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Ahoy, expert knitters and crocheters! Need a decision on something, please

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Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:37:58

Please look at this Plümo "Crochet Cream Scarf" and tell me if it is knitted or crocheted. Look closely and let me know. Many thanks.

aggie Thu 07-Jul-22 14:39:56

I suspect you are advertising this obviously crocheted wrap ?

aggie Thu 07-Jul-22 14:40:30

It is nice 😊

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:42:52

Absolutely not, aggie. I emailed the company (who sent me a sale catalogue for some reason) to tell them the scarf looks knitted to me. They replied and said the information from their supplier was that it is crocheted.

It still looks knitted to me so before I email them again I'd like a few more opinions on its knittedness or crochetedness.

Do join in if you'rs a knitter/crocheter 😊

Maywalk Thu 07-Jul-22 14:45:46

It looks knitted to me as well.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:45:58

I think a good proportion of sellers of women's clothes do not know what knitting and crochet look like and can't tell the difference.

I got in touch with another company a while back because they said their knitted jumper (which I bought) had "ribbing" cuffs and neck. The cuffs and neck were not knitted in ribbing but in garter stitch, which has completely different qualities from ribbing, which in turn is rather important in a neckline and cuffs.

twinnytwin Thu 07-Jul-22 14:46:01

Looking at the photo of just the scarf, I reckon it's knitted.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:46:15

Thanks, maywalk.

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 14:47:12

The edging is very definitely knitted.

The centre looks crocheted, but I can't get a close enough look because of the way the site has set up the photos. could it be a hybrid pattern?

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:48:16

I wondered about the centre as well, dd, but was able to zoom in enough to see garter or reverse purl knitting in the centre.

GrandmaSeaDragon Thu 07-Jul-22 14:49:39

Looks like it’s knitted, not crocheted, to me. Jolly expensive though, even at sale price! A Great Aunt knitted a similar pattern shawl in 2ply for my first born many years ago.

Doodledog Thu 07-Jul-22 14:49:45

Scrap that - I saw there is another view that I could close in on. Yes, it is knitted.

It is a common mistake. My daughter often asks me to make crocheted things for her, when I can only knit. She just shrugs and says 'can't you just knit it instead?' 🙄

Maywalk Thu 07-Jul-22 14:49:58

I know one thing for certain, I WOULD NOT pay that price for it.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 14:51:53

Agreed on the excessive cost.

DD1, who is an expert knitter and crocheter said this:

"Definitely not crochet, although I think the words for knitting and crochet are the same in many languages so maybe it's a translation issue. Clothing manufacturers often call knitted lace or machine lace 'crochet' though because it's fashionable, but it's literally impossible to produce crochet other than by hand."

Septimia Thu 07-Jul-22 14:54:43

I think the body of the scarf might be crocheted, but the edging certainly looks knitted.

MiniMoon Thu 07-Jul-22 15:13:27

The main body of the scarf is crocheted spider lace and the edging looks like waistcoat stitch with chain stitches. It all looks like it's crocheted to me.

Liz46 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:37:15

The part that is visible is knitted.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 15:40:16

If you look carefully at the centre part of the shawl you should see that the stitch in the centre of a "spiders" is quite different from that in the photo below, which is spider lace crochet.

Feelingmyage55 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:40:51

All knitted.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 15:41:58

Photo not great as it's a screen shot but it is possible on my laptop to blow up the centre part of the shawl enough to see that it is definitely knitted. Lacy knit, yes, but knitted nonetheless.

Feelingmyage55 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:41:59

Just seen the extra photo. Yes crochet there too.

Baggs Thu 07-Jul-22 15:43:05

The extra photo is crochet but it not a photo of the shawl. It's there to illustrate the difference.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:46:06


If you look carefully at the centre part of the shawl you should see that the stitch in the centre of a "spiders" is quite different from that in the photo below, which is spider lace crochet.

That part in the picture is crocheted but the part shown in the picture in the link looks knitted.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Jul-22 15:49:53

X post!

If that's a different item (crocheted in singles, trebles and chains?) then I would say the scarf is knitted.

But I wouldn't claim to be an expert

karmalady Thu 07-Jul-22 15:53:16

an easy knit. Would cost about £30 to make