannytopsy Thu 07-Dec-23 23:22:27

Found you! I didn’t clean the windows or make cushion covers which were my definite must dos for today but I went to a coffee morning with friends and did useful bits of shopping.
There are freshly baked sausage rolls on the table - tuck in.

Blossoming Thu 07-Dec-23 23:34:02

Wonderful news from your son SueDonim

Baggs Fri 08-Dec-23 10:47:11

Lovely Christmas present for you all, SueDonim.

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