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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 18-Oct-20 06:20:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but also dry here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterday, did not quite go to plan , I had my pork slices in a bap and came over shortly after with a cold sweat ,and wanting to be sick , anyway I was feeling weak , but got the bus ,although breathing was hard , watched V to concentrate, it helped sick a few times bringing up flem ,and the stuffing I had, relaxed with sweating .
Starved myself would have had a Chinese Take away , anyway OK now after a restful night .
I did enjoy watching the latest Freeview Channel 11 Sky Arts where I watched the history of the Motown label .
Today apart from a small shop, will watch a combination of the Giro ,and Tour of Flanders something like 8 hours viewing including the women's of Flanders.
Take Care ,

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 06:40:13

Good morning, Mick and others who will soon join us on this easygoing thread.

So sorry to hear of your gastric problems, Mick - that sounds horrid! Sounds like something not quite right with the pork or stuffing. Very disappointing.

It’s very still and dry here in Torbay. In the past we would hear the occasional late night reveller but the early closing of pubs seems to have ended that unwelcome intrusion on our slumber!

This is the last day of quarantine for me! I’ve attached a photo of a lovely basket of flowers, sent by my daughter on Friday when I'd had a migraine which coincided with the 11th anniversary of losing my Mum. They lifted my spirits considerably! Thank you to brook2704 and Beechnut for your kind comments yesterday.

My heart goes out to youAnnapops with the concern you must be feeling over your BIL. My nephew succumbed to CF, aged 23, so I have some understanding of the pain you endured with your poor sister.

I hope today brings something to give peace to everyone with worries of any kind.

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 06:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MellowYellow Sun 18-Oct-20 06:44:48

Oh dear Mick, so sorry, hope you continue to feel better today. Dark outside in south Cornwall, no idea what the weather is, haven't poked my nose out.

A second day of back-to-back 5 year old while the parents move house. We painted a unicorn model yesterday. Who knows what excitement it'll be today?! wink My concreting room will have to wait another day or two, but this little one is such good company, I love my time with her. Anyway, the best of everything to you and yours today. Thinking of you and your son grandMattie.

MellowYellow Sun 18-Oct-20 06:46:11

Beautiful flowers Ashcombe, how thoughtful that was.

MissChateline Sun 18-Oct-20 06:51:23

Good morning from an overcast Yorkshire. Trip to A&E yesterday confirmed a torn tendon in my shoulder. Very painful and results from a stupid tumble I took whilst hiking a couple of weeks ago. I was more concerned about my sprained ankle at the time. Awaiting a physio appointment.
Hopefully my kitchen fitter will return on Tuesday to complete my renovation. He decided to take a 2 week holiday in the middle of the work. Underfloor heating pad has gone down but can’t be used until the floor is laid and it’s really cold in my semi underground room. I guess that after 8 weeks of disruption one more week won’t be too dreadful.
I shall have a couple of walks through the woods and on the moors. Always good for lifting the spirits.

NanKate Sun 18-Oct-20 06:57:32

Morning Mick and All those feeling unwell today. 💐

Think it’s going to be chilly and dull today in South Bucks.

Roast chicken for supper tonight. Yum.

I suspect Kitty will have a spring in her step now Strictly is back. 💃

NanKate Sun 18-Oct-20 06:58:06

Lovely flowers Ash. 👍

grandMattie Sun 18-Oct-20 07:04:24

Late good morning from a grey, mild, dry E Kent. Unusually I have just woken up. Normally I’m up at least two hours earlier.
Sorry about you “poisoning”, Mick. Hope the Giro makes you feel better.
Lovely day yesterday with my beloved men. Delicious roast chicken, roast pots and cauli cheese. Choc fudge pudding, a perennial fave, for pud.
My DS1 is leaving today. Many tears no doubt, though it’ll be nice to return to normal and not tiptoe because of noise in his lessons. Must look on the bright side.
The best to those with pain, sadness,wobbles; stay safe everyone.

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 07:05:38

Thanks, MellowYellow and NanKate! When I first posted, the photo didn’t appear so I added it underneath and then it popped into my original post.! I’ve asked GNHQ to remove the duplicate but I don’t think they’re awake yet!

Sar53 Sun 18-Oct-20 07:22:11

Good morning everyone from a barely light Essex by the sea. The heating has just come on so it will soon be warm and toasty.
DH is off to rugby with just one grandson this morning, the other is going to a party.
I think I will go put for a walk after preparing a beef casserole with red wine for dinner later.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone and stay safe xx

Nannytopsy Sun 18-Oct-20 07:25:34

Good morning Mick - sorry to hear of yesterday’s upset.
Good morning to the rest of the gang too. It’s dry and grey here in Suffolk. We are up with the sparrows as DGC had a sleepover. DS will join us for lunch of roast beef, then I envision a snooze 😊. There is already the smell of cooked breakfast from downstairs. I am hiding upstairs!
It is our first church service since March today so I shall leave grandpa in charge here and walk up. The DGC go to their church with mum but it’s very modern and has a Sunday school. Ours is a very small, elderly congregation, well wrapped against the cold!
Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sark Sun 18-Oct-20 07:28:14

Good Morning from Oxfordshire.
Haven't looked out yet so not sure what the weather is doing.
Mick not nice so glad you're feeling better
Ashcombe beautiful flowers
Today is my birthday so we are going to DD1 for lunch today, my favourite..roast turkey!
Best wishes to allsunshineflowers

Beechnut Sun 18-Oct-20 07:32:43

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry and getting light.
I slept later too grandMattie. Glad you had a good day with your men and today is not too hard.
The flowers were a lovely welcome to open up to Ashcombe.
Not good to feel poorly while out and about Mick.

I’m going to plant some pansies today and do the ironing. Not much else is pressing to do so I’ll just go with the flow today.

Have a good day all and those numbers are rising so stay safe 🌻

Nannytopsy Sun 18-Oct-20 07:34:17

Happy Birthday Sark! 🥂

Beechnut Sun 18-Oct-20 07:35:06

Happy Birthday Sark wishing you a lovely day, enjoy the roast 🎂🎉💐

Pantglas2 Sun 18-Oct-20 07:40:52

Good morning all from a dry north Wales where I’m enjoying the chamberpot ☕️,

Happy birthday Sark - hope you have a lovely day 🎂. Those flowers are gorgeous Ashcombe!

A big shop at Lidl for me before possible proper lockdown this week - they’ve also got some gorgeous stripey multicoloured socks on offer! That’ll be stocking fillers for a few friends who, like me, are aging disgracefully!

Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday x

dragonfly46 Sun 18-Oct-20 07:42:40

Good morning from grey Leicestershire.

The flowers are beautiful Ashcombe and worth seeing twice!
You will miss DS GrandMattie but how lovely you have spent all this time with him.

Absolutely nothing planned today - may have to finish the tax forms. Then will rummage in the freezer for dinner.
Hope everyone has the best day possible.

dragonfly46 Sun 18-Oct-20 07:43:16

Happy Birthday Sark

MellowYellow Sun 18-Oct-20 07:45:34

Happy Birthday Sark cupcakeflowerswine

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 07:49:09

Bless you, Sark, Beechnut and dragonfly46 for your comments and



Beauregard Sun 18-Oct-20 07:50:31

Good morning all from Derbyshire. Dry but dull today by the look of it.

Yesterday my DS helped transfer our two standard Callistemons to the greenhouse for winter protection as they're not totally hardy. More gardening today - mostly at the veg garden this afternoon - Monty said it's time to stake the Brussels! (Or so DH says as I had nodded off at that point). Then a roast chicken for dinner.

Sorry to hear you were unwell yesterday Mick
Thoughtful daughter Ashcombe
Hope you get your physio soon Miss Chateline
grandMattie flowers

And a very happy birthday to Sark flowers

Hope everyone is feeling well and today is good for us all.

Gingster Sun 18-Oct-20 07:52:15

Good morning from a grey full Essex. Very still and no rain though!

Poor you, Mick. How disappointing for you and I don’t think you’ll feel like going back there. 🤢.

Happy birthday Sark. Have a lovely day with your DD. 💐.

I watched a couple of episodes of The Crown yesterday afternoon as DH was out at footie. It was the Aberfan disaster. So so sad. I remember it well. 1966. - I had just started work in London and read the news on the train home. The Queen didn’t cover herself in glory not going to comfort the people. She failed again when Diana died. 😢

Anyone watch Strictly last night? 🕺💃🏻. I thought they arranged it very well and it was lovely to have a bit of glitz and colour.

Not much on here today. Dd and family were coming for lunch, but not allowed now.

Enjoy your sundays everyone. 🌻🍂🍁

Scentia Sun 18-Oct-20 07:55:47

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It is very fresh out there this morning.
Happy Birthday Sark. And Mick what an awful experience for you.
About 5 minutes after my post yesterday telling of all my plans for the weekend I pulled my back out just putting a plate in the dishwasher! I have been unable to move about since. I have had some ibuprofen and a nice hot bath at 2.30am today and it is easing slightly but another day of rest for me today as I really need to be mobile for work tomorrow. The book box and garden will have to wait until next weekend.
I do hope everyone has the best day possible.

Pittcity Sun 18-Oct-20 08:03:11

Good morning from Colchester where the sun is shining under a leaden sky. Quite eerie.
Another quiet lazy day with a chicken dinner.

Happy Birthday Sark! 🥂

I don't know about staking the brussels Beauregard, shouldn't they be simmering to be ready in time for C*****s? wink