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The Argy Bargy Bar...the lease has been secured!

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lemongrove Sun 01-Nov-20 16:52:25

Well, fellow Argy Bargers, after some hard bargaining with
Moneybags Mike our landlord, I have managed to secure another short term lease.The scoundrel wanted ten pounds a month, but I showed him my maroon bloomers and he reduced it to seven pounds.Result!😊

AGAA4 Sun 01-Nov-20 16:56:14

Well done Lemon! Now can we have a pay rise?

Doodle Sun 01-Nov-20 21:43:47

Yipee. We’re back. Well we never actually left but we’re back anyway. Time to prepare for our bonfire bash on Friday.
I fancy a banger myself 😊

GrannyGravy13 Sun 01-Nov-20 21:46:01

Yippee I am up for a ^big bang^💣

Spangler Sun 01-Nov-20 21:49:56

lemongrove Sun 01-Nov-20 16:52:25
^Well, fellow Argy Bargers, after some hard bargaining with
Moneybags Mike our landlord, I have managed to secure another short term lease.The scoundrel wanted ten pounds a month, but I showed him my maroon bloomers and he reduced it to seven pounds.^

You did what? Were you wearing them? Was that you I saw in Broadstairs, Kent?

lemongrove Sun 01-Nov-20 21:56:16

Now, how did you get hold of that pic? That was The Argy staff on a day out at the seaside! We didn’t know that you were lurking with a camera Spangler otherwise you would have had to hand over some folding stuff ( it’s not too late.....ten shillings please!)

lemongrove Sun 01-Nov-20 22:04:42

Ideas for food on Bonfire Nite ( or Plot Nite as I prefer to call it.) I shall make some plot toffee apples, some parkin, and that old favourite ....gherkin pasties.
AGA can you do the baked spuds ( in our bonfire)
Doodle cellar mushroom vol au vents
GG13 potato peel pie ( give AGA the actual potato inside for the poteen)
Spangler if you can put your camera down for a minute, you can make the whelk stew ( always goes down well, and comes up even better.)

Spangler Sun 01-Nov-20 22:16:01

It's got to be worth ten bob.

Doodle Sun 01-Nov-20 22:27:52

spangler you captured the essence of the Argy in that picture 😀.
grannygravy where’ve you been. We missed you. Are you coming to our bonfire nite Friday. Lots of whizz bangs going on and we’ve got fireworks too. 😀

lemongrove Mon 02-Nov-20 07:19:15

I do like a prompt payer! Thanks Spangler’s a
Guy Fawkes Fiasco cocktail on the house 🍹( secret ingredients) 😉

lemongrove Mon 02-Nov-20 07:23:29

AGA where are you? Still in bed I bet.....get over here and fire up the still, we need megaloads of poteen for Friday.
Callistemon and Doodle and anyone else, we also need a big clean up, from the attics to the cellar am putting a call out for all scrubbers to assemble here.

lemongrove Mon 02-Nov-20 07:29:24

GG13 you can scour the highways and byways for wood for our bonfire ( to be held in the back yard) just a hint......there is a timber merchants just down the road ( Pigstrotter Passage)
Who have very weak padlocks on their side door.wink
Don’t feel guilty...most of their stuff fell off the back of a lorry in any case.

Spangler Mon 02-Nov-20 08:20:53

Doodle, make sure that the gin bottle is out of sight, you know what they can be like when they've had a nip or three.

Iam64 Mon 02-Nov-20 08:22:55

I'll donate the slightly burned Christmas cake (referring to another thread here , expect to be banished before long). It will fit with the general ambiance and we can either enjoy the crispy outer bits, or chop them off and throw them on the fire. It will go well with gin.

lemongrove Mon 02-Nov-20 12:24:08

Thanks Iam 😃 ....mind you, most things go well with gin,
And will you supply some Wensleydale as well please.
I like things a bit on the burnt and crispy side btw.

Iam64 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:10:10

lemon grove, can I bring Lancashire instead? Our local cheese shop has a few local speciality cheeses. Could be crumbly, creamy or tasty Lancashire. I'll bring some of each which should help dismiss the idea that only Wensleydale goes with fruit cake.

AGAA4 Mon 02-Nov-20 15:42:21

I have been brewing away in the cellar Lemon with Thor. The poteen will be very strong this time as I have added some WD-40 and rocket fuel.
I have saved some potatoes for baking on the bonfire. Achilles has been collecting twigs and bits of wood for the bonfire. Doodle has been helping him. They have been gone all day.
I had to show my purple bloomers right up to the knee to get all those potatoes from Fast Fritz.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:06:19

I have been scavenging round the local bins, got loads of spuds, they aren’t the best but will scrub up ok,🥔🥔🥔

Found some fireworks behind a skip, might need a bit of adjustment on the safety front best not let The Major near them ☠️💥💥💥💥💥

NotSpaghetti Mon 02-Nov-20 16:11:00

Hello, don't think I've been to the Argy Bargy bar before... but I do have a friend with an old barge we could probably use...
Especially if lemon is up for more bloomer-flashing.

AGAA4 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:11:47

Can I have some of your spuds GG13? I need to make extra barrels of poteen.
The Admiral has said he will be in charge of the fireworks but as he blew up one of his ships we should keep well away.

Doodle Mon 02-Nov-20 16:32:04

Spangler that’s us on a well behaved night out. 😊
IAM Lancashire is fine by me. Last time we had Wensleydale in the bar we were inundated with Wallace and Grommet look alikes and loads of sheep.
AGA you are right Achilles and I have been hard at it all day. What do you mean where’s the wood? blush
GrannyGravy well done. Those fireworks look good. What do you think the skull and crossbones on the boxes mean 🤔
Notspaghetti you are welcome. We are having a bonfire party Friday. If you’ve got time you can help try and source some more potatoes. You can flash your bloomers at the grocer if you like.

AGAA4 Mon 02-Nov-20 16:45:25

The bonfire isn't very big Doodle. I will have to go out for a forage with Thor. Would you and Achilles keep an eye on the bar while we are gone?
And keep an eye on the Captain. He has been sampling the poteen all afternoon and has been stripping off scaring the customers.

Charleygirl5 Mon 02-Nov-20 17:20:43

The landlord obviously did not inspect the premises or he would have asked if you were aware there was running water there to clean the place. Still, you did get a bargain.

I will not be coming- I still have a delicate stomach from the last lot of food for want of a better word, on offer.

Doodle Mon 02-Nov-20 18:30:51

That’s a shame charleygirl we all still have fond memories of the days you used to be a table dancer here 😀

lemongrove Mon 02-Nov-20 18:36:04

Not Spaghetti I am a shameless user of the old bloomer flashing routine if it will get me what I want.You could leave the barge in the cobbled alley round the back, we could store
Our bonfire wood on it.
Stay and have a cocktail or a pint of the craft beer (AGA brews it in the cellar) her latest offering will put hairs on your’s called Old Black Goblin ( an acquired taste).