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Do you Wash New Clothes?

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FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:33:00

Hello Everyone!
Boring but Potentially Divisive Thread Alert

Do you wash brand new clothes?

There was a thread about this a while ago on MN.

Apparently, new clothes can actually be quite dirty and germy.

I've recently bought quite a few new dresses and I'm genuinely torn whether to wash them or not (I know; first world probs and all that).

Wash or not? 🤔

Sara1954 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:34:05


FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:34:41

I always wash new knickers. Thought I ought to mention that.

MiniMoon Sun 18-Apr-21 13:36:13

No, I've never felt the need.

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:36:34

Thanks Sara! To the point and nonjudgmental 🌟

Whitewavemark2 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:39:24


Cabbie21 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:39:47

I might leave them hanging up for a couple of days before I wear them, so any viruses will have gone. Anything that comes in a package will have been untouched for long enough by the time I open it.
I suppose I might wash anything bought from a shop rail that looks grubby, but that would be a rarity. ( I probably wouldn’t buy it.)

Calendargirl Sun 18-Apr-21 13:40:00

No, like the ‘newness’.

Never think they will be dirty or germy.

When ignorance is bliss....

Gannygangan Sun 18-Apr-21 13:40:45

I always do.

I find many clothes have a strange lingering smell. Not a horrid smell. Just a bit plastic smelling. This is clothes that have been ordered online

Haven't shopped for clothes in shops for years, bur I'd always have washed those as well

Who knows who's been touching them, wearing them etc etc

Sara1954 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:40:46

Sorry Fanny, couldn’t think of anything else to say on the subject!!

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:41:45

Sara no worries, I meant it, I wasn't being early!

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:42:09


EllanVannin Sun 18-Apr-21 13:43:16

No, but my mum always did.

FannyCornforth Sun 18-Apr-21 13:43:36

CalendargirlI know, I like the newness.
They look so crisp 😍

nanna8 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:46:15

I always wash things that go next to the skin but not cardigans or jackets. I found that whatever they put in the material often makes me itch otherwise.

annodomini Sun 18-Apr-21 13:48:17

I never have and so far have come to no harm.

grandMattie Sun 18-Apr-21 13:51:37

I do, but not for the above reasons. Fabric is “dressed” when woven/knitted and my skin is very sensitive to it!

JaneJudge Sun 18-Apr-21 13:54:21

Yes I do but we all have very sensitive skin.

Greeneyedgirl Sun 18-Apr-21 13:54:32

Depends what it is. Sometimes dresses don’t hang the same after washing, or it could be me 🤔. Knickers always, but doubt they have been worn to try as the ones I buy are in sealed multipacks. I suppose it depends on how high my laziness factor is on the day.

Auntieflo Sun 18-Apr-21 13:55:35

New clothes, what new clothes?

Auntieflo Sun 18-Apr-21 13:58:08

Now there are adverts for 6 new washing machines, alongside this thread.

Grannybags Sun 18-Apr-21 13:58:53


Unless they have an unpleasant smell to them.....

Grannynannywanny Sun 18-Apr-21 13:59:05

No, it’s not something I’ve ever felt compelled to do. In the past year I have washed all reusable face masks I’ve bought online.

Artaylar Sun 18-Apr-21 14:01:53

I don't myself though DH always insists that his new clothes are always washed.

Given that he'd be happy living in a tip if I wasnt around to keep the place clean, its a bit of an odd one confused

timetogo2016 Sun 18-Apr-21 14:02:03

No,far too lazy tbh.