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1987H2001M2002Inanny Wed 25-Jan-23 12:40:41

On reading a post a few days ago when someone mentioned gentian violet(was this used for bee stings?) it reminded me of the sweets purple violets.I found them discusting.I think I probably tried all other sweets in the shop,and have the teeth fillings to prove it!! Any you particularly hated or were a favourite?

LadyHonoriaDedlock Wed 25-Jan-23 12:45:23

Beech's Violet Creams. Might be a northern English thing.

Sallymander Wed 25-Jan-23 12:53:18

Parma Violets ? I loved them !

Kate1949 Wed 25-Jan-23 13:03:33

I loved them. You can still buy them.

dogsmother Wed 25-Jan-23 13:32:55

Crispets, I would love some now but haven’t seen them for years.
Toffee Bon bons but they always break my teeth and I mean always 😜

AGAA4 Wed 25-Jan-23 13:49:25

Flying Saucers filled with sherbet. They were pink or yellow if I remember rightly.

NotSpaghetti Wed 25-Jan-23 13:57:22

Me too Sallymander. I liked the very floral cachoes too which were similar.

I also miss the Callard & Bowser rather beautifully packaged "sticks" of liquorice toffees, butterscotch and a sort of torrone (maybe nougat?).
Just lovely.

NotSpaghetti Wed 25-Jan-23 13:58:41

I had flying saucers brought back from a seaside town recently so they obviously still make them AGAA4

Grandmadinosaur Wed 25-Jan-23 14:11:26

I liked Cherry lips and also the white chocolate ones called Jazzies.

Kate1949 Wed 25-Jan-23 14:28:28

I loved Payne's Poppets Fry's 5 Boys, Fry's Chocolate Cream (which I still buy), Fry's 5 Centres and if I had extra money a quarter of Lucky Numbers.

Georgesgran Wed 25-Jan-23 14:31:52

McCowans Highland Toffee was always a favourite. We called it cow toffee, as there was a picture on one on the wrapper.

Granmarderby10 Wed 25-Jan-23 14:42:25

Georgesgran Highland toffee- remember it well. That must be the one Billy Connolly referred to in one of his routines about childhood. sweeties that hurt “which sadist came up with that?” 🤣

MrsKen33 Wed 25-Jan-23 14:46:39

Those soft mushroom shaped sweets with coconut on top.

Lizzies Wed 25-Jan-23 14:48:01

Craven’s Old English mints. Crunchy on the outside and chewy inside. Peanut brittle and sour apples.

Georgesgran Wed 25-Jan-23 16:29:26

I wish you hadn’t mentioned BillyConnolly*Granmardeby10*. I’ve just spent (too long) ages watching some old clips of him on YouTube. Some isn’t ‘politically correct’ for these days, but absolutely hilarious and his swearing never seems offensive.
A master of observational comedy with a bit of exaggeration thrown in.

1987H2001M2002Inanny Wed 25-Jan-23 17:10:19

Thanks Sallymander,Parma violets!
Dogsmother...I've never heard of Crispets? and some of the others aswell. Merrymaid toffees were good and honeycombe.Do you remember the big pink penny chewing gum?It would make a huge bubble when you puffed it out and pineapple cubes,apple and custard and what about rock from the seaside?I'm working my way through a bag of giant white chocolate buttons at the mo.Some of us never grow up!!

watermeadow Wed 25-Jan-23 18:00:41

I have never liked strong flavours like liquorice, Fisherman’sFriends, menthol, peppermint. There were horrid hard brown things called Victory Vs and lumps of orange pumice called Crunchy bars.
Nowadays I only like chocolate.

Hellogirl1 Wed 25-Jan-23 18:09:46

Ooooh, I loved Victory Vs. Asa child, then an adult, I loved kali with a stick of liquorice, as I grew older I adored Terry`s Neapolitans, sadly no longer available. If anyone knows where I could get some I`ll be your friend for life!

Spinnaker Wed 25-Jan-23 18:20:01

I adored Old English Spangles - beaut !!

MrsKen33 Wed 25-Jan-23 18:27:11

Horlicks tablets mmmmm

Nell8 Wed 25-Jan-23 18:34:14

I loved chocolate caramels which clamped your teeth together while they slowly dissolved (the sweets and the teeth!).

I never liked Edinburgh Rock which had a strange texture and made me feel sick.

Dottydots Wed 25-Jan-23 18:35:42

Oh yes, Parma Violets. My young boyfriend said he loved kissing me after I'd just eaten one. Perhaps he was trying to tell me my breath was bad otherwise. I hope not!

Grandma70s Wed 25-Jan-23 18:41:31

There was sweet rationing when I was a child, but some things counted as medicinal so weren’t rationed. Horlicks tablets and Ovaltine tablets were among them, and very posssibly Victory V gums as well.

How well I remember the day sweet rationing ended. I rushed along to Mr Mattingly’s shop by the station with my pocket money, and bought more liquorice comfits and mint imperials than I had ever had before. I was about 13.

Alioop Wed 25-Jan-23 19:34:14

Oh dogsmother I loved Crispets, it was always a toss up between them and Chewing Nuts. They had an odd name as they were just a small toffee covered in chocolate, not a nut in sight. Tom Thumb Drops and Sweet Tobacco were my favs as a child, now it's Raspberry Ruffles and Golden Crisp bars.

grannypiper Wed 25-Jan-23 20:39:53


Crispets, I would love some now but haven’t seen them for years.
Toffee Bon bons but they always break my teeth and I mean always 😜

Oh my, when i read the title of the post i thought Crispets ! I have never found another soul that knew what they were smile