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Naked Bodies on TV!

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annep Sat 03-Nov-18 23:47:46

Husband out later than usual, flicking the channels to fill the time (don't want to go to bed until he gets home), Came across Naked Attraction. Girl studying six men's naked bodies to choose a date! Discussing which p***s she prefers. Is this what the world has come to!!? She gets down to choosing between two and then takes her clothes off as well. I think I would prefer to see their faces.
I don't expect comments. Really , what can you say, unless you think I'm terribly old fashioned. My granny would NOT believe it if she were alive. I cant believe it!

phoenix Sat 03-Nov-18 23:55:11

annep this programme has been discussed before on GN, but I must say that I'm a bit confused at your use of asterisks rather than using the word "penis".

MissAdventure Sun 04-Nov-18 00:06:13

Its very graphic, and its definitely got worse in the last few months.
I'm shocked every single time I watch it!

Bellanonna Sun 04-Nov-18 00:08:54

😄 MissA

Bellanonna Sun 04-Nov-18 00:09:33

At least I thought you were being humorous?!

MissAdventure Sun 04-Nov-18 00:11:06

Oh yes, I was. grin
I do often find myself watching it and tutting though.
I think it must be on after something I do watch, and the tv gets left on.

phoenix Sun 04-Nov-18 00:13:47

Penis penis penis penis penis.

Somebody pass the smelling salts to annep

MissAdventure Sun 04-Nov-18 00:14:41

I'm tempted to clutch my pearls!

phoenix Sun 04-Nov-18 00:17:28

Steady on, MissA that might be construed as a euphemism!

MissAdventure Sun 04-Nov-18 00:18:56


phoenix Sun 04-Nov-18 00:24:08

Actually, on the odd occasion that I have seen this programme, I usually end up shouting about the use of the word "vagina" when it should be "vulva". If the participants could actually see the other participants vaginas, then surely there would be a speculum involved.

(annep will probably be having a fit of the vapours by now, or at least needing a lie down in a dark room due to my use of such graphic terms for body parts!)

Maggiemaybe Sun 04-Nov-18 00:38:42

I’m sure annep’s absolutely fine. smile

I hate it too, anne, so we can be mocked together as fuddy duddies. I’ve only seen the excerpts on Gogglebox, and the bodies I’ve seen on there haven’t impressed me.

Most of the Goggleboxers seemed overwhelmed by an average looking penis last week. It made me realise I must have been lucky in love. wink

EllanVannin Sun 04-Nov-18 06:38:09

I can't be doing with such programmes. What a depraved society. Exactly what is the idea of it ?

sunseeker Sun 04-Nov-18 07:05:15

I am with annep on this one. I have only seen a few minutes of this programme, really it is just pandering to the voyeurs.

I don't think the snide comments aimed at anne are necessary. I am sure she is fine with some of you using the correct anatomical terms.

ninathenana Sun 04-Nov-18 07:24:21

Should we not all use the correct anatomical terms confused

I 've never seen even one minute of the programe. Or Gogglebox either smile I just don't see the entertainment value in either

NanKate Sun 04-Nov-18 07:28:20

I believe we live in a sad old world when this type of programme can be classed as entertainment. I am with you annep.

Willow10 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:35:27

I've only seen it once- Ugh! Some of those specimens made me feel quite sick! I really don't get it - that's usually the last bit you see of a potential partner, not the first. Where is the romance and the mystery? confused

Willow500 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:51:00

Well that sure does beat the knobbly knees contest grin

notanan2 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:51:23

The presenter seems to agree with us! She looks like she wants to fire her agent!

travelsafar Sun 04-Nov-18 07:52:17

To those of you who have mocked the OP maybe the person is from a much older generation than yourselves and not sure she was aloud to write the word penis!!!
What does it matter anyway, we all knew what she was refering to. This sort of behaviour smacks to me as a type of bullying!!!! angry

Willow500 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:53:04

PS. I've never even heard of it let alone watched it shock Note to self - must check the tv schedule more carefully grin

MissAdventure Sun 04-Nov-18 08:35:55

Oh, sincere apologies to annp if my comments went too far.
It would never be my intention to make someone uncomfortable, and I agree that I may have done.
Sorry annp flowers

bikergran Sun 04-Nov-18 08:54:07

"what time e=is it on "?? which channel ??? I must have missed it! grin

finger paused on record button as I type grin

FlexibleFriend Sun 04-Nov-18 08:57:54

I've never seen it, not because I'm a prude because I'm far from prudish and quite admire a nice hard penis but if it's not for me I've no interest in it whatsoever. I find it quite easy to stay away from programs I've got no interest in whatever the topic. After the conversation about Dyson on here the other day I'm not surprised if the op was wary of using the word penis when people were alluding to dysons rather than typing the word Dyson. I thought I was in a parallel universe or something.

Willow10 Sun 04-Nov-18 08:58:15

I'm confused Miss A - what did you say that was so bad? I thought this was a lighthearted, jokey thread. Why do people have to be so pc on others behalf? Were you offended annep?