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Esspee Sun 14-Aug-22 07:57:25

Am fair wabbit. Jist anither dey tae thole it. Am drieding the haar burnin aff later. You?

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 08:06:00

Aye. Me an a'

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 08:44:56

Nae me, nae haar bit feelin awffy wabbit.

Ailidh Sun 14-Aug-22 08:48:40

Nae haar here eether.

It's no sae much that I'm wabbit, it's that by this afternoon I'll be drookit.

Grammaretto Sun 14-Aug-22 08:57:01

Haar's awa noo aboot here

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Aug-22 08:57:03

I dinna like feeling drookit, but in 3 months I will be telling youse all how cold ah am.

Granny23 Sun 14-Aug-22 08:57:23

Barbeque at Guid son's yestreen. Ah sat neath a tree fur shade. Noo covert in Midgie bites. Gairden was hoachin wi them.

Grannmarie Sun 14-Aug-22 09:07:14

Nae sign o' the rain, mibbe the morn's morn?

Marydoll Sun 14-Aug-22 09:11:28

Am fair scunnered, this heats daein' ma heid in!
Ah still look peely wally, but cannae be bothered wi aw that fake tan rubbish!

volver Sun 14-Aug-22 09:16:51

Rain's coming the nicht, here. We'll see. Nae eesst tae this...

Ailidh Sun 14-Aug-22 09:18:54

Hoachin! I've no heard that in years!!

rascal Sun 14-Aug-22 09:48:02

Aye me twa. Gairdn hoatchen wi midgs at nicht. Wabbit by then. Can be drookit twa.

Katek Sun 14-Aug-22 09:52:13

Haar a’ roon i coast yestreen, fae Peterheid tae Inversneckie! Twa quines wiz in i watter sweemin in Nairn! Feel gypes.

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 09:52:29

Drookit? Cannae wait! Bring ut oan.

Katek Sun 14-Aug-22 09:58:05

Fit like Aveline? Foo’s yir doo’s?

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 09:59:27

Ahm fae lowland Scoatland. Nane o' yer Doric blethers fur me.

TillyTrotter Sun 14-Aug-22 10:05:19

My MIL and her sister would talk like yoos are all day long and half of the night. I had no idea what they were talking about ?‍?

Kalu Sun 14-Aug-22 10:15:18

We shouldnae be complainin, this weather’ll soon turn an we’ll aw be greetin aboot the cauld, it is making be wabbit anaw mind ye. Nae midges roon aboot here this year. ?

Wheniwasyourage Sun 14-Aug-22 10:17:39

Sun's peekin' oot here noo the haar's awa. Gaan tae be het...

Aveline Sun 14-Aug-22 10:24:10


Nell8 Sun 14-Aug-22 10:40:16

Aye aye abody! Am frae near Stoney. Bide doon in Surrey noo (Ah ken. Dinna say it)
Wur gettin 33C the day. Heid's bilin. Far's the haar fan ye need it?

Cherrytree59 Sun 14-Aug-22 10:43:44

The bairns arriving , always fun nay greetin' allowed a Grans hoose.

I've had ma' porridge and salad awaits.
They'll be naw 'youse have had yer tea here?'

Looking forward ta dreich day we' mince and tatties for oor tea..

Am awa ben the lobby tae sort oot the wain's toys and oor Willie and The Broons annuals.

Havin an affy sare foot the morn hiplin roond like awld Granny Much.
In a wee bitty minute need tay hurl the barra roond ma green .

volver Sun 14-Aug-22 10:52:41

Granny Much, at's an auld een!

Mi man's awa oot ti pint the sills afore i' sun comes roon. I'm jist watchin' !

Elegran Sun 14-Aug-22 10:56:07

Roon here ut's no the midgies, ut's the berry bugs. Ah git a new crop o' bites tae scratch ivery time ah set fit in the gairdn.

yogitree Sun 14-Aug-22 10:56:29

Cherrytree59 - "need tay hurl the barra roond ma green" grin