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GN Annual Christmas Ball....all welcome

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lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:45:32

As usual, there will be a grand Christmas Ball , and the invitations have already been sent out to you all, on very expensive hand crafted cards with scalloped 22carat gold edging.To be held a few days before Christmas and the venue is Lemongrove Manor (in England, somewhere in the back of beyond).To those of you who have never attended before,
Say what you will be bringing and a line or two of chat ( or a much as you want to) although it’s alphabetical in nature (although we usually get very mixed up) this thread is a cross between a game and general chat.Dress beautifully please😃

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:47:34

Alligator shoes
Lord Lemongrove has a pair which he always wears for the GN Christmas Ball.They provide a talking point, and sometimes a punch up!😁

kittylester Wed 25-Nov-20 09:47:48

Always do dress beautifully, what are you implying?

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:50:23

Ballgown.....mine is white and silver and incredibly sparkly, and will be having my hair coloured to match, well, I do want to be the belle of the ball.

LauraNorder Wed 25-Nov-20 09:52:35

Crinoline and corsets, making me breathlessly alluring.

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:53:31

But.....kitty you came in dungarees and a straw hat last year,
So was hoping you would make an effort this time.

LauraNorder Wed 25-Nov-20 09:53:55

Dentures. Assuming food might be on the tough side

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:56:18

Eggnog....I will order gallons of it, I rather like mine in a pint glass.🤪

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 09:56:34

Dustbin lid and a diadem

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 09:57:19

Fans (for my dance)

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 09:58:09

Gallons of glühwein and green galoshes

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 09:58:34

Is the dustbin lid to fend off any over attentive male guests
Lucca? It’s true that by midnight some have become a bit frisky.

Pittcity Wed 25-Nov-20 09:59:49

I'll bring the gin and wear a garter 🥂

Ellianne Wed 25-Nov-20 10:00:08

A hat with holly.

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 10:00:50

I will be wearing my Christmas burka. All the easier to hide my uncut hair, Covid weight and anything I might nick on the night. Strictly no dancing though. My escort will be David Olusoga by arrangement with DH.

cornergran Wed 25-Nov-20 10:01:52

Ham, a happy face and a hammock for a rest later.

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 10:05:32

In that case Jane I shall be counting the spoons after your visit ( and may whip off your burkha when you least expect it.

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 10:06:53

Kites.......we will be as high as them by 2 am ( with any luck)

Ellianne Wed 25-Nov-20 10:07:58

A jumper with jingle bells.

Grandmabatty Wed 25-Nov-20 10:08:57

I'll bring, nay wear my seven veils ready for a solo dance after I've had too much myrrh

Puzzler61 Wed 25-Nov-20 10:10:21

Oh how lovely, an invitation to go Out 🙃
I will wear an outfit that cost an arm and a leg 10 years ago (so quite new really). It’s shrunk 😱 since I bought it, so the back of the dress will be open, and I can’t walk in the shoes, but if you prop me up with my back in a corner, I’m sure I’ll look alluring.

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 10:10:24

What happened to alphabetical?!?

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 10:12:50

No lemon grove the dustbin lid forms part of my ensemble possibly teamed with a garden trellis. For defence I shall use a dibber

lemongrove Wed 25-Nov-20 10:15:57


Puzzler61 Wed 25-Nov-20 10:17:20

P.S. I’ll bring Stinking Bishop cheese. I have some in the back of the garage somewhere, just need to reach through the cobwebs.
Also a few flagons of rough cider. The stuff they make round here - I’m not exaggerating - it’s Rough!