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What’s on your to do list today? ……or do you put it off until tomorrow?

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Sago Thu 11-Aug-22 09:33:56

I love a list, especially when it’s full of ticks!
Todays list is;

Clean fridge
Market fruit & veg.
Collect parcel.
Phone contracts to sort
Confirm & print out France accommodations.

What’s on your to do list today?

Auntieflo Thu 11-Aug-22 09:40:40

Should defrost one of the freezers, if I have the energy.
Then if we do get it defrosted, look for a frost free one. It lives in the garage, so would need one that could do that.
Fridge is almost empty, so could give it a quick clean.
But then, maybe not.

Chewbacca Thu 11-Aug-22 09:45:20

I could get on with painting the bedroom walls, that I started in June but then abandoned, but the roller is as hard as a brick now and I really just can't be bothered.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Aug-22 09:48:30

Too hot to do anything much, and in any case I’m concentrating on getting my strength back after covid and then full blown flu. So think covid fatigue and then double it🙂

So my list is sitting around, eating well and relaxing🙂

Grannybags Thu 11-Aug-22 09:52:04

I'm with you Whitewavemark

I haven't got the excuse of covid or flu but it's far too hot to do anything

MerylStreep Thu 11-Aug-22 09:56:28

My garden shed. It’s an absolute disgrace. 😱

Skydancer Thu 11-Aug-22 10:01:33

The best idea is to put on the list things that you will definitely do because you have to or want to. Things like put washing on, water garden etc. then you’ll definitely have at least a few ticks so can feel smug. I have an ongoing list where some things don’t get crossed off for weeks because I don’t really want to do them.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 11-Aug-22 10:06:52

Pay decorators - done
Review decorators on-line
Buy curtain rail and hooks
Buy lamp shades
Sort out spare room for daughter who is coming to stay tomorrow for a couple of nights

Callistemon21 Thu 11-Aug-22 10:36:18

I'm supposed to be blanching runner beans to freeze but got stuck on GN.

Aveline Thu 11-Aug-22 10:39:53

Meet people I was at college with nearly 50 years ago. Eek. What will I wear? Will I recognise them? I don't want to go out in this hellish hot weather into crowded hellish Edinburgh festival city centre. Will have to do it though. Bit chore.

Aveline Thu 11-Aug-22 10:40:19

Big chore!

pincers Thu 11-Aug-22 10:42:29

As little as I can get away with. Far too hot for me.

Calendargirl Thu 11-Aug-22 11:12:56

Aquacise (been).

Tomato sauce in slow cooker (cooking).

Cooking some beetroot.

Hoovering and dusting (hate doing both).

Feeding GD’s guinea pigs.

Reading my library book ( a treat when I have done the rest).

Doodledog Thu 11-Aug-22 11:22:32

Oh, I am hopeless at getting things done.

We (well, I) need to muck out the dining room as decorators are due soon and the ceiling needs to be replaced first. But I have people round tomorrow and don't want the contents of the dining room all over the house, plus my sister is having a party 100 miles away on Sunday, which will put a stop to any good works.

I need to call the dentist about rearranging an appointment and sort out wardrobes to clear space to put things away, but it's too hot to think about that.

I need to clean the kitchen, and will do that before the day's out, but will wait until mid afternoon when it's cooler.

I have a Zoom meeting this evening, and will clean and tidy the sitting room after that, whilst watching something on tv.

All of which is postponing doing anything constructive, and having me time to waste spend on here grin.

Zonne Thu 11-Aug-22 11:39:07

Read - I have four new books
Deadhead roses
Collect a prescription
Send an invoice for some work I finished last week.
Go for a walk when it’s cooled down, and combine that with watering the allotment
Unpack the shopping which is arriving about 10pm

So far, I’m excelling at the reading.

RichmondPark1 Thu 11-Aug-22 12:30:17

Walk the dog before it gets too hot
Collect book on order at the library
All ticked.

Still to do - swim in the sea at high tide. Looking forward to the swim but not the cycle ride up the hill home afterwards

tanith Thu 11-Aug-22 12:48:20

Weekly shop done
Make a physio app done
Water the pots and beans that are not producing any😭 done
Pick up my daughter at 4pm drive to GSs for a visit and dinner cooked by his lovely wife.
I’m now in my cool living room about to have some lunch and read for a while.

HowVeryDareYou Thu 11-Aug-22 13:26:13

I've done the washing
cleaned the bathroom

I ought to clean out the cutlery drawer, but I'll do it tomorrow. It's too hot for anything else.

timetogo2016 Thu 11-Aug-22 13:42:32

Nothing at all,it`s too hot and anything that needs doing will be still there tomorrow.

MiniMoon Thu 11-Aug-22 14:48:59

Did it all yesterday. New fridge freezer delivered and SiL made the cabinet the old one was removed from into a cupboard with shelves.
Therefore I cleared out all my canned and bottled goods from the kitchen cabinets, washed them and reorganised everything.
Today I'm having a chill out day before the arrival of DGS3 who is coming for a sleepover.

JackyB Thu 11-Aug-22 19:37:06

Had a hairdresser's appointment this morning, so that was the morning gone. Sorted a leak in the kitchen. Well, DH did - I had to hold things on top while he fiddled underneath, and run hot then cold water to check all was functioning properly. Then we had to clean up the kit hen floor. I deadheaded the petunias in one of the window boxes. Hadn't touched it for a week - it took me nearly three-quarters of an hour! Haven't done anything else - kitchen and bathroom will still be there tomorrow.

HettyBetty Thu 11-Aug-22 19:51:05

Does anyone do something not on the list, then write it down for the satisfaction of crossing off immediately?

Or is that just me?

Zonne Thu 11-Aug-22 20:26:05

No, but when I’m having a very bad day, I’ve been known to start mine ‘write a to-do list’ to guarantee there’s one thing that will be achieved.

crazyH Thu 11-Aug-22 20:30:29

HettyBetty I do that

MissAdventure Thu 11-Aug-22 20:32:30

Writing a to do list is on my to do list.