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Good Morning Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2023

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Michael12 Mon 29-May-23 05:49:19

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another bright sunny start with some cloud here in brackley .
My back seems to have eased but when you look at it we have had chilly easterly winds allot just lately .
An easy day some housework , may do a shop?
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 29-May-23 05:57:11

Good morning from a glorious Bank holiday Monday in Bristol. Nice change from the usually drizzly bank holidays.
Mick,I’m glad your back is improving.
Nothing much - I had coffee after church with two men, one seemed nice but was drowned out by a his terminally boring companion. Give him a miss next time!
My oven, although nearly new, is rubbish so I bought a better one online. Delivered and installed on Wednesday! The installation was very expensive, but, if they don’t do it….
I’m collecting my new glasses from Specsavers in central Bristol this morning and meeting DS for lunch,
Remembering all those in need of hugs and support. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

Whitewavemark2 Mon 29-May-23 06:08:14

Good morning from a glorious sunny South Downs. Fresh wind I think.

Still recuperating and eating very little which will do me no harm.
DH is off to Steyning Market today with his wares - he is a wood turner and carver - does it entirely as a hobby and sells his stuff when the shed gets full. I usually go along and enjoy the day - perhaps enter the dog in the show etc. But not well enough so will drop him off and pick him up late afternoon. Hope he does well, the toys are usually very popular as he sells them at peanuts.

Glad you back is easing mick

Have a good day everyone.

karmalady Mon 29-May-23 06:18:31

Good morning, bright in s somerset, will be sunny and windy. I must say that I am liking the cooler nights

I am not doing anything apart from pottering today with spinning on top of the list. I love that task and am spinning and plying for a sweater as I need another warm one for next autumn. My treat today will be the most beautiful sweet strawberries and cream, simple pleasures for me

Have a lovely day

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 29-May-23 06:21:25

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I can hear the birds cheeping. It is our 47th Wedding Anniversary today. We married in Henley in 1976 on one of the hottest days of the year. A few weeks later we went to live in Seychelles for two years. It was even hotter there. Here is a photo of us in our garden. Today we are having lunch in Oxford. I have a stack of WI admin so will work on that when we get home.

Ashcombe Mon 29-May-23 06:31:41

Good morning from another sunny but breezy day in Torbay. Folk are already out walking dogs in the park opposite me.

I’m pleased to hear your back is easing, Mick, and I hope you continue to feel better, Whitewavemark2. A fascinating hobby your DH has; wooden toys are preferable to the ubiquitous plastic! You sound as if you’re finding your way around well, grandMattie, which is great. Happy anniversary, Ladyleftfieldlover! I well remember that hot summer!

It was good to reunite with church friends yesterday with most wearing red in honour of Pentecost. Afterwards, we enjoyed a walk over the Downs leading to the inevitable need for refreshment at a local hostelry! We sat outside, watching the world go by. One lady dining nearby looked familiar but I couldn’t for the life of me remember why. She seemed to recognise me, too. Sadly, it was only when we returned home that my old brain made the connection - she was the cleaner of my classroom for some years! I felt sad that I hadn’t spoken to her, particularly as she would have been too shy to make the first move. We last met in 2008.

Enjoy this lovely weather, everyone! 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

harrigran Mon 29-May-23 06:45:32

Good morning from a sunny Angus.
Had a quiet day yesterday, GD1 and I stayed at the house while the rest of the family went out for a walk.
GDs cooked Teriyaki chicken for dinner and we had raspberries and ice cream. It was a late meal so the hot tub wasn't in use last night.
Happy anniversary Ladyleftfieldlover, lovely photo..

grandMattie Mon 29-May-23 06:45:37

llfo, I lived In Seychelles in the early 1950s; my sister was born there. I have a few memories but not many as I was 4 1/2 when I left to go back to my native Mauritius.
And, yes, it was HOT! Which is why I prefer 🇬🇧 UK…

Mizuna Mon 29-May-23 06:50:00

Another hot day is promised here in Cornwall, fortunately with some breeze. My 15' high echium are covered in bees. One had self-seeded in a plant pot, seems impossible it could be standing. I worked on a long Boro waistcoat yesterday to distract me and a friend came round with coffees bought at the cafe next door. Mid afternoon my neighbour brought in a roast dinner. People are kind. More sewing and reading today. Yawn.

Marydoll Mon 29-May-23 06:54:46

Good morning all from acool Glasgow, its only 3°C.

Happy anniversary Ladyleftfieldlover! Enjoy your lunch! What a beautiful woman, you were/are.

Glad to hear your back is improving, Mick.

Ash, our PP forgot it was Pentecostal, came out in white vestments and then noticed the red alter linen, I had put out for Pentecost. He then shot off the altar to change to red vestments!.

A busy morning ahead, I have to photograph the furniture in the parish hall for insurance purposes. I have wasted spent much of my weekend on this inventory. My head was reeling, trying to cost items. How do you put a value on a huge church organ?
I'm not really up for it, after waking Mr MD with my night terrors and then needing pain relief at
He is not a happy golfer this morning, for obvious reasons. 😔

Hoping to hear more positive news of our poorlies.
Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

BlueBalou Mon 29-May-23 07:14:44

Good morning from sunny Wiltshire, how wonderful to wake up to bright sunshine!
Yesterday was lovely with all the family here. Everyone except me took the dogs off for a long walk then we enjoyed a long lunch. The boys, DD, DDIL and I did some watercolour painting, I have given DGCs a big box of materials, they were really happy with the contents!
Today DD goes home, she’s working (US company so no BHs for her, she gets extra A/L to compensate)
Not sure what the others have planned.
I hope you have a great day x

ginny Mon 29-May-23 07:20:04

Good morning from Sunny Devon
We spent a lovely afternoon at Tiverton Castle yesterday. Pretty gardens and the castle is quite different to most others. We also had a nice chat to the present owner.
Nothing decided on for today yet.
Wishing all a pleasant Bank holiday Monday.

Grandmachrisy47 Mon 29-May-23 07:26:11

Good morning from a bright, but cooler, Co Durham.
Had a amusing? experience yesterday. Promised gig we could have a take away KFC meal (there is one very close). She found the menu on Google and wrote down our orders. Drove there and straight past the ordering station so had to go around again. Then proceeded to read out the order, to be told that some things were delivery only !!! It took longer to order than for them to prepare the meal 😀. We enjoyed it, so all good in the end. Dgd is going out for the day with a friend so we will have a quiet day.
Happy Anniversary to the LLFL’s.
I remember the summer of 1976, so hot and DD1 spent 5 days in hospital with pneumonia.
Hope everyone has a good Bank Holiday.

luluaugust Mon 29-May-23 07:31:05

Good morning from a cloudy W Kent. A visit from the cleaner first thing and then a walk, we both have bad backs so reckon we better keep moving
Happy Anniversary Lltf
Best wishes to all

multicolourswapshop Mon 29-May-23 07:43:05

Good morning everyone and congratulations llo on your wedding anniversary I reached 53 yrs before my dh died he was a lovely husband.
It’s a beautiful day here on the east coast of Fife I had a wee toot of Prosecco yesterday in my back garden it’s to be another warm day today.

Have a good day all my gn friends

Pittcity Mon 29-May-23 07:48:25

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Nothing planned here except for picking up a few bits in Aldi.
Happy Anniversary Llfl and love to all 🦩 x

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 29-May-23 07:48:52

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate
Glad your back is easing Mick.
You seem to be making the most of your recent move GrandMattie which is great.
You should be taking care Marydoll and watch you are not doing too much.
Finally found a photo of my starstruck GS meeting Alice. Today will be catching up on phone calls as well as going to DD1 for lunch. Haven’t seen her since our last holiday. It will be a busy day.
Have the best day possible folks

Beechnut Mon 29-May-23 07:51:07

Good morning everyone from Severnside.

Happy Anniversary llfl I hope you both have a lovely day 🥂.
What a hot summer that was. We had just moved into our new house.

I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 am as I nodded off in the chair and then slept through until just after seven. I spent yesterday doing the lawn edges and borders and putting up my new obelisks. I also spent time sitting in various parts of the garden.

Beechnutella is coming to mine today and we might go out somewhere. Her other half isn’t coming as he is on call.

Have a lovely day all 🌞👒

Beechnut Mon 29-May-23 07:52:43

You look very comfy multi 😃

Grandmabatty Mon 29-May-23 07:54:22

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 8° and sunny. It's so nice to have a run of good weather. Ladyleftfieldlover happy anniversary to you and your other half! Have a lovely day. I remember 1976 so well. I had my first serious boyfriend and had left school to start university.
Yesterday I cleaned my summer house chairs and left them out in the sun. They've scrubbed up well. I did a food shop and roasted a gammon for salad later. I pottered around the house and the garden for a while too. In the early evening I visited mum.
Today I'll stay home mostly. I have a hosepipe arriving as my last one needed replaced. I'll clean out the inside of the summer house as it's harbouring spider webs. I also have a dead hebe in a raised bed which needs chopped up and put out. That should do me for today! Have a good day all

Wyllow3 Mon 29-May-23 07:55:48

Morning from a sunny S Yorks.

Happy anniversary Ladyleftfieldlover I recall '76 as I was working as a van delivery "girl" of motor spares and the little van was so hot.

Probably a relaxing day with a maybe for the gym or a walk to get some sun otherwise not a lot on.

Yesterday was sad at Quakers as someone I am close to had suddenly lost his wife. Fortunately he has a very loving family and neighbours around.

Best days all, and best wishes for poorlies.

kittylester Mon 29-May-23 07:59:09

Good morning all from a sunny North Leicestershire.

We are having a family get together at DD1's house. There should be 19 of us - our daughter out law is in Belgium for work and the two eldest grandsons are off doing their own thing.

Have a good day all.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 29-May-23 07:59:36

Good morning from a sunny but with a chilly wind Oxfordshire.
MissOops continues to improve, she was given anti nausea pills at the hospital and has to take them at the moment, she is very weak though and as she remembers what happened when they called the ambulance she is quite emotional, thank heavens her sister drove up from Cornwall and met her at the hospital a few hours later, , she was such a help and it meant MissOops wasn’t alone.
Of course we weren’t told anything until late the following day (grrrrrr) as they ‘ didn’t want to spoil our holiday’ done with the best intentions but given how Ill she was, they better not do it again.
It shows though that we can pack and leave a house in less than an hour!
LLFL happy anniversary to you both, what a year 1976 was! I remember dancing with the children when it rained at last, the day before we were due to use the stand pipe out in our road.
Have a good day everyone, I hope Gingsters DD is feeling better. Thoughts of course are with Urms.
Let’s hope the wind drops.

brook2704 Mon 29-May-23 08:02:37

Good morning everyone from a sunny Inverness with clear blue sky, should be a good day!
Happy Anniversary llfl 💐🥂❤️ and what a lovely picture, thanks for sharing your happy memories
The schools are open here today as usual as it’s not half term - we should be picking up the DGC later but this week I was called for Jury service. The system here is that you need to phone a helpline the evening before to see if you’re needed or not. So I phoned yesterday and a recorded message said not to go in but to wait for a phone call this morning with further instructions - will see what happens!
Thank goodness your DD is feeling a bit better Oops such a worry, thinking of Gingsters DD too
A lovely photo multi enjoy the sunshine in your garden!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Mon 29-May-23 08:07:34

Morning from sunny S Hants, Happy Anniversary llfl it was a hot summer.
My son and partner came for dinner yesterday, always good to see them and today my daughter is off on holiday with a good friend, her first one in 17 years without the children.
No real plans today, out for a walk, but not going far and quiz tonight.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩