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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk.

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soop Thu 07-Dec-23 15:21:42

Welcome, dear Kitcheners. Enjoy the new kitchen and, once again, thank you all for helping to make it a very special place.

flowers brew wine cupcake cafe and a huge group hug.

Grannmarie Mon 29-Jan-24 19:03:00

Good evening, Soop and lovely Kitchen people. 🥰 I hope MrSoop got on OK at the surgery and they were duly impressed with Soop's TLC. Your friend sounds quite the character!

Great to hear that Mr Corner has reached the end of his Cardiac Rehab, and that Blossoming is much improved. Cornergran and MrB. are also commended for their TLC.

Gold stars to dear Baggs's SiL, for ensuring his darling wife's pain management, I'm hoping and praying that she will continue to be comfortable in the days to come. Thinking of her and all who love her and care for her.

Urms, sounds like a good day out yesterday. I'm hoping and praying that Himself's new treatment will make a big difference. Thinking of you both.

SueD, so glad you're feeling more like yourself now. Hoping and praying for good news from your DS's scan.

Grandmabatty, good to hear that your Mum was cheery and chatty when you visited. Poor wee DGS1, he's still not right yet. Good that he could have a big sleep at yours. When my boys were not well, they slept for hours on end. It's restorative. 😴

Good luck for your quiz, Jaxjacky, this might be your lucky night! Well done on your work in the garden. I've not done much yet, but I potted some colourful primula last week, and I bought some mini daffs , tete a tete, and muscari to pot up soon.

Have a wonderful time in Malta, YiaYia, DH and I had a great holiday there many years ago. The Grand Harbour is breathtaking, and you must try the traditional dish of rabbit in red wine.
We've not booked anything yet, but we're hoping to have a week in the sun in May.

DS2 and the Wee Boy popped over for a surprise visit yesterday, it was good to see them. DS3 came by on Saturday, and DS1 came earlier in the week. It's very difficult to get them altogether, but it will happen next week, for the Wee Boy's birthday. 🤞

Sending love and prayers for all who need/ wish them, please forgive me if I've not mentioned you by name. 💕🙏🕯

I'm going to relax with my Monday evening 📺 quizzes now. TOYA

Blossoming Mon 29-Jan-24 21:36:55

Hello all, just wanted to let you know I’m feeling much better but very tired. I’m squinting one-eyed to read the screen, 3 weeks to my next injection and I am actually looking forward to it! (Not the injection but the results). Have eaten 2 small meals today and tum is behaving.

Love to you all and thoughts with Urms and Baggs ❤️❤️

Jaxjacky Mon 29-Jan-24 22:31:57

Late for me, we came joint third at quiz £5, teal consensus is 2 lucky dips and one thunder ball LD in the lottery.
Phones were busy today, all sorted, but I need to update the spreadsheet tomorrow,
I hope Mrsoop got a gold star.
Have a lovely holiday Yia, we’ve friends who for three years running spent 4 weeks in Malta at this time of year.
Grandmabatty always deserves a gold star, hope the poorly lad is feeling better tomorrow.
Good to hear your tum is behaving Blossoming.
Baggs and Urms always in my thoughts x

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 29-Jan-24 22:36:07

Hello kitchen people.
OH and I had a lovely day today. We went for lunch with some old friends. I can’t remember the last time I had gammon and parsley sauce and it was delicious. She made syllabub too which I used to make years ago. They are rather older than us, probably over ten years older, and it was sad to see how frail they are now.
I hope you’ve all had a good day, especially those of you with difficulties which won’t go away.
Sleep tight 😴

Nannytopsy Tue 30-Jan-24 03:49:11

Morning! I am wide awake, thanks to a cold which DGS2 gifted to both of us. They have been a proper house of plague so far this year.
I hope you are all sound asleep. It’s not long until there’s a new kitchen. I have got the designers and decorators in to get it ready for us.

Grandmabatty Tue 30-Jan-24 06:23:16

Jaxjacky you're very kind. Nannytopsy the endless viruses are a gift that keeps giving! I know that all to well. I hope you recover quickly. Off to start childcare soon

Naughtyneine Tue 30-Jan-24 10:07:56

Baggs...I am so glad to read that your darling girl is now more comfortable...long may it continue. Sending love and prayers to you all.
Urms... That sounds a lovely trip out and Himself sounding positive about future trips too. I wish you many many more.
GrandmaB...that virus really is hanging around for you all. I hope I all feel better soon.
Blossoming... You've been through the mill too it seems. I'm glad your poor tummy is setting down and hope your hiatus hernia doesn't play up after this latest episode. Brook... your holiday is making us all...well me at least yearn for some sunshine.
Yia..your turn soon...Malta is lovely.. Have you been watching the TV programme about it?
Jax... Fingers crossed that the quiz win pays off.
GrandmaT...not long and you'll be skipping along hopefully.
Grandmarie... Busy but happy times with your DS's popping in and a get together to look forward to soon as well. I had a lovely dream last night that I was cuddling my DGS and holding Dd3 hand and chatting like we used to ..I woke up smiling.
SueD.. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that all will be well with your DS and enjoy refurnishing too.

Well a bit of a miracle has occurred here it seems ... We really don't know how but whilst standing in the shower I realised that I could put both feet flat on the floor and my leg was straight and not pointing inward like it had been since my THR in April 22. I just stood there for ages thinking I was imagining it but no...I can now walk straight without my right foot turning in. I've still got pain but I think it may be my muscles adjusting to being where they should be... Something has definitely shifted in my hip and for the the first time in 3 years I feel secure on my own legs. DOH is a bit worried that if something has shifted once it could do so again but for now I feel so different and well for the first time in ages.
Soop.. where would we all be without you providing this safe haven for us to share all the highs and lows of our daily lives. I can't thank you enough. X

soop Tue 30-Jan-24 14:52:35

Naughtyneine For as long as I am able, I shall continue to share the highs, the lows and the in-betweens of this unpredictable existence with all you very special people.

Mr Soop reported that the GP was pleased with the TLC that he is receiving at home. He now has another appointment with the skin specialist. This business with multiplying lesions is not going to go away. It will develop further as time passes.

I also have a five year post mastectomy appointment for mid- March. When previously attending the Vale of Leven hospital, we have managed to meet with Baggs for a coffee and blether.

It is a glorious day. Tomorrow I am having my hair trimmed. After which, we see the solicitor and chat about setting up a Power of Attorney.

I shall check that our present Kitchen is still operational before I set off for Campbeltown. No way will I allow you lovely lot to be without our haven.

dustyangel Tue 30-Jan-24 16:30:59

Hello all, in view of Baggs and Urms worries for their loved ones, I’ve been dithering about whether to mention this today but your wise words about sharing the highs and lows helped me make up my mind soop.

DH and I had very good news when visiting the hospital yesterday. A previously unmet member of the surgical team who operated on DH was very pleased to inform us that they had indeed got all the cancer and his treatment was complete. He will have frequent checkups over the coming year tapering off, as long as things keep going well, over the next five years.
The relief is enormous.
Now to try to get DH back to healthy eating again instead of the sweet snacks that were the only thing he felt like eating.

We had another lovely surprise last week, son-in-law is here using his long weekend to catch up with us.
He’d just come back from supposedly an early morning walk on the beach and I was talking to him when a voice said “Hello” and I looked over my shoulder and it was our grandson. He’ll travel home with SiL and although he’s been working since he got here the next three days are holiday so they’ve been able to do exactly what they want including long walks on the coast, with us all catching up in the late afternoon.

soop Tue 30-Jan-24 16:44:06

dustyangel Your obvious joy and relief when given the marvellous update regarding your dear husband is precisely what us lot care to share. You have put a smile on my face. Thank you.
I can fully appreciate how delighted you were when your grandson surprised you. Wonderful!

I shall retire for today on an upbeat note. grin moon

Grandmabatty Tue 30-Jan-24 17:10:22

Good afternoon kitcheners. Dustyangel that is such good news for your dh and you too. I'm so glad for you. Soop I set up my poa last year because of the situation with mum. The lawyer told me then that I was in a waiting list of approximately nine months. So be prepared for a wait.
Today dgs1 stayed at nursery all day and had a good day. He is determined to go to swimming tonight too. Dgs2 had an excellent day, full of laughs and games. He learned the words tin and pram today. My uncle was given the all clear from the hospital and is now resting in their holiday home. So a positive day all round. I'm having a seat before making chicken curry for dinner. Have a good evening you lovely people

Jaxjacky Tue 30-Jan-24 19:01:50

How lovely, great news dusty a big phew for you both.
Pleased you now have stability neine very reassuring for you.
Granmabatty what a pleasure your day sound and good news for you too.
Our seaside trip today has been delayed, too cold, so I went for a local walk and put more garden waste into the bin for Thursdays collection. My Raynauds fingers don’t like cold, brief garden visits or gloved hands in pockets work.
I’m hoping your daughter still has her pain under control Baggs.
I’ll leave you all to your evening.
Urms x

Blossoming Tue 30-Jan-24 20:00:08

Good evening everyone. My tum continues to behave and I continue to fall asleep a lot! MrB has fed me porridge and scrambled eggs (not both of once). It’s been a beautiful but very cold day here.

Neine it isn’t the hernia, your exercises are keeping that under control. It’s a result of bowel cancer treatment and it’s not easy keeping a balanced diet. That’s great news about your hip, onwards and upwards.

Hope your appointment with the solicitor goes well Soop and MrSoop is responding to your TLC.

That’s marvellous news Dustyangel, you must both be very pleased. How lovely to have your unexpected visitors too.

Glad you’ve had a good day with the boys Grandmabatty and good news from your uncle too.

I’ve had the gloves on too this last week Jaxjacky, they are marvellous.

Love to all and virtual hugs to Urms and Baggs and their families.

Soop if a new kitchen is needed rest assured we’ll find it ❤️

brook2704 Tue 30-Jan-24 23:01:36

Such lovely news dusty I’m so pleased for your DH and good news about your uncle too grandmabatty, so pleased
We’re late back tonight after another day exploring this beautiful island, tired and ready for bed now
baggs and urms thinking of you both 💐
Take care everyone and sleep well x

cornergran Wed 31-Jan-24 06:01:13

That’s wonderful news dusty, so pleased for you both. More positive news about your uncle too grandmab, both have had me smiling at this very early hour.

I’m waiting re-assessment for re- referral to spinal neurology, it seems the system no longer permits the GP to refer. Wish they’d get on with it as the pain in one leg always wakes me about this time. Oh well. Worse things happen for sure.

What good news about your newly reclaimed stability neine. It has to be a positive sign. Thinking balance, we’ve decided to try to do something about our wobblyness (is that a word?) and will begin an AgeUK Tai Chi class on Friday. Wish the instructor luck, please grin.

Mr C wants to keep the momentum from his cardiac rehab sessions going, I’m quietly proud of his determination to be as well as he can be

The processing time for POAs can be long soop, ours took 5 months from the time the solicitor dispatched it. A relief to get it past the finishing line. It’s a sensible thing to do. Mr Soop has a good nurse, I’m pleased the GP appreciated your efforts.

Baggs and Urms remain in my thoughts, a special hug for them and all managing challenges at the moment.

No chance of going back to sleep so I’ll be reading until the alarm wakes Mr C. He’d like breakfast out today, I’ll happily tag along smile.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 09:11:40

You have all been extra busy. I am preparing to leave home soonish for appointments. I shall return sometime after lunch. Should you need to open our new kitchen in my absence, please will the last visitor to this one do the honours. Everything is ready for our buffet celebrations and a massive group hug. If you prefer to wait until I return, I shall open the new kitchen and welcome you lovely lot in person.

Must dash. Be with you later. smile

GrannySomerset Wed 31-Jan-24 09:23:44

How lovely to read so much positive news this morning. Makes the inevitable less happy days more bearable. Think I should follow the good advice and try to find a Tai Chi class to improve my balance which is not good and needs me to do something about it. Looking forward to the new kitchen already.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:40:44

*GrannySomerset, when I lived in Dartmouth, many moons ago, a young man named Julian Crowe started a Tai Chi class. He had been tutored by a master in China. Our class gave a demonstration on one occasion at an event in the town.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:42:21

Power of Attorney discussion with our solicitor went well. It will take six months for the process to become effective.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:44:25

Hair has been pixie-cropped. Just as well as it's blowing a gale. The waves are mountainous. Not a very pleasant day compared with yesterday's sunshine.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:45:42

Time for a bowl of hearty soup and a slice of crusty bread. After which, a game of Scrabble and a ride to no place on the exercise bike.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:47:19

I've packed our tartan rugs and cushions. Almost time to leave our cosy kitchen and settle into a new meeting place.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:49:06

Sharing time with you has been special. THANK YOU for your companionship.

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:49:59

A last look around. I have the key ready and waiting...

soop Wed 31-Jan-24 12:50:33

So, my dears, I shall away to open the new kitchen.

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