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How many uses can a man find for a clean tea towel?

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Yammy Wed 21-Sep-22 12:10:54

After reading the thread about frugal things I started to think about what use a man can find for a clean Tea towel other than drying dishes.
Wipe all the dirty work surfaces down meant to be a favour.
Clean his shoes at the last minute.
Wipe his hands after stuffing the chicken and not tell.
Wipe up spills from the floor or cooker.
Wipe kitchen tiles that are splashed with tomato.
Pat meat dry before cooking.
In a hurry clean the car windscreen.
It is hung back up without telling, although we do have a handy supply of old teatowels and towels just for this purpose.hmm

Blossoming Wed 21-Sep-22 12:14:16

Cleaning his motorbike.

HeavenLeigh Wed 21-Sep-22 12:18:13

Well hopefully my well trained DH just uses it for drying the dishes🤣🤣

HowVeryDareYou Wed 21-Sep-22 12:25:39


ElaineI Wed 21-Sep-22 12:47:43

😂 totally agree!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 21-Sep-22 12:49:08

I’m glad you’re still alive Yammy!

grandtanteJE65 Wed 21-Sep-22 12:50:00

I have no idea at all, being happily married to a man who asks me for a cloth for any of the purposes you describe, and who knows very well what and what not to use a tea-towel, dish-cloth, floor-cloth or towel for.

I return the compliment by asking him which saw or hammer I may use when I on rare occasions want such an item.

Marydoll Wed 21-Sep-22 12:50:24

Wiping the kitchen table after putting his filthy golf shoes on it! 🤬

Greyduster Wed 21-Sep-22 12:55:50

Well that made me laugh out loud, because it immediately put me in mind if an incident that occurred when we were living in the Far East. Himself had been to a mess “do” and was rather the worst for wear. The next morning, he got up dressed only in the skin he was born with and staggered into the kitchen to get a drink of water - to face our ahma who had come in to do her day’s work. She screamed. He dropped the glass and grabbed the only thing he could find to cover his embarrassment and fled back to the bedroom, leaving me to smooth her ruffled feathers. He couldn’t look at her without blushing for days. She wouldn’t look at him at all! I threw the tea towel away!

kittylester Wed 21-Sep-22 13:17:36

Brilliant, gd.

LRavenscroft Wed 21-Sep-22 13:32:48

Strangely enough, I just read this out to my husband and he suggested as a 'loin cloth'.

Philippa111 Wed 21-Sep-22 13:32:55

I must be a man!! I do quite a few of those!

Definitely wouldn't be awarded a Domestic Goddess crown!!

Tea towels in my house quickly descend into other cloths. But in any case I never dry dishes !!

Callistemon21 Wed 21-Sep-22 13:57:22

Greyduster 😂

Yammy I'm surprised you haven't gone down with food poisoning 😲

Tizliz Wed 21-Sep-22 14:11:53

I have succeeded in training my other half in one thing. Tea towels are only used for drying up. He brings Blu paper home from his workshop (no ‘e’ as our dog is called Blu and it was his habit of drinking his water too fast and bringing it back up that started this). So big roll of cheap paper for all other jobs - I know it is not environmentally friendly but neither is having to wash a machine full of tea towels every week.

LadyGracie Wed 21-Sep-22 15:45:00

My DD, now departed, would lie in the garden sunbathing for hours then come in and wipe his sweaty head and upper body on my kitchen tea towel and hand towel. I caught him one day but dread to think that he may have done it before. He was almost 90, he told me it was only sweat. Yuk!

sodapop Wed 21-Sep-22 16:07:01

I really can't stand it if kitchen cloths are used for other purposes. I have a friend who wipes up spillages from the floor with hers, I have to bite my tongue and remember a few germs won't hurt ( hopefully)

icanhandthemback Wed 21-Sep-22 16:11:47

I feel your pain Yammy! My husband does exactly the same even though we have a huge bin of cloths for using other than tea towels. I no longer eat off anything that has been dried with a tea towel. Things are allowed to drip dry before being put in the cupboard and I complain like heck if he touches them with a tea towel.

Shelflife Wed 21-Sep-22 16:36:11

Oh dear Yammy!! On the plus side he does stuff the chicken!!

grumppa Wed 21-Sep-22 17:23:03

Now that's what I call sexism!

Mamardoit Wed 21-Sep-22 17:28:02

Drying a cricket ball before bowling when the outfield is wet. When not in use the tea towel hangs from the waistband of their cricket trousers.

JackyB Wed 21-Sep-22 17:28:46

Mine is like this with the dishcloth, even though there is a supply of cleaning rags in several places around the house. He is slowly learning to ask now, though. I live for the day when he gets it without having to ask.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 21-Sep-22 17:30:45

I rely heavily on the use of kitchen roll! Keeps the tea towels used for drying dishes!

Yammy Wed 21-Sep-22 17:36:47

I'm glad I'm not the only one ,40+ years of trying to train has not worked. Other things yes tea towels no. I also have shares in Immodium. I would not dare tell you what his job used to be.

Blossoming Wed 21-Sep-22 17:38:52

No sexism in this house Grumppa, I have no idea what Mr.B uses tea towels, dish cloths etc. for as I seldom go in the kitchen except to do laundry grin. I have seen tea towels being used to wipe down shiny parts of the motorbike though, he says it’s because they’re soft linen and don’t scratch. I don’t think they’re the same ones he uses for drying crockery and suchlike.

Sussexborn Wed 21-Sep-22 17:44:16

My OH uses j-cloths for all this and probably more! Left to his own devices he would never to think to bin the smelly old one. It used to be easier to keep a check on it but our new kitchen is a one bum kitchen!