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Good Morning Monday 15th August 2022

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Michael12 Mon 15-Aug-22 05:53:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but with grey cloud and feels a little bit cooler this morning.
At the moment no breeze, I did rumbles in the night , but its dry.
Today , a easy day with housework ,and see how the day develops .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 15-Aug-22 06:27:23

Good morning from a slightly cooler, grey e Kent. The night was still very sticky due to the cloud cover. Didn’t sleep especially well. Again.
Very quiet day yesterday. DD called on her way to take Evensong and we had a good chat. The first time I spoke in nearly 24 hours. I suppose I should get used to it.
First thing this morning, I’m being collected by my lovely Tai Chi friend for a dermatology appointment. I’m not worried but…
Yesterday, I pottered with the quilt, and shall do so today. It’s fun choosing the combination of fabrics from just some of my stash!
Carpe diem. Hope today is cooler and suits most of us more. 🦩🦩🦩❤️❤️🦩

ginny Mon 15-Aug-22 06:45:41

Good morning from a slightly cooler Rye.
Lovely beach day yesterday but the trek over the dunes to get there and back from the car park was hard work.
Today we are heading off to a castle. DGS2 is hoping to make a shield and do some archery.

Wishes no all a good day with a smile along the way.

ShazzaKanazza Mon 15-Aug-22 06:53:13

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a grey skied Hull. It’s the last of the hot days today then a return to the weather we all know and love.

grandMattie I’ll be very interested to see how the quilt develops I’m sure it will be beautiful. Hope your appointment goes well🤞

I am up early as I have to go and pick up GS from his mum. But I need to go for some shopping first to Morrisons. I’ll take him straight to the park then back here to play on the water chute and slide all day. I’ll be backwards and forwards with the watering can. I don’t want to use the hose all day even though we don’t have a ban yet until next week. We have a beautiful emerald green stripe down the lawn where the chute has been on an otherwise straw coloured dried up patch of grass.

Take care today and enjoy your day. Special thoughts to those finding life a challenge. 🌻🌻

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 15-Aug-22 06:54:56

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. No idea what the weather is like as I haven’t looked. It was very muggy overnight though. I will do my usual Waitrose shop and the laundry. I have more things for the Charity shop so will be going there too. I am hoping the last of the curtain samples arrive today. We need to choose the fabric for new hall and landing curtains. The new kitchen curtains should arrive this week. I hope it is slightly cooler today. My two cats don’t know what to do with themselves. Sometimes they meow at me as if to ask what the heck is going on?

PollyDolly Mon 15-Aug-22 07:01:36

Good morning from a 'wispy clouded' East Midlands - hope that makes sense. The air feels cooler and fresher and I sincerely hope rain is on the way, not to spoil anyones day but to dampen the ground at least.

Good luck with the appointment grandMattie, have the best day possible everyone.

aggie Mon 15-Aug-22 07:04:06

Good morning everyone from a cooler and slightly damper CoArmagh !
It felt thundery last night but I slept like a log on top of the duvet , so no idea if there was much rain

Jaxjacky Mon 15-Aug-22 07:12:52

Good morning all from S Hants, we have cloud! It’s slightly cooler, due 26 today, possibly a storm 🤞
My daughter was on holiday last week, my son this, both in the SW, a tale of two weathers.
I’d better get on today with jobs delayed because ‘it’s too hot’.
Best wishes for your appointment gMattie.
Enjoy your day all 🦩🦩

Ashcombe Mon 15-Aug-22 07:21:24

Good morning from a cloudy Torbay, where, according to my weather app, it’s drizzling but we can only see the faintest evidence of it.

Lunch at a beachside restaurant with DD2 and family yesterday was very successful with DGS2 and DGD enjoying a swim first, whilst we relaxed inside with pre prandial drinks. Later, we visited our theatre where the children were intrigued to see the backstage area, including dressing and rehearsal rooms, the props store, the stage manager's desk and the revolve which helps to portray three scenes in ‘Allo, ‘Allo besides a truck, used to create three other scenes.

Last night, DH was slightly alarmed to learn that an underground water pipe had burst in the garden of his home in France, causing several properties in his commune to have no pressure! Luckily, the cats' carer spotted it but it had already been flowing for 19 hours! The water board was grateful to be contacted and pronounced it had been caused by underground shrinkage.

I hope your appointment goes well, grandMattie and all of us have rain soon. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Gingster Mon 15-Aug-22 07:21:27

Good morning all and it does feel cooler but it was stifling in the night. Very still and overcast out there, here in Essex. I’ll walk little pooch a bit later today as I do like to have a cuppa first thing.

DB and SIL came for coffee yesterday and she brought me a huge quilt that she’d made many years ago. It’s beautiful but in a few places , where she had used silk, it has tiny splits in. I dont care and will put it on the bed at our seaside cottage. I love it!
Like you GM she is a very accomplished seemstress.

Not much on today, so will get some jobs done in the garden, now it’s cooler. DS1 came and watered yesterday with my lovely retractable hose and broke the handle 😤.

My oven isn’t working so I must find someone to come out to try to fix it. I think it’s the fan.

I hope the Scottish grans send some of their rain down to us. We’re desperate for it and you’re having too much! I hope you’re all ok !

Have a good one! 🌻

Pittcity Mon 15-Aug-22 07:21:57

Good morning from Colchester where there are a few blue patches in the high cloud. No sign of rain although the flying ants did appear yesterday afternoon and it felt quite oppressive. Only forecast to reach 28° here which is cooling down.
Housework and supermarket first thing. I need to get some ironing done as I've been putting it off because of the heat.
Love to all 🦩 x

Gingster Mon 15-Aug-22 07:22:20


Marydoll Mon 15-Aug-22 07:24:15

Good morning Mick and GM and all who follow, by the time I finish this!
Its a cloudy 16°C here with rain forecast. I can hear rumblings of thunder in the distance.

I too had a very restless night, I dreamt I got the results of my biopsies, let's just say, according to the dream results, it's a miracle, I'm still here to post.
It's obviously being weighing heavily on my mind and the longer it is taking, the more unsettled I'm becoming!

Well the dyeing of the linen jacket was extremely successful, not only the jacket, but DH's two golf sun bleached golf hats and a pair of his tired, but perfectly respectable chinos got the treatment. I didn't want to waste the dye on only one item.
I'm chuffed to bits with the result.

We had an unexpectedly, delightful afternoon. I was pottering about in the nuclear bunker (the garage) looking to see what the lodgers had left.
They insisted they had taken everything with them. So far I have found
Two bikes
Portable barbecue
Charity shop bag
Roof rack
Camera tripod
Heaven knows what else is there. I kept sending photos, only to get a call from DD to say, they were relaxing and to stop sending photos!!!!
I was raging, because I was planning to make ice cream, but couldn't get into the bottom shelf of the freezer because of one o for all their stuff, to pre freeze the bowl.

As I reached boiling point (the heat didn't help) the Ebay queen come over to ask if we wanted to sit in their garden for a swallae soirée. This was a regular occurrence before lockdown, but this was the first since Covid appeared.
I was over like a shot! DH asked if he should bring a bottle of Prosecco for me, I haven't been allowed alcohol for five years!!!
What was meant to be an hour, turned out to be more than four hours!
The neighbours are also our friends, so we had a lovely time. The only problem was, I had absolutely no voice and DH is deaf, despite denying it.
I just had to sit and listen, for a change! That was difficult!

In the middle of our visit, my phone rang with a video call from DS1. I knew this could only mean one thing, a video call from Dollie.
I was in a dilemma, because her other grandparents were sitting beside me and they don't really have much time for Dollie. Everything must be on their terms, when they see her. DS kept phoning, so I messaged and explained why I couldn't answer the phone.
DIL has a difficult relationship with her parents (their life is focused on their other, extremely selfish daughter and her children) and have let DIL down so often, when the sister has snapped her fingers.
I find it very difficult not to get angry on DIL'S behalf and have become an expert in being pleasant on the outside, to maintain an cordial relationship.
However, the phone kept ringing. I eventually went inside, to receive another call from a very excited Dollie, to tell me her wobbly tooth had fallen out and that she wanted to show me, the letter she had written to the tooth fairy! It made my day!

I hope all goes well with the dermatologist, GM, that was a quick referral.
dragonfly, I hope you are enjoying your reunion with your friends and Sar's voyage is going well!

Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 15-Aug-22 07:26:16

Good morning all from a foggy,cooler East Yorkshire.

Had a nice day yesterday and the family came round in the afternoon. We discussed plans for a holiday together at October half term.

I have a hair appointment midday and I will be packing for our trip away tomorrow. I also have to make sure the house is tidy as the family will be making use of the empty here as they are having a new kitchen put in this week.

Take care everyone.

BlueSapphire Mon 15-Aug-22 07:26:48

Good morning everyone from an overcast Northampton,.but the sun is trying to break through. Am washing the towels so hoping to get them dry before any rain.

The cats are.being collected after lunch to go for their 'holiday' at the cattery; so I must get their carry baskets in, and get their bag of stuff ready. No doubt they will disappear at the appointed time!

Hope everyone's day goes well with few dramas.

brook2704 Mon 15-Aug-22 07:30:26

Good morning everyone from a grey and soggy Inverness, we had a massive big thunderstorm yesterday with thunder and very close lightning and it’s rained on and off ever since. I’d send you all some rain f I could!

Hope your appt goes well gMattie 🤞

I got a last minute request for the DGC to have a sleepover last night, it’s the last day of the school holidays here and DD2 is working this morning. Not sure what we’re doing yet but we’ll find something

Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

BlueBalou Mon 15-Aug-22 07:40:24

Good morning everyone from a slightly cooler Wiltshire.
Just back from a lovely walk with DDog, she had great fun chasing around with 2 beautiful lurchers.
Watched a barn owl drifting across an adjoining field, only the 3rd time in my life that I have seen one in the wild, a wonderful sight.
Enjoyed chatting to fellow dog walkers, I have made a new friend this week!
Quiet day today, I need to get ironing done and frame the new prints that came last week.
Have a peaceful day everyone x

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 15-Aug-22 07:41:19

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate- our last bright day!
The past 3 nights I’ve had my new bamboo sheets on the bed. My nights have been non clammy and good. The sheets are lovely and silky very comfortable!!
Yesterday the plasterer arrived and finished the job. He’s Polish and will be my handyman for a while- his English is excellent.
Today apart from telephone calls, I have to source a new blind for the kitchen and decide what colour to paint it
Have the best day possible folks

Marydoll Mon 15-Aug-22 07:45:14



Beautiful quilt.

My mother use to have one, which had been my granny's. The base was an old first world war army blanket.
I used to love looking at the random pieces of materials, taken from various pieces of discarded clothing. There was no pattern to it,

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Aug-22 07:53:15

Morning Mick and all

A mixture of blue sky and whisky clouds, we have a weather warning for flash floods and thunder storms today, so we will wait and see.

I am off to the gym later, then who knows?

Beautiful quilt Gingster I wish I could sew/quilt.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 15-Aug-22 07:56:46

Good morning Mick and everyone from a sunny but cooler Oxfordshire.
Dog walks today and I must empty a part of our sitting room ready for the chimney sweep early tomorrow morning. We haven’t had it cleaned (or used it) for years and the jackdaws have lived in it, so we probably have a chimney full of twigs, it’s going to cost us a fortune.
However we have the wood burning stove chap coming soon to give us a quote, so it needs to be done.
Let’s hope we have a bit of rain today, I’ve moved all of my pots close to the shady side of the house, it’s also closer to the washing up bowls of grey water for me to water them. So it will be Sod’s law that it rains non stop for a week.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Urmstongran Mon 15-Aug-22 07:57:51

No Matt = Monday.

Good morning everyone from Malaga where we have another gorgeous start to the day. Gardens again in an hour but not sure yet of the plans for this evening. The Boy Wonder played a few games of pool with a 15y old Belgian boy yesterday tea time and they were of a similar skill level - so I dare say they will be looking out for one another later!

Sar53 Mon 15-Aug-22 08:03:50

Good morning from a slightly cooler Essex by the sea.

The festival here over the weekend went extremely well despite a lot of concern by local residents.

I need to go food shopping this morning and do some housework.

DD1 and family are in Portugal and I had a video yesterday of 10 year old granddaughter swimming in the pool with her mermaids tail on. She did really well and has obviously been practicing.

I hope your appointment goes well GM. Lovely quilt Gingster, what talent.

Have a lovely Monday everyone and lets hope we get some rain soon. xxx

Greyduster Mon 15-Aug-22 08:03:59

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Blessedly overcast in South Yorkshire but it’s still warm. We are assured it will rain this evening! I slept badly last night and woke up full of aches and pains, but hopefully a shower should put me right. DD and her menfolk came and barbecued in my garden yesterday. There was too much food, too much smoke, too much mess and too many wasps! Lord I’m getting old! I used to love a barbecue. I shall go out today to buy a new frame for a photo of DH which I dropped and broke last week. Can’t have him smiling out at me from a broken frame held together with duct tape!
Have a good day one and all.

kittylester Mon 15-Aug-22 08:05:04

Good morning all from North Leicestershire where it is very sticky already.

We still have DD2 and the girls with us but only for another 3 days. We love having them here and love it when they go home!! They are having a sister's picnic today.

We had a sad day yesterday as our lovely neighbour over the road was found dead sitting on her sofa. She was in her mid-eighties, stylish and kind. Her immediate next door neighbours kept an eye on her. I had noticed that her lights were on later than usual but assumed that the heat was stopping her sleeping. I wish I had mentioned it.