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Hildagard Wed 07-Feb-18 12:09:17

Good morning, I have been doing a necessary job. Sorting out my underwear drawer, only because it woudnt shut properly. And I was just curious as to how many bras and pairs of knickers does one really need?Any thoughts. My husband likes me to wear matching bra and pants, hence the overstuffed drawer

wildswan16 Wed 07-Feb-18 13:37:33

I have never had matching sets so I have three flesh coloured bras which I wear in rotation (all exactly the same from M&S), and another two which are slightly prettier and may get worn if I am going out but actually I usually forget and just wear the ordinary ones.

Knickers - about 20 pairs, a few of which are for best i.e. going to the doctors!

tanith Wed 07-Feb-18 13:52:47

I have about 10 bras some sports some everyday and some best ones that having matching pants not worn very often. At a guesstimate 40 pairs of pants various styles and colours. Too many!

midgey Wed 07-Feb-18 13:58:25

Ha ha! What ever happened to on, one off and one in the wash grin

hildajenniJ Wed 07-Feb-18 16:41:18

That's me midgey. I only ever have three. I hate the things, and wish I could manage without. Panties on the other hand, I have at least a dozen pairs, I haven't counted them recently, and I have seventeen pairs of socks!

Lazigirl Wed 07-Feb-18 17:12:48

What even with a sore throat wildswangrin

Caledonai14 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:16:21

A few years back I saw a bra collection box in a local hospital and donated a few that were either too small or not quite up to the job. I'm not sure if it was one of these, but there are several ways to recycle underwear and we are currently looking at some for our local library. Can't recommend any in particular, but we have so far looked at Against Breast Cancer which collects old bras for recycling by small businesses in Africa. They get £1 for every kilo of bras towards their work in the UK and they help recondition bras for women in countries where new bras are too costly to produce. There's a map of collection points and you can get a box for your workplace. The other one we are looking at is a Scottish charity, Smalls for All which collects pants for people in slums, orphanages and camps in Africa. There are other charities of course.

LadyGracie Wed 07-Feb-18 17:53:46

I went to be measured for a bra a couple of years ago, it was at M & S, I was measured, tried on a few that the assistant chose, none fitted very well, she then said they had none to fit me! I hate wearing them but have to as what little I do have droop without!

Greta Wed 07-Feb-18 17:59:39

”^My husband likes me to wear matching bra and pants, hence the overstuffed drawer^”. Hildagard, are you serious? Does he actually have a say in your choice of underwear? And does he wear matching underpants and vests? I am intrigued.

Hildagard Wed 07-Feb-18 18:47:57

He like to buy me underwear, I don’t complain.

Lazigirl Wed 07-Feb-18 18:49:35

Exactly Greta. My DH wouldn't notice anyway!

Jane10 Wed 07-Feb-18 19:01:23

Its none of DHs business what underwear I have. I seem to have hundreds of pants but stick with old favourites! Grey and baggy. Lovely grin I have several bras mostly black. Nothing exciting. If they fit that's fine by me.

M0nica Wed 07-Feb-18 19:14:42

I love pretty matching underwear sets and rarely wear anything else. It is no more expensive so why have something dull and boring when you can wear something pretty.

Hildagard Wed 07-Feb-18 21:13:05

Don’t you lot not like to look nice for your husbands? It feels nice to know that what you have underneath as well as on top is appreciated

Tegan2 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:17:52

My weight changes so much I now have knickers in all sizes from 10 to 16. All 'big' knickers, though. Can't wear anything lacy as it makes me itch. As for bras, thankfully I don't need to wear one, so I don't most of the time. Again I've got several Genie type comfort bras but in several sizes due to my fluctuating weight. The few 'proper bras' I have are too small at the moment, but I'm working on it.

Jane10 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:21:36

Do other people's DHs go in for matching vest and pants sets to look nice for us?

lemongrove Wed 07-Feb-18 21:22:54


MissAdventure Wed 07-Feb-18 21:23:06


M0nica Wed 07-Feb-18 22:54:43

I wear pretty matching underwear, for myself, I doubt DH even notices what style or pattern my underpinnings are.

He doesn't wear vests so he would have to match his underpants to his socks or T shirt hmm

MissAdventure Wed 07-Feb-18 23:06:53

He'll be sorry when he catches a cold, Monica grin

Everthankful Thu 08-Feb-18 09:52:29

I’ve just had a clear out of my underwear drawer. I don’t have matching sets, but absolutely nothing in white, as they always go grey or dull so everything is either skin tone or black with the odd pretty coloured ones, so I suppose you could say they they match in a fashion!

Omaoma57 Thu 08-Feb-18 09:52:57

I too wear matching sets! My choice because it make me feel good....have about 10 sets with extra knickers! Many colours...very similar styles.

NotSpaghetti Thu 08-Feb-18 10:05:55

If you wear expensive bras - and like to have several - 40 to 60 quid for the briefs seems ridiculous I'm afraid.
Never buy the briefs - though did do so for my daughter when she forked out for a pricey bra once.

annifrance Thu 08-Feb-18 10:19:03

Must be matching or at least colour matching. I have so many of each I have lost count, on the basis that your underwear should match what you are wearing, and I really go in for colours. Underwear chest of drawers is overflowing despite of recent clearout!

Overthehills Thu 08-Feb-18 10:19:33

Black pants (lots) and flesh coloured bras (a few) - how dull! I think I’ll go and buy myself a few matching sets or at least some new ones in different colours. I wonder if DH will notice?! hmm
Thankyou ladies for the kick up the backside! grin