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vampirequeen Wed 25-Nov-20 14:08:29

It's soapbox time. I don't wear makeup very often. It's not that I have anything against it and it's something I always wear if I'm going somewhere where I need a confidence boost/mask to hide behind. The rest of the time I don't bother. I'm clean and tidy with brushed hair but no makeup. Today I was told that I would look nice if I put on made an effort by putting on some makeup. Why????? Will make up make me a better person? Will I miraculously stop being ill? What purpose would it serve?

Rant over.

Oldwoman70 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:16:07

How rude! Unless the person who said it was Miss World or a young Brad Pitt then you would have been justified in causing physical harm!

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:17:35

I'd rant too. Don't know why make up is so important to some. It's a mask of sorts. I felt quite liberated when I stopped wearing make up and, somehow, the world didn't stop spinning.

timetogo2016 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:22:00

Whoever said that to you is totally damn rude.
I don`t wear make up and thankfully no one has ever said that to me.
That being said if they did,they would be wearing my fist.

Grannybags Wed 25-Nov-20 14:24:56

You should only wear makeup if it makes you feel better, not for other people.

I'm speaking as someone who wouldn't have ventured outside the front door without putting my lipstick on but since lockdown gradually only wore it occasionally and now can't be bothered to wear any at all.

It's very liberating!

MadeInYorkshire Wed 25-Nov-20 14:28:42

Vampirequeen Who was it that said that to you? How rude!

I would never have gone out without 'my face on' in times gone by, but nowadays it's effort I haven't got the energy for and as you say it doesn't stop you from being ill!

That and ironing went many years ago except for special events, I have enough on nowadays getting bloody dressed!

vampirequeen Wed 25-Nov-20 14:32:42

It was someone in her eighties who has worn make up every day since she was a teenager. She doesn't leave the house without 'putting her face on'.

EllanVannin Wed 25-Nov-20 14:33:11

I've never been a make-up person, just a bit of lipstick to hide that " dug-up " look as you get older and the lips lose their natural colour.

What a cheek to pass such a remark though.

Hithere Wed 25-Nov-20 14:35:43

I don't wear makeup either.

My oldest daughter just told me she wants to wear makeup so she can be pretty. She is only 5!

I am trying so hard to unprogram that unhealthy standard from her brain

Another double standard women have to deal with

phoenix Wed 25-Nov-20 14:43:51

I think I might have replied with either "Thank you, but as grown up of (insert age) I feel confident enough to make my own decisions".

Or the alternative " And I think you would be a better person if you kept your opinions to yourself"

You could have added "You over made up old bat" but that may just have been a tad too much?

Callistemon Wed 25-Nov-20 14:49:22

"Sometimes less is more"

I was shocked to se an advert on TV yesterday for 25 hour makeup!
Who would keep make up on for 25 hours?
There are only 24 hours in a day anyway.
Don't people who wear makeup cleanse their faces before they go to bed?

Charleygirl5 Wed 25-Nov-20 14:50:12

That was very rude. If I was meeting friends for coffee, yes I would apply a little but in the house on my own, never.

sodapop Wed 25-Nov-20 14:51:20

grin Phoenix I don't wear make up since I moved to France, not sure why not, just laziness I expect. I don't have a problem either way it's a personal choice. I do remember someone I knew in my younger days whose husband had rarely seen her without full makeup. She would get up at 6am to do her hair and put on the makeup.

Blossoming Wed 25-Nov-20 15:02:58

I never wear makeup. I’m allergic to a lot of things, I had a horrible auto immune disease called Stevens Johnson Syndrome earlier this year and it really isn’t worth the risk.

BlueBelle Wed 25-Nov-20 15:15:27

Why worry? your ways and her ways are different, she’s rude and you’re not, but nothing to get upset over
I once worked with an elderly lady who when I bent over to pick something up she said ‘you ve got a big axxe’ well actually I ve got a very normal sized one so she wasn’t even accurate as well as rude
I have no idea why but every day I shower do my hair get dressed put my bit of makeup on and my earrings even if I m just doing housework and staying in all day (not a lot before you get pictures of a scarlet woman) but I just always feel undressed if I don’t have a bit on

Callistemon Wed 25-Nov-20 15:20:56

I've been wearing sleepers in my ears because I'm sure the holes were closing up through not bothering to wear earrings.
(They are nice ones which DD bought for me.)

Mapleleaf Wed 25-Nov-20 15:30:28

The only time I wear makeup (a bit, not much) is when I’m going out somewhere special but as that’s not happening these days, I’m not wearing any other than moisturiser & perfume if they count. I’ve never been one for bothering much with the stuff, and never felt the need to plaster it on for work - maybe a slick of lipstick if I felt like it. To be honest, I’m finding some products such as mascara, irritating now so they’ve been banished to the bin.

PollyDolly Wed 25-Nov-20 15:36:09

Well, whoever said that to you Vampirequeen must have known that you're unwell! How rude and unkind! THEY need a personality makeover!
Rise above it and stay strong and positive. (flowers)

PollyDolly Wed 25-Nov-20 15:36:48

Oh dear, I did try to "send" flowers, so sorry.

boodymum67 Wed 25-Nov-20 15:39:59

Maybe whoever said it thought you were a bit down and would feel brighter with a bit of slap on. I cant always be bothered but feel better instantly with a bit of lippy etc.

Try not to take it to heart.

TerriBull Wed 25-Nov-20 15:41:57

Wearing make up is entirely up to the individual. Once upon a time I slapped loads of it on. These days after cleanser and toner, it's merely some moisturiser, eyebrow products and a bit of brow lightening pencil, lipstick if the mask isn't on.

As the person making the personal remark was in her 80s, maybe if she raises the subject again, respond in kind, with a "less is more in the make up stakes as we age, lets not forget Barbara Cartland, we don't want to be going down that road do we?"shock

Galaxy Wed 25-Nov-20 15:43:24

My friend who has never worn makeup has much better skin than many who do, her skin looks younger as well.

eazybee Wed 25-Nov-20 15:45:23

How rude to say 'if you made an effort,' but perhaps the person concerned has seen you wearing make-up and thinks how nice you look when you wear it. (pouring oil on troubled waters).

kittylester Wed 25-Nov-20 15:50:34

How rude!!

There are quite a few people who justify themselves by putting people down though - I have a sister in law who thinks her way is the only way in most things - even roast potatoes!!

harrigran Wed 25-Nov-20 16:01:49

Rude indeed.
I have a sister like that kitty, everything from how to cook sausages to Trump and American politics even though she is British.
Last time she spouted forth about a medical condition I said " well I could agree with you but then we would both be wrong"
DH said I was wasting my time she just talked over me.