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Hildagard Mon 05-Jun-23 10:01:39

When was the last time that you truly felt excited by something? I was thinking this yesterday and though I am pleased about certain things I don’t get excited about anything, is it an age thing? The last time I felt truly excited was in 2004!! we were very fortunate to be on the maiden voyage of Queen Mary 2 and I looked forward to it for ages. We had already had our first grandchild, that too was exciting, we have had four more since, though I was pleased but not exactly excited. Love to hear your thoughts.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 05-Jun-23 10:05:10

I am already feeling excited to see some of our Aussie family who will be here in August.

hollysteers Mon 05-Jun-23 10:11:05

I got excited by taking a trip on the Orient Express for the first time last month.
I’m a pretty excitable person, maybe not as much as when younger, but I’m just as excited thinking about taking the steam train in the Isle of Man in September.
I remember the ‘acting cool’ and sometimes being bored by things as a teenager and early twenties and wouldn’t want to return to that!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 05-Jun-23 10:30:25

hollysteers I am of a mindset that I do not know how many more exciting things I have ahead of me, so I shall look forward to upcoming events with excitement and anticipation.

NotSpaghetti Mon 05-Jun-23 10:38:26

"Excited" is an odd word isn't it?
It's a word I associate primarily with childhood.

I suppose the closest as an adult is the moment before you step onto a stage, the moment you jump/dive into the sea from a rock or a boat, take a massive leap of faith or have an exhibition open if you are creative.

I think if I was a project manager on a building site I'd still be excited to see a huge glass wall-window flown in by crane.

I think these are probably true excitements - when you feel almost sick!

shysal Mon 05-Jun-23 10:38:29

I am embarrassed to say that I am excited about receiving my on line purchases of garden ornaments - glass baubles to hang on a small tree, and metal balls. I have had to dispose of the caterpillar infested potted Box balls which stood at the bottom of steps. The 'gazing balls' and 'friendship globes' will add a modern touch I hope. Tacky probably, but I don't care! grin

silverlining48 Mon 05-Jun-23 10:38:35

A friend asked if I was excited about Christmas and seemed surprised when I said I wasn’t. Just as well I didn’t tell her I would be happy when it was all over. ...

I look forward to some things but excitement? Probably not,

ginny Mon 05-Jun-23 10:40:44

I don’t think I could say that I get excited. It’s more looking forward to occasions with much pleasure and anticipation.

maddyone Mon 05-Jun-23 10:50:03

Lots of things have excited me over the years. The birth of our first grandchildren, travelling out to New Zealand last November to visit our daughter and grandchildren, our children’s graduations, seeing our son called to the Bar, wonderful holidays over the years, in particular cruises to places I thought I’d never visit such as Alaska, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and so on. Planning the most wonderful celebration for my husband’s 70th last year, our daughter and family came over to join in ( a week long stay on a gorgeous house in Devon with our three adult children and their families) and the list goes on. So many good times. I never thought I would be lucky enough to experience and so all the things I’ve done in my life.

Baggs Mon 05-Jun-23 11:05:18

Wildflowers appearing more and more profusely each year in my garden excite me, mainly because of the patience needed to get the conditions right over several years I think.

Kate1949 Mon 05-Jun-23 11:06:06

It's been years since I felt excited about anything. Nice thinks happen but I can't say I feel excited.
About 30 years ago we had our first trip to Venice. We couldn't afford to stay there that time so stayed in Lido De Jesolo and went over on a boat. I never imagined in a million years I would see Venice and as the boat neared St Marks Square and I could see the gondolas bobbing about in the water, my heart was pounding. It was magical. We have stayed in Venice a few times since then and it's never lost its magic for me.

Kim19 Mon 05-Jun-23 11:13:32

Think excited may be an over statement but I have a gentle buzzy fizz about me over various activities on a daily basis. Guess I'm just a kind of positive person. Today is lunch with my cousins whereas yesterday's removal of a huge shrub root was my wowee moment. (I'd been at it for a week!). Mind you, I think this lovely warmth and sunshine contributes greatly to my fundamental joy. Bliss......

nanna8 Mon 05-Jun-23 11:19:40

I had a ride on a Harley up in Broome a few days ago. Something I had wanted to do for ages and travelling at 100 was very, very exciting. Mwah mwah.

Bella23 Mon 05-Jun-23 11:27:34

The last time I squealed with excitement was 1975, DH came in and said he had passed some very important exams.
I've been extremely excited since like when DD came to the UK to live and we went to see her house but never squealed like I did that night.

biglouis Mon 05-Jun-23 12:03:14

Bidding on online auctions (not Ebay I mean real time online auctions) is exciting because you never know what will happen. A couple of times the internet has gone down. Grrrr. Sometimes I have to fight for it and dont get what Im after because the bidding goes too high. Other times I get it for a knockdown price.

I am a very serious bidder and I dis-connect the door bell and switch off the phone to minimise distractions. I will also put off visitors to another day if they are likely to coincide. Many of the auctions are in the USA so they take place late evening. There is something very surreal about bidding for stuff at 2 am.

Its the nearest I come to gambling.

MiniMoon Mon 05-Jun-23 12:33:19

Last time I was really excited about something was November last year. DH and I had booked a holiday for his 70th birthday. Unfortunately we had to postpone it twice due to the covid pandemic.
We flew to New York and had four days exploring the city, then we boarded the Queen Mary 2 for the 7 night transatlantic crossing home.
The furthest I'd flown was Turkey so the prospect of flying across the Atlantic ocean and then sailing back across it was very exciting.
I must say that it certainly lived up to my expectations.

Salti Mon 05-Jun-23 13:12:51

The last time I was really excited was when I took my husband to a local airfield for his birthday present a few years ago (he was in his eighties). It was a flying lesson and I'd paid a bit extra for a four seater as it meant I could go up in the back seat and take my camera. His excitement was so catching it was unbelievable. One of the best afternoons of our lives.

Sago Mon 05-Jun-23 17:04:16

Food and wine excite me!
I wake up thinking about the wonderful meals I will eat!
Today was a lunch of left over salads from last evening’s barbecue not very thrilling I know but tonight is a Thai pork dish I’m making.

BlueBelle Mon 05-Jun-23 17:08:44

I enjoy things I Iike things but I don’t get excited and don’t know that I have since childhood I also get sad but I don’t get down I suppose I m boringly level

Katyj Mon 05-Jun-23 17:16:32

Hi. I don’t get excited much now either, but then again I’m a very down to earth person so have never been very excitable. I look forward to things though. Picking the GC up from school gives me a lovely feeling, as does meeting up with friends, good food and chocolate.

Juliet27 Mon 05-Jun-23 17:47:23

I flew to Seattle several years ago and was excited to see that we were flying north over icy Baffin Bay/Greenland areas. I noticed an area of huge round areas on a land area and was determined to work out what they were. I was excited when I eventually discovered the area was the Dewey Soper Migratory Bird Sanctuary. An unusual reason for excitement I know!!

fancythat Mon 05-Jun-23 17:51:20

Two days ago. Over something very small.

I do get excited about new grandchildren.
Next one due in a couple of months. Yippee!

BlueBelle Mon 05-Jun-23 18:09:27

I guess it s what different people use to define the feeling of excitement
What I read here are what I d call things that would make me happy or pleased Excitement to me is when you can’t contain yourself and want to do cartwheels on the beach
I think I m a very levelled person and don’t go hugely high but then I don’t go hugely low either
I d like to get more excited but if the price to pay was to go very low then at times then I ll stay in the middle

Scribbles Mon 05-Jun-23 18:19:15

I get excited when unwrapping an unexpected present.🎁
Six months in to our relationship, I still get excited whenever I'm seeing SO. I was bouncing around like a big kid a few weeks ago at the prospect of our first holiday together. (Yes, thanks; we had a great time).
I really hope I never lose the capacity for excitement!

AskAlice Mon 05-Jun-23 18:22:26

I do still get excited when I am expecting a delivery of fabric that I have ordered online! Oh, and the occasional garden decoration/plant/tool.