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Are you going abroad this year ?

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Dizza25 Wed 10-Aug-22 22:53:46

Just wondering.

We had plans to, but an operation means it’s a no no until next year.

Looking at a holiday in Cyprus and it’s £250 pp more than 3 years ago in the same hotel at the same time for one week.

Looking at the UK instead but it’s still pricey!!!

Maybe cancel plans altogether and spend it on energy!!!!

Sago Wed 10-Aug-22 23:09:06

All our referred holidays have taken place or are taking place this year.
We have been to France and Portugal already, we return to the South of France at the end of the month for a wedding and finally a trip to Norway in October!

Why not try and get away in September? There are some good UK deals.

Georgesgran Wed 10-Aug-22 23:29:01

I’m going to Malaga for a few days with DD2 in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been away (anywhere) since February 2020 and my DH died last year, so I feel I need a break.

henetha Wed 10-Aug-22 23:29:10

If Ireland counts as abroad, then yes.

Mollygo Thu 11-Aug-22 00:48:34

Yes, it almost feels like free holidays, even though they aren’t, because they were all paid for before Covid, and the companies hung onto our money and the booking, or issued vouchers. I don’t know about next year, with contribution to Uni costs, cost of living and energy price rises.

annsixty Thu 11-Aug-22 05:39:19

I last went abroad in 2018, before that it was 2010.
My passport expired a couple of years ago and I don’t think I will renew it.
My H had Alzheimer’s for years before dying in 2019 and I have lost the desire for holidays of any kind.
I did love holidays abroad but the thought of airports and flying now have put paid to it.

JackyB Thu 11-Aug-22 06:52:43

Well, France is a half-hour drive from us, but we haven't been this year yet. All the family have been sticking to inland holidays (2 sons have taken their families to Bavaria). There are so many wonderful places to visit here in Germany.

I would like to come to the UK but will be happy if my sister comes to visit me.

Iam64 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:37:53

Just booked for September. Health insurance costing more than the holiday. The flights and accommodation twice what we paid pre covid

tanith Thu 11-Aug-22 07:46:17

I may go to visit family in Gibraltar but I’m still dithering about it and I really cant put my finger on why 🤷🏼‍♀️

Aveline Thu 11-Aug-22 07:47:01

We have a cruise round Italy booked for October. Not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not. I hope the airports are all organised by then.

dragonfly46 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:48:29

We are driving to Holland today!

Allsorts Thu 11-Aug-22 07:50:17

I’m on the brink, but dread I might have all the faff at the airport, so maybe not.

Casdon Thu 11-Aug-22 07:54:28


I’m going to Malaga for a few days with DD2 in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been away (anywhere) since February 2020 and my DH died last year, so I feel I need a break.

Have a wonderful holiday Georgesgran, I still remember my first holiday abroad after my husband died, I felt like I’d got a bit of myself back and really enjoyed the change of scenery.

bevisp1 Thu 11-Aug-22 07:55:02

Normally manage to get abroad every year, but last one was 2019. Due to Covid and other reasons, but am going to Canada for my sons September wedding (& holiday), so excited and can’t wait…

Pittcity Thu 11-Aug-22 07:58:13

Just booked Spain for late September and went to Portugal in April. Apart from the stamping of passports because of Brexit and the wearing of masks, the airport was no worse than usual. The media, as usual, concentrate on the horror stories and don't mention that the majority experience no problems.
As for price. We had a short break in Somerset and it was far more expensive per night than our European trip. Everyone is facing higher prices than pre pandemic and needs to make up losses. Shop around as there are good deals to be had.

Humbertbear Thu 11-Aug-22 08:01:35

I love travel and can’t get enough. Maybe because I started quite late. I’ve been to Lake Como and Gran Canaria this year and have a river cruise on the Rhone booked for September. I’d go away even more if I could afford it! My husband isn’t that bothered so I travel with a friend or my daughter.

Maggiemaybe Thu 11-Aug-22 08:02:33

We had a city break in Naples last month - our first trip abroad since 2019 and it was wonderful. It was a Jet2 holiday and not at all expensive. After fretting about what it would be like at the airport, we were through security in 15 minutes and had a long wait at the other side. smile

We’re going to Turkey for the first time in Autumn, a week touring and a week in a hotel. Just over £1000 for both of us.

We booked both in June, so there are still deals to be had.

Georgesgran Thu 11-Aug-22 08:02:37

Thank you Casdon. I’m looking forward to it.

M0nica Thu 11-Aug-22 08:36:38

We are in our French house at the moment. This is our fifth visit this year.

We travel from Portsmouth to Caen on Brittany Ferries so have normal straight forward journeys, without having to deal with the chaos at Dover or at any airport

We are cruising to Norway in September. Again we do not expect any problems with the embarkation/disembarkation.

sodapop Thu 11-Aug-22 09:09:46

Hoping to visit UK soon before our local airport closes for six weeks. We have recently been to USA, I find travelling very wearisome now.

nanna8 Thu 11-Aug-22 09:12:27

Early next year. The airports really put us off I must admit and I think they are appalling the way they treat people, they need to get their act together. Travel by bus, train, tram is much more pleasant and comfortable and the people aren’t as rude, either.

Joseanne Thu 11-Aug-22 09:18:07

I think it is a shame to cancel travelling plans, I would rather cut back on other things if money were an issue.
I am self catering in Brittany, as is our DD2 and family although not together. The crossings were expensive but we get to take our own car (and stock up!) Food seems to have gone up in price a lot here.
We are going to Vienna in December.
Happy travels everyone!

Largolass Thu 11-Aug-22 09:22:17

Visited family in Holland in June, first time since 2019 and all travelling went well. Now looking forward to a month in Spain in September.

GagaJo Thu 11-Aug-22 09:23:22

Nope. I hate flying anyway, and the thought of all that airport chaos has put me right off.

I'm not a huge fan of holidays anyway, but would like to go back to the island my DGS was born on, to show him the beaches and where he lived as a baby.

Iam64 Thu 11-Aug-22 09:27:24

In fairness, the airports had to let staff go during lockdown. Brexit meant the uk lost so
Many hard working folks. Recruitment and retention a big issue
I flew Manchester - Malaga In May half term/jubilee. Busy but all staff helpful and pisitive