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Aches and pains.

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travelsafar Sun 31-Mar-24 23:08:33

I have noticed that doing anything different that involves lifting or carrying something awkward or heavy leaves me suffering for several days with new aches and pains. Another sign of getting old me thinks!!!

Squiffy Sun 31-Mar-24 23:42:33

I can relate to that travelsafar! As well as the aches and pains, it’s so frustrating!

tanith Mon 01-Apr-24 07:45:11

Sometimes I think every one of my joint aches or hurts at some time during the day and it’s depressing but I try to just do my normal activities despite the aches and pains. Walking is one of my least painful activities wether it’s endorphins or just being out in the fresh air I don’t know but it helps a lot.

HelterSkelter1 Mon 01-Apr-24 11:11:41

I try and make myself stop and think before I lift or carry anything awkward or heavy. So often I have jumped in and then twisted or pulled a muscle. If I had stopped and just taken a moment to get in the best position or sort of planned the move, it may not have happened.

I first met my husband carrying a chest of drawers up 3 flights of stairs when I was moving into a bedsitter. Couldn't do that now, but often I think I can silly me.

Summerfly Fri 05-Apr-24 14:04:25

You have my sympathies Travelsofar. Let’s hope the weather gets warmer and the sun shines. Might not help our aches and pains, but it will make us feel a little better.💐

Labradora Fri 05-Apr-24 18:14:45

Reassuring that this happens to others as well. I must say I find it infuriating ! I have always been quite strong and I like to get involved when my husband does stuff around the house and garden and I love going on my bike which involves hoiking it around sometimes. I used to do all this and just feel fit but now I get aches and pains. It seemed to set in around the pandemic but perhaps that is just a coincidence of the stage of my ageing.
I think we should all be entitled to a mid-life refit like a car: change the oil etc.

merlotgran Fri 05-Apr-24 18:27:48

On Easter Monday I had an unfamiliar dull ache in my left arm around the elbow joint. Because it was my left arm and I have a heart condition it concerned me because it lasted all day, although it didn’t get any worse.

Then the penny dropped….I spent Easter Sunday with DD and the family. The sun came out so we spent the afternoon playing outdoor darts. I’m rubbish at it and being left handed, my arm was working overtime trying to get the wretched darts to hit the board. 😂😂

RSI was my reward! 😫

Oldnproud Fri 05-Apr-24 18:35:24

When I started looking after my youngest dgs, when he was 9 months old, I developed such bad aches and pains that I ended up at the doctors and was referred for further tests. My wrists and elbows felt totally b******d!

Katyj Sat 06-Apr-24 07:03:58

I find it frustrating too ! We’ve looked after our two DGC two days this week. I ached so badly I had to take painkillers before bed, then the next day had a headache from not sleeping well.
I don’t remember feeling like this last year. I’m nearly 67. Whatever next !

zakouma66 Sat 06-Apr-24 08:44:52

Maybe this is " normal" in mid sixties and beyond? We have been lead to believe 50 is the new 30 and so on.

Look at pictures of a generation or 2 back. Tweed coats and hats and a nice cup of tea!

loopyloo Sat 06-Apr-24 08:51:21

This has made me feel better. Am 78 and find my knees and hips ache especially if I walk a bit. Could press for tkr but not keen.
Not quite sure what would be best.
See gp? See a physio?
Research supplements?
A mobility scooter to get to shops?
Take regular medication?

fancythat Sat 06-Apr-24 09:00:23

I have been having physio visits, and therefore exercises, for muscles that were not working properly, Age related I was told.

One of the excercises I overdid. I was doing it according to the diagrams they give, but the diagram was wrong! It had me swinging my leg out to the side, too far.
I had been doing it quite a lot, as she said that particular exercise, I could do it often throughout the day.

As a result I got stiff. quite badly.
Next physio visit resulted in me having two exercises less, the excercise I overdid, being told to not swing the leg out so far, and doing a few gentle excercises in bed before I stepped out of it. Gentle swaying etc.

The physio said that that would help lubricate the affected area, before I started the day.
It all works well.

She also said that most or all the exercises I had been given are Pilate excercises.
And said that doing Pilate exercises could help me in general in the future.

ginny Sat 06-Apr-24 14:39:51

I will be 70 in July and had a hip replacement last October and was so happy to be rid of the awful constant pain
Lots of other little jiggle but now I am having problems with my shoulders and arms. I can hear my shoulders going clunk as they move and lifting my arms higher than my shoulders is painful. Ah well, at least I don’t have to walk on my arms 😄

ginny Sat 06-Apr-24 14:40:16

Jiggles. = niggles

Lexisgranny Sat 06-Apr-24 14:48:28

When I was younger and had a new ache or pain I immediately thought “What have I done?” Nowadays I think “What have I got?” Although it does have many pleasant interludes, I can confidently say that I am not a fan of the accompaniments that old age brings!!