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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 05-Apr-20 06:13:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its going to be a nice warm day today by the looks of things.
Have now switched to more spring/summer type clothing , polo shirt and fleece jacket when going outside.
The sun is just about to arise looking out of my window, and looking across at the Brackley Town Hall weather vane, there is bit of brightness on it.
Yesterdays walk saw the bus I usually catch , and an empty street around 9 yesterday, no passengers for the bus , think they are a big looser , people maybe using them locally but it goes through villages which is a vital link to main town shops.

cornergran Sun 05-Apr-20 06:31:17

Morning Mick, morning All. Been awake for an hour listening to the birds. Brightness growing in the sky. You’ve reminded me mick, need to reorganise clothes here. Our buses are also mostly empty, very few passengers. A gentle day planned. Finish some garden pottering, as long a walk as we can manage as we didn’t get one yesterday then settle in the conservatory with a book a cuppa and a hot cross bun. . A need to cook roast pork at some point and that will be the day. Be kind to yourselves everyone and please be careful out there.

Nannytopsy Sun 05-Apr-20 06:40:39

Good morning Mick&Corner.
I am awake early after strange dreams. We are getting a delivery from our local nursery this morning. I was glad to be able to support them and am in need of compost for planting seeds.
Hope today is kind to everyone.

Beechnut Sun 05-Apr-20 06:42:32

Good Morning Mick and corner. I’ll be shopping to sandals.
Looks like it will be a lovely day on Severnside.

After a busy day yesterday I plan an easier one today with a few toasts as it would have been our sapphire wedding anniversary. I am also going to make a nice meal, wear the new skirt I made with blue flowers on and hang something up that I made especially for the occasion at a craft workshop last year. I know that DH would be very happy I have my craft mojo back. Love him 😍

I hope you all have a lovely day and stay safe. 🌼

Beechnut Sun 05-Apr-20 06:43:23

And Nannytopsy hello

cornergran Sun 05-Apr-20 06:44:30

beechnut. flowers.

Maybelater2020 Sun 05-Apr-20 06:57:47

Good morning Mick and everyone, bright and sunny here in Chester. I have been awake for hours so it will be a long day. Don't plan to do much, a walk, maybe some gardening and finish my book .
Take care all

Pantglas2 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:01:12

Morning everyone from a dry and sunny-to-come north Wales where I’m up and about brewing the chamberpot having done the necessary yoga already!

This voluntary lockdown situation is playing havoc with my get-up-and-go mindset! Should have been in mi casa in Spain now, trotting round Casariche market, joining Ladies Wot Lunch at a local restaurant, delivering a quiz for another group and just generally being very social!

Never mind, must buckle down to using this time constructively - my home has never been so neat and clean - I’ve turned into a 1950s housewife/my grandmother and I can’t stop changing the bed!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:14:55

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Bright blue sky here in S E Essex I do hope people stay away from our beaches and parks today.

Roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner this evening.

Keep safe and well folks x

Sar53 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:26:42

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
Gg13, apparently the council have suspended all parking on and around the seafront for the next few weeks, so hopefully no mass invasion.
We will take our normal walk along the sea wall where it is very quiet and peaceful.
Roast pork later, the Sunday papers and Sunday night tv.
Have the best day you can and stay safe xx

harrigran Sun 05-Apr-20 07:26:44

Good morning from a bright NE.
Spent all day watching TV yesterday so will try and aim for somethind different today.
Now resorting to freezer meals, four slices of bread defrosting for breakfast and then maybe a piece of fish for lunch.
Hopefully get to sit in the garden today.
Have the best day you can.

DoraMarr Sun 05-Apr-20 07:29:18

Good morning from a gloriously sunny Birmingham! I can go out for a walk today-quarantine over! I will have a Zoom meeting this afternoon, then I am going to roast my tiny chicken and have it with roast potatoes and spring greens. It will be wonderful to get out again!

brook2704 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:31:15

Good morning everyone from a lovely sunny Inverness morning - yes the sun has reached us at last !
I’ll be in the garden most of today trying to get rid of the moss in the lawn and general tidying up
Our water supply was unexpectedly cut off for a short time yesterday - oh what panic when you realise you’ve only got half a kettle full and 2 mini bottles of water in the cupboard... luckily it was back on before too long so we were fine !

Have the best day you can Beechnut and I’m with you Pantglas2 on the bed changing !

Enjoy your walk DoraMarr 😀

Stay safe everyone 💐

SusieB50 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:31:45

Good morning from East London , looks like a beautiful day . I’m going to tidy up the front garden today and maybe I’ll see some neighbours walking past for a chat at a safe distance of course ! I do miss the every day interaction with people . My DH used to be amazed at how long it took me to pop out and get a few things in the high street .

Liljan Sun 05-Apr-20 07:40:27

Good morning from a lovely sunny morning in the NE, just about to put the kettle on and take our first cuppa of the day back to bed. Won’t be heading out today, we’ve limited ourselves to walking every other day. Our Sunday dinner came out of the freezer last night and last day of Lentil soup to be used for lunch, apart from roasting some veg, it’s good to know I won’t be cooking today. We have our Sunday what’s app quiz with the family tonight, it’s my turn to do the questions, just a few more to find, so that’s my task for this afternoon. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Sunday.

Marydoll Sun 05-Apr-20 07:41:38

Good morning all, it's a lovely morning here in Glasgow, it's 6C, which is warm for here!

I too hope to get out in the garden for a potter, but as all our nurseries seem to be closed, no plant deliveries for us. sad. However, I'm hoping that soon will change. So many nurseries will go bust, if the government doesn't do something.
I may sow some salad leaf seeds for the kitchen window still, but have very little compost, as DH can't go for any.

The plan is I will have a wee seat on the bench in the front garden, in the hope that someone will pass, take pity on me and have a wee, social distancing shouting match chat. I think I may be losing my social skills. grin.

Yesterday was spent scanning wedding receipts and invoices to claim back from our credit card company, as the insurance company are dragging their heels. I spent ages sorting the online forms, only to find I had the wrong credit card company. The wedding was arranged two years ago and I had forgotten I changed cards. blush.
DH was upposed to do it, but he hadn't a clue what he was doing, he just provides the card and I use it! 😂
After having a very long online chat with a lovely man, I came off the PC and couldn't remember a word he had said and how to access the online form request bit! 😬
We now need to request an online statement from two years ago, so that I can access the necessary hyperlink . They certainly don't make it easy for you. sad

I received a delivery of meat from a Scottish online butcher's I had used years ago, the beef was of excellent quality and it came individually frozen and an added bonus of half price. We will be eating like kings, during this lockdown.
There was a slight problem, the freezer was very full and I wasted spent ages trying to cram it in.
I got it in, but heaven knows how I will get it out again! grin

I hope everyone has the best day they can in the circumstances.
Beechnut 💐, (((hugs))) for Gilly and all who are having a rotten time of it just now.

Grammaretto Sun 05-Apr-20 07:44:59

Good morning everyone from the Scottish Borders where it is looking promising but I'm taking no chances thermal undies on
My body clock has reverted to a primitive state. I sleep when it's dark and wake with the dawn.

2 more birthdays today - my DS#1 and DGD . How sad not to be with them.

I will attempt some gardening today but I am being gentle with myself so will stop for frequent breaks. Now we are in the very high risk group we need to pace ourselves. grin
12 weeks is a long time.

Enjoy your freedom DoraMarr I can picture you skipping along the road.

As another poster reminded us "They can't cancel Spring!"

flowerlover Sun 05-Apr-20 07:45:37

Good morning from a cloudy Co Antrim. As usual the warm sunny weather is forecast to be across the Irish Sea and I will try not to feel too envious reading future posts that mention it.
Yesterday morning my husband and daughter drove separately to our local Lidl shop just after it opened. She queued and he choose his tomato, cucumber and pepper plants which were in the entrance. She went inside, paid and put them in his boot. He drove home a very happy man as he loves his greenhouse. It certainly is a strange life at present. Hope Sunday goes as well as possible for my fellow Gransnet grannies.

Brunette10 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:47:34

Morning from Fife where the sun is out and looking outside at the moment is just so peaceful. We are prepared for a nice day and hoping to get a picnic out in our garden. Have many jobs to do today and one of them is batch cooking, 4 different meals I hope to achieve. Everything out the freezer last night so all is to hand. I'm hoping everyone is good, despite all our troubles. Keep your chin up, we will get through this.Hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay safe .

brook2704 Sun 05-Apr-20 07:53:03

Thinking of you Marydoll with all that hassle trying to get your money back - how awful ☹️ Like you say nothing is ever made easy ....

Kalu Sun 05-Apr-20 07:53:46

Good morning Mick and all from a welcoming sunny start to the day in Glasgow.

Enjoy your meal tonight Beechnut 💐

Waking up to a sunny morning makes me thankful we are going into summer and not winter as we all self isolate. At least at this time of year I can potter about outside with plenty to do in the garden and enjoy a daily walk in milder climes.

I have arranged Easter eggs to be delivered to GDs as we won’t be seeing them this year nor will I be hiding treats around the garden for their annual egg hunt at ours. However, they are happy and healthy which is more important. I keep reminding myself.

I’m hanging my head in shame after making a complete hash of yesterday’s puzzles Marydoll 😂. Must try harder😜

Have the best, hopefully sunny day you can everyone.

Sark Sun 05-Apr-20 07:55:13

Good Morning from a lovely and sunny Oxfordshire.
Just a pottering day today and roast chicken later.
I am hopeless at gardening but will do a bit. I am however very pleased that for the first time ever my potted camellia is in flower and full of buds.
Thinking of you Beechnutflowers
Best wishes to all

ninathenana Sun 05-Apr-20 08:00:44

Good morning from sunny Kent.

Several posts on our local FB pages about the amount of people on our beaches and open spaces angry
I'm planning lunch in the garden, that's as far as I'm going.
Stay safe everyone

Marydoll Sun 05-Apr-20 08:00:46

brook, thank you. It is a lot of money and we have managed to get some back, but we all saved so hard.
I'm hoping that she can use the money (if we get it back) to put it towards their new house fund.
DD hopes to get married quietly after lockdown and has booked a beautiful venue for a huge party in November, when she will wear her dress. (Why November? 🌨🌪🌩)
It was a former church, which is being transformed into a venue to hold functions.

Ciat Sun 05-Apr-20 08:05:00

Hello I m ciata from Indiana