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How do you acknowledge Easter.

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Sago Thu 28-Mar-24 09:46:32

Tomorrow we will not eat any meat, Easter Sunday we will go to Mass and then eat turkey and have a chocolate pudding.
Our son and DIL will be with us.
We will not have Easter eggs, we have not sent eggs to our grandchildren, to the relief of their parents!

During lockdown I put a basket of chocolate outside our gate for local children to help themselves, it went down very well!

Do you celebrate Easter or is it just another weekend ?

Grandmabatty Thu 28-Mar-24 09:51:36

For years I delivered Easter bouquets to family and older friends. Sadly most are gone now. I'll still give flowers to my daughter and aunt. I'm having the family for lunch on Easter Sunday. I used to make a large meal but this year it will be a buffet and folk can help themselves. I send Easter cards to family and give Easter eggs to the boys. They don't get many so I'm quite happy to help them indulge. As a child, I used to get a new outfit for Easter and I buy a new outfit for the boys too.

Grannybags Thu 28-Mar-24 09:52:42

We are not religious but we always have fish on Good Friday and Hot Cross Buns.

I don't buy eggs for our GDs (they get far too many!) but will give them a little Easter type gift. No eggs for us either but we do use it as an excuse to treat ourselves to some Lindt chocs!

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 28-Mar-24 09:59:23

The house is decorated, incorporating my palm sunday cross, and fish pie will be eaten tomorrow with hot cross buns for elevenses.
Chocolate will be eaten, egg hunts undertaken and the grandchildren will also have a new swimsuit to signify that summer
is on its way.
Sunday church will be followed by a meal with everyone squeezed around the table. I like to think of the festival being a mixture of the sacred and the secular.

Georgesgran Thu 28-Mar-24 10:03:13

Just another long weekend for me, more to I acknowledge Spring, but nothing religious.
Family tomorrow - I’ve bought little gifts and we’ll have coq au vin. More family on Monday, for roast chicken, more gifts and yes, a small chocolate egg for each DGS.

ExDancer Thu 28-Mar-24 10:05:38

We go to church

Witzend Thu 28-Mar-24 10:05:59

I will buy an Easter Egg for dh, and he’ll probably give me one. Already gave theirs to Gdcs, who will be away - with strict instructions not to eat until Sunday!

Apart from that, a fairly quiet weekend with a roast on Sunday, but that’s not unusual here. I might make a pudding though - we rarely have one. Something easy, probably an Eve’s Pudding.

Kate1949 Thu 28-Mar-24 10:53:18

Just another weekend here, although I've bought Easter eggs for family members.
As a child, I was brought up as a staunch Catholic so we did the whole religious thing. Those days are long gone.

JamesandJon33 Thu 28-Mar-24 11:19:32

I usually just say ‘Hello’.

MissAdventure Thu 28-Mar-24 11:24:21

No, I don't.

MissAdventure Thu 28-Mar-24 11:26:47

Oh I read it as "do you" acknowledge Easter.
Wasn't being rude (I hope)

ginny Thu 28-Mar-24 11:26:48

The last few years we have gone away for the long weekend with3 DDs and their families as we are this weekend.
There will be an egg hunt on Sunday but only the tiny eggs. There will be hot cross buns but no religious significance to any of it. More a celebration that spring is coming ( hopefully).

MissInterpreted Thu 28-Mar-24 11:27:29

Just another weekend here too. Although we might have lamb as a treat because most of the supermarkets have offers on just now.

Jaxjacky Thu 28-Mar-24 12:15:38

Chocolate eggs for the grandchildren, a token bag of chocolates for their parent, we will have lamb on Sunday, but only because we won it last Sunday. My son is working tomorrow, his partner all weekend, we will see them tomorrow evening and my daughter with her children at some point.
I might do a happy dance if it stops raining for a day or two!

Namsnanny Thu 28-Mar-24 12:44:27

I have an indoor 'tree' (a small branch painted white) which fits my window nicely and since before the children were born I've hung eggs I've painted, and the children's contributions as they grew up. I add a shop bought one to replace any breakages nowadays.
Gchildren arnt allowed sugar, so I often find gifts that fit into plastic pull apart eggs.
Fish and chips on Gf, hot cross buns whenever, and a box of Lindt.
Visitors if they can but usually they weekend away.
Looks as if it will wet though.

Mollygo Thu 28-Mar-24 12:48:06

Fish on Friday -even the dog. Church on Sunday and DD has invited us for Sunday lunch.

Oldbat1 Thu 28-Mar-24 13:18:53

Just an ordinary weekend.

lixy Thu 28-Mar-24 13:48:39

We usually have an Easter egg hunt in the garden for the older GCn but they will be away this Easter, so no hunt this year. I have mini-eggs for OH - his favourite.

When I was a child my family used to go for a walk on the South Downs for 3 o'clock on Good Friday. It is a day of fasting and abstinence in the Roman Catholic church and I still usually have fish on a Friday through habit.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 28-Mar-24 13:57:31

I’ve put a few decorations in the living room. Tomorrow will be fish and also hot cross buns. On Sunday as we will be spending time at our holiday lodge the family are coming over. There is an egg hunt for the children and a few other events on. On Monday we are going for lunch with DS and family. I’ve contributed a leg of lamb. We were doing that on Sunday but altered our plans as we knew our GC would like the egg hunt. We’ve bought the GC a gift each and a small egg.

Calendargirl Thu 28-Mar-24 13:58:55

Flowers on relatives graves.

Church on Easter Day.

Have made a Simnel cake, but over baked I think, so might be rather dry.

Much prefer Easter to Christmas. When at work, always sure of four days off together, not the same with Christmas.

Just much quieter, far less hype and endless talking about it months beforehand.

And spring here.

Grandmama Thu 28-Mar-24 14:03:01

Mass tonight (Maundy Thursday), Designer Outlet tomorrow morning with DD2, then lunch with her (salmon - it's my birthday tomorrow) then Good Friday liturgy at 3pm (DD1 and I often walk into town afterwards, might buy my new trainers), Easter vigil and first Mass of Easter on Saturday at 7pm. Will buy hot cross buns today and on Sunday enjoy my birthday chocolates and cake. No arrangements yet for Sunday lunch, maybe with DD1 or I'll be just as happy to spend it here on my own with a walk in the afternoon and a visit to DH's grave. I prefer Easter to Christmas, less fraught.

karmalady Thu 28-Mar-24 14:08:09

Fish tomorrow and I have made some buns

Judy54 Thu 28-Mar-24 14:38:12

Fish tomorrow and pork on Easter Sunday. Church tomorrow and Sunday then relaxing time at home just the two of us. Lovely!

Ziplok Thu 28-Mar-24 14:49:39

Easter for us is church on Sunday (usually that is, but this year our church hasn’t got a morning service, and we won’t be able to attend the afternoon service, sadly, due to prior arrangements).
We will have fish tomorrow and lamb on Sunday.
I’ve put a few Easter decorations up along with the Palm Sunday cross and made a simnel cake. We’ve also got some eggs and chocolate.
So Easter in this household is a mix of the religious coupled with welcoming spring and new life.

Oreo Thu 28-Mar-24 14:52:37

Have just decorated the house for Easter, something I always do, or rather have done since my kids were small.
DP and I give each other an Easter Egg, they don’t last long!
Will do a Sunday lunch for Mum and two DD’s and partners along with the little DGC, it varies from year to year but just bought a leg of lamb to roast as they are half price in a few supermarkets.
If dry we may go for a walk tomorrow, but every day seems rainy so will see.Am happy to hunker down indoors with a good book.